A Discussion on Mental Health and Depression in the Dental Industry with Dr. Kyle Stanley, DDS
September is National Suicide Prevention Month and our guest this week Dr. Kyle Stanley DDS sits down with Shaun Keating and discusses the rising concerns of mental health issues and suicide in Dentistry today. Shaun and Dr. Stanley dive into statistics and personal experiences that they both have...  Read More
How Dentists Can Relieve Work-Related Anxiety
Dentalclinicians have stressful jobs. For dentists, the pressure of running abusiness, dealing with patients, balancing work and family – in additionto other responsibilities – can manifest as physical discomfort. It isno wonder that so many dentists .With stress comes anxiety. Chronic anxiety...  Read More
CBD For Patients with Dental Anxiety
Fear of dental care is a massive issue impacting patients and, byextension, dental clinicians. One study in the United Kingdom found thatapproximately suffer from dental anxiety. Of course, such widespread trepidationconcerning dental treatment contributes to reduced case acceptance andcreates a...  Read More
CBD Can Reduce Anxiety Without Risk of Addiction
If you are a dentist and suffer from chronic anxiety, you may want to consider .Dental care providers are often so concerned about patients that theanxiety interferes with their personal lives and even their dentalpractice. Anxiety is at epidemic levels in the United States, and dentalprofessionals...  Read More
Test Anxiety – What Is It, And What Can You Do To Overcome It?
Test Anxiety – What Is It, And What Can You Do To Overcome It?This special post was created because a student asked me, “do you have any recommendations for those who have test anxiety?” Most of us have test anxiety to a certain degree. But the reality is that we have to overcome it to pass the...  Read More
Claim Tip 8 – Common Challenges Faced by Dentists After Filing a Claim Based on Anxiety
In our last several posts we have discussed how anxiety among dentists is quite common and can reach a level that may require stepping away from dentistry and filing a claim. In this final post in this series, we will be examining some of the common challenges experienced by dentists who file...  Read More
Claim Tip 7 – Disabling Anxiety v. “Burn Out”:  What Is the Difference, Why Does it Matter, and When is it Time to File?
By the time they finish dental school, most dentists are familiar with the concept of "burn out" and recognize that they have chosen a profession that can be particularly stressful at times. In fact, many of the dentists we consult with initially describe what they're experiencing as "burn out."...  Read More
Claim Tip 6 - Are Disability Claims Involving Anxiety/Panic Disorder Treated Differently than Other Claims?
This is another common question our office receives from dentists who suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks and are thinking about filing a disability claim.  Generally speaking, in our experience, we find that insurance companies subject mental health claims to heightened scrutiny, and that...  Read More
Claim Tip 5 - Can You File a Disability Claim for Anxiety?
Our office receives numerous calls from dentists experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks wanting to know whether they can file a disability claim under their policies, and asking us to evaluate the likelihood of success if they do file. The short (but admittedly not that satisfying) answer is,it...  Read More
Destination Dentistry: Two Worlds Collide
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Stella Bondar DMD |Dr. Stella Bondar DMD was a born native to the country of Moldova. Gaining her dental certification in Moldova, Dr. Bondar shares her experience practicing dentistry in a country struck with poverty. Pursuing her passion for dentistry, Dr. Bondar moved...  Read More
How Dentists Can Help Children Feel More Comfortable
Dental anxiety is a real problem. It is recognized as one of the mainpublic health concerns because it causes improper dental care and poor oralhygiene.Many children develop a fear of dentist (dental phobia) as a result of the poor information around them. Horror movies, books andeven stories from...  Read More
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