A Different Kind of Bucket List
It has become popular to talk about your “bucket list,” presumably things you want to do or places you want to go before you die.Let’s make a “bucket list” of virtues you might want to attain.How about Patience?  Patience so you don’t feel you have to hurry.Peace, so you don’t have to worry.Courage...  Read More
Real Magic in Dentistry
In dentistry, here's how to find the extraordinary in your career each day.   Read More
Life Will Get Tough Again: What To Do
Tough times always come and go. There is a definite way to approach these times to make things better, happier and more productive.   Read More
Your Practice: Your Opportunity
There is an approach to dental practice that can make it the most incredible of opportunities.  But challenges will always happen.  Here's the secret to making the most of YOUR opportunity.    Read More
How Dentists Can Relieve Work-Related Anxiety
Dentalclinicians have stressful jobs. For dentists, the pressure of running abusiness, dealing with patients, balancing work and family – in additionto other responsibilities – can manifest as physical discomfort. It isno wonder that so many dentists .With stress comes anxiety. Chronic anxiety...  Read More
OM Goodness, I might fail!
You might.  Actually you will.  Success comes on the heel of failure.Without failure, we don’t learn as much.  We don’t know and understand as much.  We can’t appreciate as much.I love the story of the prospector out West years ago, who dug and dug and dug, looking for gold. He was so sure it was...  Read More
Doctor, Here's How to Start Improving Your Life -- Today!
(From Sounion, Greece)Want a better life? This approach works for those in the dental profession, but is just as powerful for those working in any business.  You can make tiny, though important "course adjustments" that will eventually, immeasurably improve your life.  Here's what to do.   Read More
Why, even with 300+ channels, there's still nothing to watch...   Things a dentist considers in life's priorities
It’s amazing that today’s cable and internet has not 300 channels, but thousands of choices.  And we are bored, constantly flicking from one to the other, using P-I-P (Picture-In-Picture) and checking our phone, news, social media, in between.  Notice if you are waiting - for an appointment, for a...  Read More
Foundations of Dental Practice Success & Life
There are some important "blocks" to use when you build the foundations of both your dental practice and your life. The quality of those building blocks will determine the quality of what's built on them.© 2018 Dr Chris Baker  Read More
Start Spending Time With The Right People
Who in the world are the right people?The ones who build you up, who challenge you, who believe you CAN do the good stuff.“You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn If they are negative, you will be surrounded and enmeshed in negativity.  If they are...  Read More
Dentists, what is missing in your life picture?
For us dentists, we have been guided by a need, a dream, to help others.  Going to dental school, and to residency and further training, takes a whole lot of “get-up-and-go” and a whole lot of “stick-to-it-iveness.”Our schooling and hard work was (and is) driven by our need and dream to help others...  Read More
Do Anything, But Do It With Joy
Do Anything but Do it With Joy "I believe that joy is your internal guidance system." Jack Canfield Let the joy into your life and your dentistry life.  Happy New Year 2018.   Many people often ask me how I can do what I do and still keep the smile and be happy. I am a general dentist and the owner...  Read More
Stress in your practice: Why does 'deep down' keep showing up?
Deep down - in our subconscious, our amygdala, our unconscious, we have a primitive brain that functions like our animal friends’ brains.  We react.  Without thinking.  (Thinking is higher up.) Our emotions predominate.  It’s  our ego barrier - subliminal defense mechanisms that make it hard to...  Read More
Take The Stress Out Of Dentistry
Take The Stress Out of DentistryIn the last ten years, eight doctors in my small town have died prematurely. Among those who died, over half worked in the dental profession. Practicing dentistry is stressful. And stress is a killer. But you don’t have to let stress rule your life or end...  Read More
Grow your Practice with Dr. Rista DMD
Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Brian Rista DMDWith 30 years of experience and two dental practices, Dr. Brian Rista DMD, explains the keys to success through hard work, dedication and an excellent business model. He shares the importance of analyzing past years to gain insight on what needs to be adapted...  Read More

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