How to Roadmap an Associate-to-Buy-In Dental Practice Transition
How to Roadmap an Associate-to-Buy-In Dental Practice Transition  The roadmap to any  can take many forms. In the case of an associate-to-buy-in strategy, a potential buyer is courted from a group of associates to buy-in over a period of time to ensure compatibility and allow time to figure out the...  Read More
How to Manage Multiple Locations
The original version of this post appears on theYou’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and have started to wonder if purchasing additional dental practices is your next move. But first, you’ll need to understand what’s involved in owning multiple locations. Here’s how to get your gears...  Read More
Associateship versus Partnership: Which Is Right For You?
Bringing on an  to your dental practice should be done when the patient demand warrants it. But which is right for your dental practice? Here’s how to figure that out.Know your numbersThe number of active patients who visit the practice at least every 18 months is a clear indicator that it’s time...  Read More
Partnerships versus Mergers: Which Is Right For You?
When looking to combine practices, the million-dollar question (literally) is whether to go with a partnership or a merger. The answer lies in what you’re working toward: retirement or expansion? Here, we break down the two options.PartnershipsWhile  have a 60 percent success rate, it only makes...  Read More
7 Types of Dental Practice Transitions
By now, you’ve probably already decided that . But maybe you don’t know or haven’t started exploring all your options yet. Here, we break down the types of dental practice transitions in an effort to help you figure out which is best for you and your business.Buy-outA buy-out is exactly what it...  Read More
8 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Practice Before You Sell
Just like you would make curb appeal or structural updates to your house before putting it on the market, you might want to consider the same for your dental practice before selling. Not only will necessary updates make it more appealing to a potential buyer, but all these pieces will also help...  Read More
5 Ways to Find a Practice
This is a solo episode where I babble about five ways you could use in order to locate a dental practice to buy. I discuss using different options from brokers to soliciting with direct mail as ways to identify these dental practices. This isn't my best or longest episode, but hopefully you can...  Read More
Corporate Dental Life with Dr. Jason Hobbs
Dr. Jason Hobbs joined us on The Mentors of Dentistry Podcast to share his experiences in his dental journey. We discussed how he decided on dentistry as a career, some of his residency training, and how he has had a positive experience helping Heartland Dental in opening a new practice in...  Read More
Financial Independence - An Incoherent Introduction with Dr. Philip Jenkins
I sat down and created a very unorganized show introducing the idea of financial independence. The idea of FIRE (financial independence retire early) has been a growing area of interest of mine recently, so I wanted to share the idea and hopefully create some dialogue on the Facebook group or...  Read More
6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Dental Practice
At Professional Transition Strategies, we have successfully guided hundreds of dentists through the process of selling and buying a dental practice. If you are thinking about buying a dental practice, you will naturally have several smart questions. Here are questions to ask when buying a dental...  Read More
#88: Mail Bag! Insurance Woes, Duplicate Content, Redoing Websites
In this episode, Mark and Howie answer some questions we've been receiving about dental marketing:    How do I get my associate to take insurance when I don't?    What's the deal with duplicate content?    When should I redo my website?#88: Mail Bag! Insurance Woes, Duplicate Content, Podcast...  Read More
The Best Way to Sell a Dental Practice
You have likely spent your entire career building a dental practice, but now you’re ready to move on. But selling a dental practice is much more than putting a For Sale sign on the curb. Selling your dental practice is one of the biggest moments in your career and you only have one chance to...  Read More
Who can Buy a Dental Practice?
Who can buy a dental practice?Whether or not you can buy a dental practice depends on which state you live in. At a point in time, most states prohibited corporations from owning dental or medical practices. This came from the idea that only a person who is licensed to practice dentistry or...  Read More
Experiences in a Hospital Based Dental Residency with Dr. T.J. O'Shea
Dr. T.J. O'Shea joined me to discuss his journey that led him through his hospital based residency at the University of Michigan. We talked a lot about his experiences in the residency and treating medically complex patients. We also discussed his current job in a group practice in Detroit, where...  Read More
Episode 8-Special Needs Dentistry in the OR with Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker
We had another great interview on The Mentors of Dentistry Podcast! Dr. Jordan Blankenship-Sniker joined us to discuss her journey in making OR based hospital dentistry available to her patients. Dr. Jordan did a one year residency after dental school out west in Utah and is currently in private...  Read More
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Making Money After Dental School
We had third year dental student Dallin Gomez on the show! Dallin created a Facebook group called "Making Money after Dental School Mastermind." It is a spectacular group where a ton of information is shared about how to become successful after dental school. We discussed his journey into...  Read More
Practicing with the HPSP Scholarship
This was a great interview with Dr. Seth, who serves as a dentist in our military. We discussed the HPSP scholarship, some clinical topics, as well as some general life advice as a dentist. I hope you enjoy the episode and don't forget if you want to reach out to me you can at  and join our...  Read More
Working with Family with Dr. Gary Johnson
I had the pleasure of interviewing one my good dental school buddies, Dr. Gary Johnson. We talked about his story involving his first couple of years out of dental school working with his big sister. There is a lot of great information in our interview and I hope you enjoy the show! You can check...  Read More
#78: Transitioning Your First Associate With Dr. Staci Blaha
Transitioning your first associate can be rough. So, how do you do it as painlessly as possible? We interview Dr. Staci Blaha to find out!Listen#78: Transitioning Your First Associate With Dr. SPodcast Highlights A situation many dentists find themselves in ...  Read More
Should I Sell My Dental Practice: 5 Questions To Ask
Should I Sell My Dental Practice: 5 Questions To AskThis is a question that most practice owners come across at some point in their career. Considering selling your practice can be stressful, especially if you don’t have all of the information you need. At Professional Transition Strategies, we are...  Read More
How Can I Make My Practice More Valuable?
If you are considering selling or transitioning your practice, increasing the value of your practice is, or should be, a priority. It can be difficult to know how or to find the time to make changes at your practice. However, it is very important that you take the time to get your practice and...  Read More
Dental Practice Transition Checklist: What To Know
Transitioning a dental practice is an intricate process, and can seem overwhelming if you are approaching or going through the process. Not only does transitioning a practice include the financial challenges but the emotional and relational ones as well. We can help you navigate this process...  Read More
#57: Taking on an Associate
Taking on an associate requires some foresight in both your business practices and marketing. How should you approach it?ListenPodcast Highlights: The role of owners vs. associates The time period that should pass before an associate buys in Who is supposed to promote? Pre-appointments:...  Read More
Oberman Law Firm Launches Expansion of Its Multi-Practice Law Group
Oberman Law Firm, a leading dental law firm which has a nationalpresence, has announced the expansion of its Multi-Practice Law Group. The MultiPractice Law Group will continue to expand its client MSO (Management ServiceOrganization) and DMSO (Dental Management Service Organization) practice...  Read More
Never Withdraw Your Attention from the Patient
Withdrawing your attention from a patient can be perceived by the patient as a “put down”. In truth, it is a “put down”. Many years ago, I was at a boothmeeting with a company representative about hisservices at a convention.During our conversation the individual I was...  Read More

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