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When Negotiating - Never Split The Difference
Chris Voss Never Split The Difference There’s something about terrorists, Navy Seals, hostage negotiations and drug cartels that’s always peaked my interest. So when I recently heard former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss discuss his book, , I was immediately fascinated. When you think about it,...  Read More
Part 2: Function - Top four reasons to Upgrade your Vacuum to BaseVac Dental
Dental vacuums are the heart of the dental practice. Making the right decision for a clinic can be stressful, as it is an investment that will affect the clinic for 10+ years. BaseVac started this blog series to show Dental Professionals the top four reasons why they should choose BaseVac for their...  Read More
Part 1: Function - Top four reasons to Upgrade your Vacuum to BaseVac Dental
There are many options in the Dental Industry for vacuum systems, each of which could potentially serve your clinic, but which one is the best choice for you? Dental Vacuums are arguably the most important part of a Dental Practice, as it is practically the heart of the office. Without a vacuum...  Read More
This week Dr. House and Shawn are talking about PPE, social distancing and all of the considerations you’re juggling in your practice as you are adapting to dentistry post COVID-19.  Dr. House discusses how her practice and team have adapted to the new guidelines given by the ADA. She discusses how...  Read More
Is The Fear And Greed Index Legit?
Is The Fear And Greed Index Legit? If you’re a  fan like myself, then you’ve probably familiar with his recommendation regarding fear and greed: Behavioral Finance And The  Index There has been much research in the field of behavioral finance but nothing bigger than when psychologists Daniel...  Read More
Thank you to those who were able to join the conversation during our  ?? ?? Tune in next Tuesday at 4PM EST for Webinar #12 w/ Special Guest: Sameer Bhasin of  Webinar #11:  ??  Read More
How Best to Utilize Your SBA Loans If You Receive Both the EIDL and PPP Loan
Katie Collins, a Practice Integration Advisor with , helps dentists order their financial lives and reach financial peace of mind so they can better focus on what truly brings them joy. There is still uncertainty for many of you regarding when you will be able to re-open your practice and what...  Read More
053: Facing Your (Money) Fears with Ryan Isaac
This episode is all about money! It’s time to face the truth when it comes to your finances, but Ryan Isaac, senior financial with the Dentist Advisors, and Kiera hold your hand through it all. The duo discusses how a happy dentist equals a happy team, why saving now matters, and the way Kiera used...  Read More
052: Toot Your Own Horn! (We’re Giving You Permission)
Dental marketing pro Ashley Keith returns to the podcast to chat with Kiera about … bragging! The ladies discuss the benefits of marketing and a three-pronged approach your practice can start implementing TODAY to break down the fear of the “scary” dentist. Plus, stop hiding your services! Show...  Read More
051: Simplification with Sophistication for Office Communication
In today's episode, Kiera welcomes back fan favorite, Ashley Keith- office manager of a 20 op practice including 4 doctors, 10 hygienists and all the support team. Ashley comes from corporate America with a marketing background and has found, communication is a MUST in any dental office. Ashley...  Read More
050: No surprises!
Digging through our archives, we found this gem of an episode! Travel back with Kiera and Mark in this older car riff as they relive the events from their recent conferences and discuss the importance of job ads, hiring, onboarding, and firing. Kiera explains how an employee add should fit with the...  Read More
049: MONDAY MORNING MASH-UP: Lead By Example
Kiera rocks out this episode in preparation for your Monday Meeting Mashup! She encourages offices to set up individual meetings where different departments teach and lead the meetings each week. Each department will be discussing their own KPIs and a plan to accomplish them. By doing this, every...  Read More
048: Are you the bottleneck of your own life?
Join Kiera as she interviews Jackie Martinez, a native Texan who serves as the business guru and OM for her family of dentists. She has learned and navigated a way of leadership that implements business goals that labor results. In this episode, Jackie discusses the importance of delegating tasks...  Read More
047:  SPECIAL EVENT- Get it from the "To Do" List to the "Done" List
Dental A Team-- is your operations manual completed? Or is it like 99% of office where it's a great idea and you just can't seem to find the time to complete it? Or do you even know where to start? In today's episode, Kiera walks you through, step-by-step, on how to complete your operations manual...  Read More
046: Only $35 bucks!!!
Hey hygienists, are you passionate about Fluoride? If not, why? In this episode, Kiera dives into the importance of suggesting fluoride to your patients. She emphasizes that as a healthcare professional, it is not your job to determine if the patient wants or does not want something. It is your...  Read More
045: If you POSE, you must PROPOSE
In today's episode, Kiera is joined by a unique office manager, Ashley Keith. Ashley's husband is a dentist who owns a 20 op practice that has four dentists, 10 hygienists and a huge support team. Ashley doesn't have a dental background and comes from Corporate America with a degree in marketing--...  Read More
044: Appreciation- The Lost Art
Kiera Dent hosts an awesome episode with Trish Primeau, an office manager that has created a “love to work” environment. Trish and Kiera discuss how genuine appreciation for others hard work will craft a bond between the office staff that is so important in maintaining morale. In this raw episode,...  Read More
043: Consistency Gets Results- What Results are You Getting Consistently?
People need time to get their work accomplished, but sometimes it is so hard to focus on the important when the urgent is looming! Kiera reminds us that you don’t have to do a lot to get results, but you have to be consistent with your time.  Give your team an hour to two hours once a week to do...  Read More
042 : Steps to Getting 85% Fluoride Acceptance
Fluoride is the KEY and KING to prevent decay-- and a great way to increase hygiene profitability. Solid wins for everyone! So why not implement its power with your patients? Many patients would gladly partake in fluoride, but don’t understand its benefits. As healthcare providers, our job is to...  Read More
041: The Blaze of Smoke
Ever have days when defeat is more a part of your life than success? Kiera discusses a time in her life when she felt the same way. There are days when you will feel like you don’t have potential, when you feel like a failure, and when the brick wall is just too high to climb. In this episode,...  Read More
040: MONDAY MORNING MASH-UP The 5 Minute New Patient Phone Call
New patient calls don’t have to be a hassle. Kiera welcomes back favorite guest, Donna Dinette, one of the Kiera's Dental Consulting Travel Consultants who is a wizard at getting new patients into your schedule within 5 minutes. Donna has figured this out and has great success and results in this...  Read More
Kiera welcomes Paige Benjamin back to discuss perio patients and appointments. Paige emphasizes the need for probing every appointment as well as updating the perio chart. By measuring pocket depths and bleeding on probing for every appointment, you can not only get a better idea of the patient’s...  Read More
5 Outstanding Tax Benefits Of Real Estate Investing For Dentists
5 Outstanding Tax Benefits Of Real Estate Investing If you’re a high-income earner, it’s probably safe to say that you’d like to avoid taxes at all costs, right? We’ve looked at different tax advantages in the past with . One of the main reasons that readers of this blog join the  is to find out...  Read More
1400 The Legal World in COVID 19 with Hillary Harms Becchetti, J.D. : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Hillary's first job was in a dental office. Both of her parents were dentists and she grew up filing, sterilizing, mowing the lawn and answering phones at her parents' practice in the Twin Cities metro area. Almost every family vacation was wherever the ADA conference happened to be that year and...  Read More
Your Fear = Their Money
This unusual time certainly presents challenges for the dentist.  Some people and organizations will profit from your fear.     Read More
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