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Patient Education: Mission Impossible?
Many, if not most patients you try to educate on dental health don't get it.  So what is a dentist to do?    Read More
If you want your life to change, do this
Is your life run by your dental practice? There are definite steps you can take to make positive changes, to your career, your practice, and your work-life balance. Here are these definite steps.   Read More
Dentists, the Martians have landed!
Our beloved dental profession is turning into a war between massive corporations for profits, and you and your patients are in the crosshairs. But the good news is, doctor, that you have a choice. You can follow your own plan rather than the plans of others. Here's how.  Read More
How to Stand Out as a FFS Practice - Toothbar with Dr. Kimberley Barclay
Drew sits down with Kimberley to discover how she was able to create a FFS niche within her practice.In this episode, you will learn:-How to offer FFS service even if you are in network-How rebranding your services can make dentistry seem fun-Why would a bachelorette party want to visit a dental...  Read More
What does your dental practice want to be when it grows up?
As a dentist, do you find you asking yourself, "What's next? Is this all there is?"You need a new plan to take you where you want to go. Think about where you are going - give it a thought. And then put energy and effort to what your plan will be.   Read More
Market Maker Blog: Maximizing the Value of Your Dental Practice: Part III Brand
Why do people pay more for a Mercedes than for a Toyota? Both fulfill the same basic function — transportation. Both Mercedes and Toyota brands carry with them certain implications: status, reputation, quality, craftsmanship. Customers who choose one are making a statement about what’s important to...  Read More
Those Tiny Little Decisions
Owning a dental practice can be a real challenge. To make the practice work for you -- instead of you working for your practice -- requires making some tiny little decisions, daily.   Read More
OK, You're a Great Dentist. Now What?
So your skills as a dentist are excellent. That's great. But where do you go from there?  What are your dreams for your life and your practice?  Where do you get the most satisfaction?  It's time to answer these questions for yourself.   Read More
Thomas Jefferson's advice for dentists
An important concept embodied by a certain quote from Thomas Jefferson is pertinent for 21st Century dentists.  It involves freedom -- imagine that!  Read More
8 Choices that Make Dentistry an Unhappy Career
There are eight bad choices, which, if made, will make dentistry an unhappy career. Here is how you can rebound from these choices and make your dental practice very rewarding, indeed.  Read More
The Power of Choice in Your Dental Practice
The ability to make choices is powerful. A choice, like all other actions, has consequences. For the dental practice, whether it thrives or not is determined by the right choices. There are important approaches as to how dental practice owners can make wise choices.   Read More
Finding Great People for Your Practice
In Jim Collins' bestselling book, Good to Great, he discussed the importance of getting the right people on your team.  He describes your team as a bus and if you get the right people on your bus, it doesn't matter where you take your bus, you will be successful.  The follow concepts are a summary...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Dental Practice: Part 1- Growth
A firm with steadily growing revenues is more valuable than one with stagnant or declining revenues. For a dental practice, growth in revenues comes from two main sources: an increase in the number of patient visits and increases in revenue per patient visit. Growing your patient baseSteady growth...  Read More
Having a partner you can trust help run your dental practice
For the dentist, having a trusted partner -- like a spouse -- helping run their dental practice can make their lives easier, happier and more profitable.   Read More
'Secret Sauce' Part 2: Transforming Pedo and Ortho Practices
There are vital ingredients to create the 'Secret Sauce' that can bring success to your pediatric dental or orthodontic practice. With a willingness to learn, these ingredients can be implemented surprisingly easily.  Read More
The 'Secret Sauce' To Transform Your Dental Practice
In every successful dental practice, there is a secret that makes it work -- and this "sauce" works when one defines success in financial terms, as well as by other important areas -- like happiness  For the dentist to be successful in life and career, and to experience happiness along the way,...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Succession Planning - Begin with the End in Mind
Build your dream practice nowWhat does your ideal practice look like? Do you want a steady stream of patients who come back year after year? Or do you want to specialize in a highly lucrative area? What about income and lifestyle goals now? Establishing systems and tracking key performance...  Read More
Are You Mired In the Business of Dentistry?
It can be a challenge to become the kind of dentist you originally set out to be. We dentists start out to help people  We may become technically excellent in our patient treatment -- But the business of dentistry becomes another challenge.   Read More
What I didn't get a chance to talk about with Howard Farran Dentistry Uncensored Episode #1027: Work Hard and Hustle
Click the link above to watch the entire podcast with Howard Farran!  It is also available to listen to on the podcast app on your iPhone.   I could have talked to Dr. Howard Farran for hours.  Thank you Howard for my fifteen minutes of fame.  My friends and family that listened to the podcast made...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....Same-Day Smiles "Delivering What Patients Want"... Filmed Live at Townie Meeting. By Dr. Bruce Baird.
Dentaltown is pleased to present....Same-Day Smiles "Delivering What Patients Want"... Filmed Live at Townie Meeting. By Dr. Bruce Baird.This CE course can be found here....This presentation will show how to do a brand new smile (10–12 veneers or crowns) in one day while taking care of your regular...  Read More
How Successful Are You?
Here’s a little quiz to help you consider your success. If you take it periodically, you can measure your progress: 1. _______ score     1 to 10 - how much do you like yourself?                                      2. _______ score     How much do you like what you do?3. _______ score     How much...  Read More
Use Love and Lead Generation to Get New Patients
When you truly love to practice dentistry and you truly love and care for your patients, you get what is called 'Lead Generation' and new patients result.  Read More
The Importance of a Healthy Work/Life Balance with Dr. Derek Jones, DDS
Our guest this week, Dr. Derek Jones, DDS graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and went on to the Yale-affiliated General Practice Residency. Practicing from Sanford, Maine.   Read More
With Your Practice, Choose Freedom, Not a Train Wreck
It is a great opportunity and an important step:  Dentists should take a free market approach with their practices, and avoid the oncoming 'train wreck' that corporate and government influences can create.Part II of 'There's a Fast Train Coming. Doctor, Are You Dancing on the...  Read More
Synergy Consultants & CPAs is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual Dental Business & Legal Symposium October 26th-27th at the MGM National Harbor Hotel. Our two-day 9CE event will comprise of panel discussions and case studies from top industry leaders and influencers from across the country.Day One:...  Read More
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