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Good Intentions in Retention
Retention is the phase of orthodontic treatment over which the doctor has little, if any, control.  It's up to the patient.    Read More
Lost In Space: Compliance in elastic wear
This is not science fiction: Compliance by orthodontic patients to wear 'rubber bands' is essential when prescribed by the dentist. Non-compliance, unfortunately, is common. What to do?   Read More
Upside Down and Inside Out: The New Wisdom in Orthodontic Treatment
For years, Orthodontic Conventional Wisdom taught us our treatment sequencing should be: 1. Level and Align, then;2. Resolution of Transverse Discrepancies; 3. Vertical separation (disclusion) of the incisors as needed,  to allow;4. Correction of the sagittal relationship of the posterior teeth,...  Read More
Sex and Orthodontics
You're probably going to wonder what in the world I'm talking about. So let me just give you a little clue, and explain this...  Read More
How I found myself practicing orthodontics in Abu Dhabi
So how does a Texas girl and Past President of the American Orthodontic Society find herself practicing orthodontics in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates? It's been a wonderful journey.Check out our  on our Abu Dhabi practice experience.   Read More
Talking About Pediatric Orthodontics
What Is Early Treatment As You Practice It?Funny how verbiage changes from year-to-year and generation to generation.  But I can sincerely say that orthodontic treatment is an awesome option for many patients - and not that many years ago, you might have thought it odd that I would use the word,...  Read More
An Orthodontic Finishing 'Pickle'
Here are some ideas about dealing with one kind of 'pickle' faced in orthodontic finishing.   Read More
The Great Distress: Ectopic Teeth in a Smile and in Orthodontics
For a patient whose teeth are ectopic - out of place - it is distressing.     A child will often say, “I don’t like my fangs.”  And, if the teeth do not show up, are ectopic and unerupted, it is distressing to have spaces in your smile.It is also distressing for you, wanting to be efficient and...  Read More
 Orthodontics: How You Start Finishing at the Beginning and Reduce the Stress at the End for You and Your Patient
Funny how we call detailing the tooth alignment and the bite, “finishing”. Funny because it all starts from diagnosis. Actually it starts at the initial examination. What we do at the beginning makes our finishing time longer or shorter. Identifying the existing risks, discrepancies,...  Read More
Ortho Case Finishing: The In-Treatment-Presenting-Posterior Crossbite
Orthodontic Case Finishing:   How do I get out of this pickle? (Part II)Pickles can be sweet, tart, bitter, or sour.“Dr.  Chris, when do I get my braces off?”“Let’s look,” I say to the pretty teenage girl in the orthodontic chair.  She has worn her elastics well, kept her plaque under control, and...  Read More
Don't bracket a tooth just because it's white
Against the backdrop of the mucosal tissues, the teeth, our target for treatment, stand out. After diagnosis and treatment planning - normally the next step is the banding/ bracketing - of all available teeth.  We pride ourselves in increasingly capable bracket placement, and work hard to be sure...  Read More
 WOW!!!  We’re talkin’ about airway issues in children (at last).
Airway issues - sleep apnea - OSAS - have hit the “mainstream” in dentistry, first concerning the adult patient, and now the child patient. I am thrilled!Why? Because there are so many children we can help! For more than 25 years, as a teacher of orthodontics and pediatric dentist...  Read More
Practicing Orthodontics: How's it workin' for ya?  Part IV: How to get there from here
How can I get there from here?How can you help your patients fall in love with your business?How can you really manage your people/staff?How can your practice/life/family/you be more fun?How can you find peace?Believe it or not, the answers to each of these questions are very similar.  Perhaps the...  Read More
The Engineering of Orthodontics
                                    Orthodontics is a blend of engineering and art.  Engineering - design and mechanics - includes            • architecture (the plan),            • physics (movement),            • chemistry (body physiology),            • ongoing changes in the smile, and         ...  Read More
Practicing Orthodontics: How's it workin' for ya?  Part II:  Those five people you hang with
Those five people you hang with"You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with." -- Jim RohnSeriously?     You must be thinking,“Seriously?    How can I be an average of the five people I spend the most time with?”Yes, seriously.  To the extent, even, that if you saw their...  Read More
Practicing Orthodontics: How's it workin' for ya?  Part I: The Big Picture
The Big PictureWe go to dental school, to residency, and then   finally    (it seems), we are ready to go into practice.  Did you have any idea what that entailed?  Did you know anything about a business?Did you even know what you wanted practice to be like?  I daresay you assumed it would give you...  Read More
Orthodontics and Family Dentistry
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Robert Asp DDS |Dr. Robert Asp DDS has over 35 years experience operating a private family practice in Hilbert, Wisconsin and has opened a second office in Appleton, WI 5 years ago. Although Robert is not an orthodontist, he shares the benefits of offering these services...  Read More
Digital Dentistry Duo
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Gary and Steven Davidowitz |This week we are featuring a digital cosmetic dental duo, a father and son practicing and operation a dental business called Luxury Dentistry NYC. Dr. Gary and Steven Davidowitz where one of the first dentists to start using digital impression...  Read More
The Challenges of Orthodontic Case Finishing
Orthodontic treatment challenges the best of us.  What seems easy to many patients, is often a tough job for the orthodontists!  Those of us who provide orthodontic treatment develop a keen awareness of the difficulties in our work with the constantly-changing human body. And, it’s over a...  Read More
You Had Me at Hello: Do Your Braces Right the First Time
BOYS MAY NOT CARE too much about their appearance, teeth and jaws when they are in high school. At that time, they may not want to follow an orthodontist’s recommendations for ideal orthodontic treatment. When they are men, priorities have changed, and they care a lot.Having to do braces over, for...  Read More
Yes! Accept Transfer Orthodontic Cases! (Most of the time.) Part II
You can have happy and loyal transfer patients!In the UAE, because the expats come and go so often, we are accepting and sending many patients in transfer situations. And it works fine - even well.  You can do it too!Earlier this month, I promised to tell you what to do when the mother and her...  Read More
Yes! Accept Orthodontic Transfer Patients (Most of the time.) Part I
                                    Dentists, you know the story: A patient comes in and you're asked to “finish” an already-begun orthodontic treatment. The mother says, “We only have four months left,” or something like that.                        So, you look at the patient, wanting to please...  Read More
Houston... We Have a Problem!
Both the dental patient and the dentist have a problem! It’s tough to have the patient’s head positioned comfortably, AND ideally for the dentist.  This challenge makes the dentist’s job difficult because without the best view of the mouth, and without the best light on the mouth, the dentist is...  Read More
Orthodontics began for me in love
ABOVE PHOTO: Dr. Walter Doyle, the first dentist in history to have specialties in orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Orthodontics began for me in love.After dental school, I loved the idea of learning about treating the poor growth and bites which can affect a child’s function, face and beauty....  Read More
Designing Smiles: Ortho-Artistry
"When you're smilin', the whole world smiles with you."Sure enough, Louis Armstrong was so right!  Studies show that smiling is contagious. Ever been around someone who just had something fantastic happen? Their smile and joy makes you feel good, too."A smile is the most powerful force in the...  Read More
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