Video, Start-up and Market Segmentation (Psychographics Update
We do a weekly webinar and discussion on site selection and marketing.  This was a recent effort on segmentation and start-ups.  It is meant to be fun and informative.  Read More
Where Did Everyone Go? - The New Migration of Dental Patients
Parts of the country are growing rapidly.  In others, it seems like the population is rushing for the exits.  This episode discusses these trends and their causes.  It might be a good idea when you are determining where you want to practice to have a good idea of where people are headed and why.  Read More
Bribes and Promises: City and State Inducements to Move to their Area
Bribes and Promises: Choosing a City to Start a PracticeHello, this is Scott McDonald and Welcome to the Perfect Place to Put a Practice Podcast.A bright young dentist who seems to have been doing his homework called to ask about a “deal” that he had heard about Tulsa, OK.  There are stories out...  Read More
Practicing in Florida Video
Looking for a state with everything? FLORIDA! And check out our new research product: the Site Viability Report that will be available for Christmas!  Read More
Practicing in Florida
We have gone back to our features on specific states that have either good potential for growth or are developing well.  I think Florida has got something for lots of situations.  This episode gets specific about where they are.  Check out the whole series as we build it at .Practicing in Florida  Read More
Practicing in Colorado and North Carolina
As part of our ongoing series that explores the places to look (and avoid) in several states, we offer this episode on Colorado and North Carolina.  Both sites have potential when it comes to practice purchase and start-ups (de novo) areas.  But there are some notes of caution as well. Practicing...  Read More
Dental Practice in Oregon and Washington
We are going back to our old pattern of covering specific states in our webinars.  This week we talk about the demographics of Washington and Oregon.  I am trying to keep these fairly short without losing content. Hey, be patient!Webinar on Washington and Oregon Locations  Read More
New Consultation System
I am trying to raise the bar on site selection for dental offices locations.  The thing is, we are finding that video conferencing is working SO MUCH BETTER because we can show maps and data.  I was reluctant for years because of complaints by doctors that they didn't have the technology.  Well,...  Read More
Changes in our Telephone Consultation and Video Consultation
I am changing the way we do telephone consultations (going to a video conference format) for lots a good reasons. And, of course, I am talking about our free book for dental practice site selection. Improved Consultation  Read More
Demographics of Dentists
We get calls all the time asking about the implications of the demographics of dentists to determine the potential of opening a practice.  I thought it might be wise to share what we have learned.Demographics of Doctors  Read More
Age of Patient-Base and How It Influences Your Practice
Everyone considers the fate of your practice will rest upon competition ratios.  They may believe that Median Household Income is all important.  Nope.  The single biggest factor regarding demographic character is Age.Name Your Practice  Read More
The Empty Office Next Door
Finding an acceptable office to purchase in all parts of the United States is just not possible.  So, many Clients have asked me about how one can evaluate a practice that has been stressed or empty due to the absence or failure of the dentist.  In short, how do you evaluated a practice (and area)...  Read More
What Trumps Demographics
Now, let's get real.  I provide demographic data for dental practices as do several other vendors.  But it might be time to share a little naked truth: demographics can be VERY helpful to mitigate risk but it will not predict success.  You are going to need more than just a good competition ratio....  Read More
Treasure and Trash Sites in the Midwest
A great deal has been said about opening or purchasing a practice in the Midwest.  But the "where" of where to go has been revealed in some excellent regional demographic information.  This podcast episode deals with that issue. Treasure & Trash in the Midwest  Read More
Using Practice Brokers: A Demographic Perspective
What do you do when the demographic character of a location is marginal?  This is a perspective on using a practice broker from the point of view of a demographer.  Brokers, TAKE HEART!Practice Brokers  Read More
Places with Promise for Practice, 2018
Ever wonder where you should  be looking in the US for sites that show most promise?  Well, this is the podcast session you should hear TODAY. Places with Promise, 2018  Read More
Resolutions for Demographics and Wealth in 2018
Your outcomes for a successful practice (particularly when it comes to where to put a practice) will have their seeds NOW.  This little session is a reminder of what you need to think about in the next two weeks to achieve serious wealth in 2018.Resolutions for Wealth in 2018 (Demographics)  Read More
Growth Projections. Lies, Myths, Hopes, and Follies
Too many dentists are relying upon statistical projections of growth or stability and taking serious risks when they do so. This episode is about mitigating those risks and putting these numbers in proper perspective. Growth Projections. Lies, Myths, Hopes, and...  Read More
Consumer Confidence and Dentistry
Consumer Confidence Index and Professional PracticeHello, this is Scott McDonald and welcome to the Perfect Place to Put a Practice Podcast. There are likely some good doctors who would just like me to tell them where to put a practice and have done with it. But this session is going to discuss a...  Read More
Cost of Doing Business
Even if the competition is limited. Even if everyone in a neighborhood is affluent. Even if the place is growing so fast that it is about to burst at the seams. If you cannot make a profitable practice, move along. This post is all about the financial implications of practice placement. It deals...  Read More

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