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What if you are wrong?
Do you ever think, "if only"? If only I were in some other job, some other practice, some other relationship — THEN I would be happy.If only I had what “he” has, what “they” have — sure, THEN I could be happy.Well, that is all doubtful!Get all the happiness out of where you are, what you are doing,...  Read More
Arming Your Practice Against Ransomware
Every year, thousands of businesses fall victim to online security breaches, and this number is on the rise. One of the most devastating cyber threats is ransomware, a malicious program that locks a user out of either their system or their files until they pay a ransom, usually via bitcoin, that...  Read More
The Beauty Factor in Dentistry, Part II
As dentists, a vitally important purpose for us is to give the patient a beautiful smile. Our success comes when the patient realizes her physical beauty, and an inner beauty shinse through, as well.   Read More
Ep. 32 "When Two Insurance Geeks Get Together" with Colleen Huff, FAADOM
Mar 25, 2019Colleen Huff is our guest today and joins me to dish about dental insurance. She’s another insurance geek and has a good amount of tips to pass on in this episode. Listen in as we talk about your office and insurance: how to do it correctly and pitfalls to potentially avoid.6:40 What is...  Read More
Informed Consent from Minors and the Mentally Disabled
                        Obtaining informed consent from a competent adult appears relatively easy. However, receiving informed consent from a minor or mentally impaired/ disabled individual can become a more difficult process.This type of patient population typically raises serious questions as to...  Read More
Be Coachable - Saying YES to Consulting
Dr Chad Johnson is a practicing dentist in Iowa, former president of the Iowa AGD, and is currently on faculty at the Productive Dentist Academy. From delegation and efficiencies to Cerec and his new podcast: Everyday Practices, Dr Johnson is a wealth of knowledge and quite entertaining! Join Penny...  Read More
How to LOVE your team
It takes a team to run a dental practice. As the owner of the practice, it's important to remember that your team members need respect and love - and there's a way to do it right.   Read More
Episode 19 - Jonathan VanHorn, CPA - Buy a House or Dental Practice First?
The Dental Amigos host Jonathan VanHorn, CPA, a dental industry-focused certified public accountant and the founder of DentistMetrics who focuses his practice on representing dentists, especially new practice owners. Jonathan is also is the host of the very popular podcast, “Start Your Dental...  Read More
What Does It Take To Be A Great Dentist?
Do you know what it takes to be a really GREAT dentist?  Is it having excellent skills?  Better equipment?  A super income?The answer -- and the secret to professional satisfaction -- might surprise you.   Read More
Episode 12 - Gary Takacs on The Profitability Crisis in Dentistry
The Dental Amigos were excited to host Gary Takacs, who is the founder and CEO of The Thriving Dentist Show podcast, dental practice owner and consultant who helps dentists develop their ideal practice. In this episode, Paul and Rob chat with Gary about how he got his unconventional start in the...  Read More
Why Every Dentist Needs to Give Their Dental Practice an Organizational Checkup
         As dentists, we're used to examining people's mouths. We know the importance of checking people's mouths to their overall health. We know many patients don't enjoy their exams and make a point to Deliver WOW to ease some of that anxiety.But at the end of the day, we know people need mouth...  Read More
Episode3a - Associate Agreements - What To Know And Think About And When (Part 2)
In the second part of this episode, Paul and Rob continue their discussion about associate agreements both from an employer’s perspective and an associate’s perspective- how to find a good associate and things to look for when hiring an associate and when evaluating a job opportunity. They also...  Read More
Dentistry is #1...  In What?
Yes, dentistry is the #1 profession... in both good and bad areas.  Just which areas are these?  How does this affect you as a dentist?  Read More
10 Tax Saving Tips for Dentists
The tax year saw many new changes in tax legislation and planning ahead is more important than ever to ensure you work within the rules to not miss out on a tax saving opportunity. Tax for dentists is a complex area that requires specialist tax knowledge about dentistry. Our team possesses this...  Read More
A Great Dentist is More Than Just a Technician
Besides providing excellent patient treatment, great dentists learn to work on their businesses / practices and to provide vision, leadership and love. There are important steps to take in order to travel from the 'Point A' of being a 'technician' to the 'Point B' of successful business leader --...  Read More
Doctors, it's time to push back on PPO's part III
What can you expect?  We’ve helped many Doctors through this process, and most are surprised at how smoothly it goes.  Yes, there always is some loss of patients.  If patients have zero out of network benefits, you will lose them.  If they’re young and cash strapped with multiple family members,...  Read More
Doctors, its time to push Back on PPO's part II
So how and when do you go about dropping a PPO?  Contrary to what you might have heard, you don’t necessarily start with the PPO’s with the lowest fee schedules.  There are other factors involved such as; the size of the PPO in your practice (smaller is better if you’re learning how to go through...  Read More
4 Ways Your Hygienist Can Help Increase Case Acceptance
Your hygiene department should be a fruitful resource of productive procedures for the schedule, especially if you have a recall program.(Note: to learn how to build a consistently productive hygiene department that makes a great profit on it’s – before the doctor even picks up a handpiece – do the...  Read More
Dentists: Your Success Is All About Love
Practicing dentistry successfully and joyfully, every day, involves love. The systems you put into place can help make this happen. With the upcoming ELEMENTS Seminars, dentists can learn to combine the two.  Read More
Doctor, are you in pain?
Pain: a distressing feeling caused by intense or damaging stimuli.  What stimuli, you ask?Perhaps these:* Trying to Survive* Being in the crosshairs of   - the insurance companies -Insurance has become overwhelming to impossible   - Medicaid administration and paperwork   - other dentists and other...  Read More
Combining Love and Orthodontics Makes for a Joyful Practice
Video shot at the Advanced American Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Dr Chris Baker explains why a sincere love for patients and their families combines well with orthodontics for having a happy and successful practice.   Read More
I am not my staff's parent!  (The affliction of approval addiction.)
Boy!  Dental school didn’t give me any direction on being responsible for employees, staffing, HR, hiring and firing!  How about you?Maybe dental school taught you how to work with a chair-side dental assistant. Maybe.Maybe dental school gave you some direction on training a chair-side...  Read More
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry
An Excerpt From 100 Things I HATE/Love About Dentistry“How can you hatepracticing dentistry? This is what you do, it’s your profession.” I hear you ask. Let me clarify the statement, I don’t hate practicing dentistry…I hate practicing dentistry in conjunction with all...  Read More
94. Money Mastery Tips for Dentists with Jordan Goodman
94. Money Mastery Tips for Dentists with Jordan GoIt’s great to getcashflowin your business, but what you do with thatcashflowis equally important. In this episode, I chattopersonal finance expert Jordan Goodman about how dentists can bemore savvyabout how they manage their money.Jordan...  Read More
Do Anything, But Do It With Joy
Do Anything but Do it With Joy "I believe that joy is your internal guidance system." Jack Canfield Let the joy into your life and your dentistry life.  Happy New Year 2018.   Many people often ask me how I can do what I do and still keep the smile and be happy. I am a general dentist and the owner...  Read More
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