Increasing Practice Efficiency and Communication With Mike Buckner
Increasing Practice Efficiency And CommunicationOn this exciting episode of the podcast, I welcome my good friend, Mike Buckner, onto the show to talk all about how you can cut through the noise with help from some powerful technology.Mike Buckner has been working in the Dental Technology Field for...  Read More
How to Give Your Dental Practice a Core Value Checkup
When is the last time you reviewed your core values? Core values define who you are, who you want to be, and what your company strives for.Why Core Values Matter  Core values make running a dental practice much easier. They guide you in how you hire, fire, reward, and recognize team members. They...  Read More
The Health Risks of Being a Dentist
According to studies, being a dentist can be a very hazardous occupation. Practicing dentistry has certain health risks. There are some important ways to approach the profession that help the dentist to stay healthy.  Read More
Practice Procedures Manual: Topics to Include
Before you open your dental practice (or purchase a dental practice), you must have detailed office procedures in place. The following are some possible topics to include:            Introduction            Telephone techniques            Patient appointments are scheduling             Collection...  Read More
50 Years of Dentistry
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Alan Weinstein DDS |Earning his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Emory University School of Dentistry in 1967, Dr. Alan Weinstein has practiced precision dentistry for over 5 decades. With half a century worth of dental experience and knowledge, Alan shares the most...  Read More
The Reality of US Dental Healthcare
As dentists, we tend to be well aware of many of the problems that exist within dental healthcare across the country.One of the key issues is accessibility to care. This doesn’t necessarily mean how close the person lives to a good dentist, but factors in whether or not they can afford the care...  Read More
What to Consider When Performing a Cyber Security Assessment
A cyber security assessment of your dental practice is much more than a review of your practice software. It's vital to analyze both technical and non-technical components of your practice on each of the three pillars of cyber security: people, policies, and technology. Here are some important...  Read More
Practical Guide to Creating an Employee Manual
In the last few weeks, we have received more and more questions as to what additional provisions should be included in an Employee Manual, over and above the "standard" provisions. As a result, outlined below are certain provisions which should be included in every Employee Manual.Employee...  Read More
How To Choose The Right Consultant For Your Dental Practice With Kiera Dent
How To Choose The Right Consultant For Your Dental Practice With Kiera Dent Listen to the full episode at  Read More

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