1103 Implantology, Aesthetic Dentistry, and more with Steffen Hohl, MD, DMD: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Steffen Hohl studied medicine and dentistry at the Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany. He began his clinical training at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, where he trained in emergency medicine, plastic surgery and neurosurgery at Boston‘s Massachusetts General Hospital and the Brigham...  Read More
609 Dental Urgent Care with Brian Harris and Steven Frost : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #609 - Brian and Steven Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #609 - Brian and Steven Dr. Brian Harris and Dr. Steven Frost sat down to discuss emergency...  Read More
602 Implant Dentistry Education with Al Panjali : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #602 - Al Panjali Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #602 - Al Panjali Dr. Panjali is a graduate from New York University. He received his post graduate...  Read More
592 The Right Implant for the Right Patient with Josh Brower : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #592 - Josh Brower Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #592 - Josh Brower Dr. Brower received scholarships to attend the University of South Dakota after...  Read More
Implant Screw Loosening and Bruxism
#19 placed a year ago and restored 8 weeks later. pt. is a bruxzir with deep bite. Restored with custom abutment (titanium) and solid zirconium crown (cement retained). At time of seating need to laser the buccal margins to seat all the way (it was defaulted to subgingival on the facial), margins...  Read More
Categories: implantology
Dentaltown Learning Online....Simplifying Full-mouth Implant Reconstructions. Filmed LIVE at Townie Meeting! By Dr. Ara Nazarian
Dentaltown Learning Online is pleased to present ...."Simplifying Full-mouth Implant Reconstructions. Filmed LIVE at Townie Meeting!" By Dr. Ara NazarianThis 2 credit CE course can be found here...According to the literature, the increased need and use of implant-related treatments result from the...  Read More
187 You Can Place Implants with Justin Moody : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #187 - Justin Moody Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #187 - Justin Moody Justin Moody, DDS shares how easy, predictable, and successful implants can be for...  Read More
183 Baby Steps To Implant Surgery with Vance Costello : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
The best time to learn implant surgery is right now.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #183 - Vance Costello Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #183 - Vance Costello After graduation from...  Read More
162 Should You Place Implants? with Mihnea Cafadaru : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #162 - Mihnea Cafadaru Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #162 - Mihnea Cafadaru The laws dictating what dentists can and can't do are different in Europe...  Read More
Be An Amazing Implantologist with Bill Schaeffer : Howard Speaks Podcast #126
"Don't be afraid of going short...I ask people all the time, 'Why are you afraid of short implants--that you put a patient through an unnecessary bone graft just so you can get a longer one in? You don't need it. Stay far away from the nerve."Stream Audio here: ...  Read More
All About Implant Dentistry with Danny Domingue : Howard Speaks Podcast #124
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Danny Domingue - HSP #124 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Danny Domingue - HSP #124 Howard and Danny discuss everything implantology, including whether or not you...  Read More
Guided Implant Surgery with Sheldon Lerner, DMD : Howard Speaks Podcast #89
 Stream Audio here:                                    AUDIO - Sheldon Lerner - HSP #89                        Watch Video here:                                    VIDEO - Sheldon Lerner - HSP #89                        Howard and Sheldon talk about the problems surrounding implantology today, and...  Read More
Recent Grads Have Zero Implantology Training with Dr. Nicolas Elian : Howard Speaks Podcast #85
Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Nicolas Elian - HSP #85 Watch Video here: VIDEO - Nicolas Elian - HSP #85 Why recent grads have no implant training, what they can do about it, and how...  Read More
The Revolution of Implantology with Dr. Kwang Bum Park : Howard Speaks Podcast #84
Watch Video here: VIDEO - Kwang Bum Park - HSP #84 Stream Audio here: AUDIO - Kwang Bum Park - HSP #84 ...  Read More
A Microscope in Every Operatory with Dr. Glenn van As : Howard Speaks Podcast #51
Dr. Glenn van As has a microscope in every operatory. Hear his story of why he got into magnification in a big way.Electrosurge is officially dead and lasers have taken their place. Dr. van As shares why every dentist should have a diode laser in their office.Stream Audio Here: ...  Read More
Implantology: There Is No Magic Bullet with Dr. Bill Holden : Howard Speaks Podcast #46
You can spend $100k+ on a CBCT machine, send for surgical guides on every case and have the top of line implant systems, but in the end implantology is good old fashioned oral surgery. You have to know what you're doing.However Dr. Bill Holden shares that, "a simple, flapless, cherry-picked...  Read More
The Longevity of Teeth and Dental Implants
published in the Journal of the American Dental Association by Levin and Haperin-Sternfeld regarding the longevity of teeth and dental implants has raised some interesting, and long overdue questions. This review should have clinicians talking and hopefully talking among dental specialties.Levin...  Read More
Made 4 inLab: Expanding the range of indications of inLab SW 4 with one-piece inDividual Abutments!
For its new product line ,the infiniDent team set itself a new goal: one-piece implant abutmentsmade of titanium in a simple workflow! The inDividual TI abutmentsintroduced exclusively for inLab SW 4 will more than meet thisrequirement. Read more here:   Read More

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