004 How To Be A $10,000 A Day Dentist With Dr. Bill Williams
In this episode of the Efficient Practice Podcast, I interview Dr. Bill Williams who is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry and the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics. He is a past president of the Georgia Academy of General Dentistry and traveled the USSR and...  Read More
Episode 12 - Gary Takacs on The Profitability Crisis in Dentistry
The Dental Amigos were excited to host Gary Takacs, who is the founder and CEO of The Thriving Dentist Show podcast, dental practice owner and consultant who helps dentists develop their ideal practice. In this episode, Paul and Rob chat with Gary about how he got his unconventional start in the...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Dental Practice: Part 1- Growth
A firm with steadily growing revenues is more valuable than one with stagnant or declining revenues. For a dental practice, growth in revenues comes from two main sources: an increase in the number of patient visits and increases in revenue per patient visit. Growing your patient baseSteady growth...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Succession Planning - Synergy
Synergize means to combine everything you’ve learned to create something that’s better than the sum total of the separate pieces. It’s an opportunity to transform your practice from an ordinary dental practice into an extraordinary practice. This habit isn’t for everyone, but those with the courage...  Read More
13 Steps to Setting up Your own Successful Dream Dental Practice
Back in 2004, when many dentists were bumbling along with the old NHS contract, we decided to open up a squat dental practice. No experience of setting up a dental practice, just plain business ideas and clinical knowledge to back us up. Most dentists we spoke to said we were mad not trying for an...  Read More
I am not my staff's parent!  (The affliction of approval addiction.)
Boy!  Dental school didn’t give me any direction on being responsible for employees, staffing, HR, hiring and firing!  How about you?Maybe dental school taught you how to work with a chair-side dental assistant. Maybe.Maybe dental school gave you some direction on training a chair-side...  Read More
Save Your Reputation from Fake Reviews!
It's been said that it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. But, what if that bad deed isn't true? How do you take back your good name? Let's face it, a bad review is generally well earned.  If you have built your business on unscrupulous, undependable, or slap-shot...  Read More
How I Increased My Dental Practice's Revenue By $100,000 Without Increasing My Fees Or Working More
How I Increased My Dental Practice's Revenue By $100,000 Without Increasing My Fees Or Working MoreYour dental practice is gaining more patients and your chairs are filled, but you still struggle to maintain profitability. Or maybe your chairs aren’t filled. You have lots of patients, but...  Read More

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