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Good afternoon all and I'm here to talk about the new EPA Amalgam Regulation that goes into effect in July 2020. The new regulation requires all dental practices and clinics to install an Amalgam Separator by July 2020. This can be expensive, but luckily, Dental Recycling North America (DRNA) is...  Read More
Consultation for your practice can be a great advantage. But who is consulting you?Inbreeding  Read More
Doctor, it's time to be Courageous
Doctor, what is it you fear in your dental practice? If you own your own practice, there is so much to do and so much going on. What scares you and how do you deal with it?  There is an answer in your perspective on your life and your career.   Find us on   Read More
Contract Length
Is a longer contract better than a shorter one? Is the shorter contract covering all your needs?Contract Length  Read More
Cut Bait
How do you know if you should back out of a deal? Joe shares insight on whether to hold on or cut baitCut Bait  Read More
Family Ties
Joe discusses pros and cons of involving family members in your practiceFamily Ties  Read More
Lease Assignments
Joe tackles the topic of the Lease Clause in your lease agreementLease Assignments  Read More
Sharing makes you bigger than who you are -- What that has to do with being a dentist
The dream of being a dentist -- and your success -- depend on a dream to contribute, to help others, and to love. It's much more than just a job and you're much more than just a technician. It's a life that can make a difference. FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM:   Read More
Become a Legend, Doctor... Just Think About It.
Success comes to those who tolerate what 99 percent of people avoid, and who avoid what 99 percent of people tolerate.  In dentistry -- in fact, in ANY profession, you can become a legend. You've got the talents. You have a gift to rise above the 99 percent. Here's how to use that gift to become...  Read More
OM Goodness, I might fail!
You might.  Actually you will.  Success comes on the heel of failure.Without failure, we don’t learn as much.  We don’t know and understand as much.  We can’t appreciate as much.I love the story of the prospector out West years ago, who dug and dug and dug, looking for gold. He was so sure it was...  Read More
At Dental Education Practicing Teaching Stand Portable, The Stand can be used in schools or office for learning practicing dentistry techniques.
.  Mount Unfolds in seconds. With a simpleturn of the handle, the Height of the Stand or InstrumentTray can beadjusted ( adjusts: 28" up to 50" )to accommodate any Dental Teacher or Students. ThisDental Portable Standis fully collapsible, folds in seconds. An excellent tool forDentistry Curriculum,...  Read More
Ounces or Pounds?  (Part II)
What is the art of dentistry all about?How does the dentist fulfill her or his dream of helping others?For the dentist, it is time to review just how much you are fulfilling your dream.  What steps need to be taken to make that happen? Are there any adjustments needing to be made to your daily...  Read More
Does it weigh ounces... or pounds?
Certain things can weigh down the life -- and career -- of a dentist. Here is how to identify what some of those things are and get yourself in a direction to do something about it.   Read More
Episode 14- Dr. Richard Low on Military AEGDs and “Is this normal?”
The Dental Amigos had an awesome discussion with Dr. Richard Low on a variety of topics that affect new dentists. Dr. Richard Low is a 2015 graduate from Midwestern University Dental School in Glendale, Arizona who completed an AEGD residency with the US Army and is the co-host of the very popular...  Read More
Episode 4 - The Hurricane in Your Office
Let me ask you a question: are you the hurricane in your office? As the leader of your dental practice, you set the tone of the practice and the team. Believe me, your team doesn’t show up everyday trying to tick you off; they really want to do a good job. So, what’s going on?In today’s episode,...  Read More
Episode 3 - The Front vs. The Back
There’s a conflict in your practice. It’s a conflict between your administrative office and your treatment coordinators. What happens when your team is at odds what happens to your productivity? It’s pretty obvious that productivity goes down. So what causes this? It’s about communication skills;...  Read More
Why Practices Fail and Why Yours Doesn't Have To
Most experts say fifty percent of businesses fail in the first five years and eighty percent within ten years. Don’t believe them. It’s not true. What really happens? The practice owner gets tired because they are focused on the Tyranny of the Urgent, reacting to their practice and living on a...  Read More
Keys to finding your purpose
Being a dentist is who you are, but the word "dentist" does not define what your life's purpose is.  There are definite steps to take to determine your purpose -- a purpose which is unique to you.  Here is what you can do.   Read More
Freedom Doc vs Hostage Doc with Dr. Craig Spodak
 about creating a vision, and updating it as your situation and circumstances change!  Read More
Episode 2 - Stress in the Dental Practice
What happens when your hygienist, or assistant, or front office staff does something you don’t like? Or what about when a patient comes in and complains about an issue? Those situations create stress points in your practice. Just about every dentist could tell you stress within your practice causes...  Read More
Doctor, are you having an affair?
While in Sounion, Greece, I thought of an important question to ask doctors about a certain kind of relationship.  Are you enmeshed in this kind of triangle?  Read More
Keep a Good Team Together
KEEP A GOOD TEAM TOGETHER: The market for Dental Team Members is tight. Finding good candidates, or any candidates can be quite a challenge anywhere in the Midwest. It’s cheaper to keep her!· Has it been a while since you’ve done performance reviews and given raises?  If it’s been more than a year,...  Read More
#79: Have You Heard Of The Real Reason Why Your Dental Practice Isn’t Growing? With Gary Kadi
Welcome to Episode 79 of The Dental Marketer Podcast. Thank you for tuning in! I hope you are sleepy because this episode will WAKE YOU UP! I love the energy that Gary brings to the show but most importantly I love the knowledge he shares! In this episode we dive into the topic of what really is...  Read More
3 Ways to Separate Business Finances from Personal
When it comes to your business, finances are one area where it’s better to keep it simple. By that, we mean keep your business finances separate from your personal finances. Here are three ways to make it official:   Read More
Patient Education: Mission Impossible?
Many, if not most patients you try to educate on dental health don't get it.  So what is a dentist to do?    Read More
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