Does Your Practice Need a Checkup?
If I asked you how much cash flow your practice generated last month, would you know?  How about for last year?  If you constantly feel like you are working for nothing, or if you have no idea what your practice is really making for you, it’s time to make some changes.  Let’s discuss some ways you...  Read More
The Ins and Outs of Dental Billing, Coding and Claims
Billing is an essential component of the dentistry profession. It can be a complicated and time-consuming process to ensure that your practice is able to recoup full costs from insurance companies and that you are providing the ultimate in customer satisfaction to guarantee repeat business and...  Read More
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Contracts 101
What makes a contract a contract? Joe explains five basic principles that make contracts bindingContracts 101  Read More
Integrating Your Personal, Professional and Family Goals with Dr. Lance Miller
We have separated work and personal life since the Industrial Age.  How do we reintegrate them and USE our practice to  in support of our Lifetime Goals?Let’s dive in and figure this out!  Read More
The Two Most Important Business Words You’ve Never Heard in Dentistry
These two obscure words just might help you and your practice more than anything else you’ve ever learned about the business of dentistry.For years we have shared that anyone can be successful with just a few things: 1) Speed of execution--get enough information and take the risk to get moving...  Read More
Scheduling your life, not your patients...
When I ask the question "How do you schedule your day?" Does your mind go to this? Disclaimer: The picture above is a picture from a Google search, not my actual patient schedule  Or does your mind go to this???   Neither way is wrong, but if you immediately thought about the first option, maybe...  Read More
What I didn't get a chance to talk about with Howard Farran Dentistry Uncensored Episode #1027: Work Hard and Hustle
Click the link above to watch the entire podcast with Howard Farran!  It is also available to listen to on the podcast app on your iPhone.   I could have talked to Dr. Howard Farran for hours.  Thank you Howard for my fifteen minutes of fame.  My friends and family that listened to the podcast made...  Read More
Synergy Consultants & CPAs is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Dental Business & Legal Symposium October 26th-27th at the MGM National Harbor Hotel. Our two-day 9CE event will comprise of panel discussions and case studies from top industry leaders and influencers from across the country.Day One:...  Read More
Five First-Year Blunders of an Associate Dentist
You did it! You proved all those haters wrong and finished dental school. Now what do you do as a first year associate dentist? How do you avoid mistakes that you have heard about from others? There are a couple monsters looming around the corner that can hurt you if you aren’t careful. We see it...  Read More
Buying a Dental Practice: There’s More to it Than Price-Part II- Buyins/Buyouts/Mergers & Special Situations
So my 2014 townie presentation covered the buying process of the typical general dentistry practice, however, what if it’s NOT the typical general dentistry practice? What about the practice that someone started 3-5 years ago that never quite blossomed (the recent start-up)? What about the practice...  Read More
Doctor, 'Insurance-Company-Speak' is not your Mother Tongue
The languages dentists have to learn! Do you-speak 'insurance company-speak'?  Do you speak 'parent-speak'?  Do you-speak 'child-speak'? Today I am looking at insurance company-speak. And btw (by the way - that's 'text-speak') - “corporations” here refer to insurance companies, big box and other...  Read More
Doctor, are you in pain?
Pain: a distressing feeling caused by intense or damaging stimuli.  What stimuli, you ask?Perhaps these:* Trying to Survive* Being in the crosshairs of   - the insurance companies -Insurance has become overwhelming to impossible   - Medicaid administration and paperwork   - other dentists and other...  Read More
Dentists Under Siege?  (Part 1)
It’s so easy as a dentist today, to feel as if you are nobody.The insurance companies, including government’s Medicaid and Medicare companies, are good at teaching people that they CARE about the people who pay them premiums. And that if the care you recommend isn’t covered, it isn’t medically...  Read More
I am not my staff's parent!  (The affliction of approval addiction.)
Boy!  Dental school didn’t give me any direction on being responsible for employees, staffing, HR, hiring and firing!  How about you?Maybe dental school taught you how to work with a chair-side dental assistant. Maybe.Maybe dental school gave you some direction on training a chair-side...  Read More
935 The Dental Facts with Jim Ferrell : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video hereVIDEO - DUwHF #935 - Jim FerrellStream Audio hereAUDIO - DUwHF #935 - Jim FerrellJim Ferrell sat down with Howard to share his 30+ year dental story, how he rocked the industry with DentalFax, (which he recently sold and rebranded as “The Dental Facts”), and his new passion for...  Read More
Categories: #business
Find the Joy in Your Everyday Practice Life: The Critical Elements
THREE CRITICAL ELEMENTSCritical element: Loving your patients and your patients’ parentsAs your practice begins changing (because YOU are changing), you will find it easier and easier to love your patients. They will love you more. You will have created a love-fest.And, by the way, you can...  Read More
What May be Okay to Sell, May NOT be Compliant to Use- Evacuation Line Cleaners; Part 1
The EPA Regulation has had many manufacturers of infection control products on their toes. From amalgam separators to evacuation line cleaners, some companies should be making drastic changes to their products to meet the minimum standards of the EPA Regulations and Local Control Groups. This...  Read More
Stress in your practice: Why does 'deep down' keep showing up?
Deep down - in our subconscious, our amygdala, our unconscious, we have a primitive brain that functions like our animal friends’ brains.  We react.  Without thinking.  (Thinking is higher up.) Our emotions predominate.  It’s  our ego barrier - subliminal defense mechanisms that make it hard to...  Read More
907 5-Star Service with Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video hereVIDEO - DUwHF #907 - Ann Marie GorczycaStream Audio hereAUDIO - DUwHF #907 - Ann Marie GorczycaDr. Ann Marie Gorczyca has been a clinical orthodontist for over 25 years. She wanted to be an orthodontist since she was in the seventh grade when she had her own orthodontic treatment!...  Read More
The Best Business Insurance
Let's think about the very, very, very best business life insurance you can possibly get. In fact, I believe it is the only business life insurance you can get. Let's right away define “business life insurance.” This type of insurance, I am going to write about, is keeping your business alive at...  Read More

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