No Business of Dentistry in Dental School with Dr. David Lawrence
Well, today we're going to dive into my favorite subject, school. No business of dentistry in dental school. We don't teach the business of dentistry in dental school. And I think that's ironic. There's a lot of things that we do in school that that is not helpful to us. I think it starts with...  Read More
Alaskan Island Dentistry
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Scott Brookshire DDS | Growing up in Southern California, Dr. Scott Brookshire graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 1993. Soon after, Scott bought his first practice in Craig, Alaska which is a tight-knit community of ~1,200 citizens located on a...  Read More
Commitment to Perfection
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Richard Carrara DMD |This week we have Dr. Richard Carrara DMD from Morristown NJ to discuss how he has been committed to excellent dental care for almost three decades!Learn how two friends from dental school became partners with the same vision and ideals in terms of...  Read More
Thirty Years of Dentistry: The Roller Coaster Treadmill
Thirty Years of Dentistry: The Roller Coaster TreadmillThe Roller Coaster Treadmill is my new favorite business illustration of all time, probably because even I can draw it. I just fell into it one day. Responding to questions in a workshop, this illustration emerged. There is so much in here...  Read More
A Practice Management Talk w/ Sandy Pardue, Ep. 1
                                    A Practice Management Talk w/ Sandy Pardue, Ep. 1                        Sandy Pardue of Classic Practice Resources discusses the issues facing dental practices today.  Read More
#4 Legend Trek Smart Cut- Check Exercise
#4 Check Exercise Today's episode is our first Smart Cut episode on the topic of The Check Exercise. I wanted to get this out to you right away when the thought was fresh in my mind so I didn't edit out my family and our animals that you...  Read More
#3 Legend Trek- Meeting Rhythms
Meeting Rhythyms Meetings don't suck. We just suck at running them. A well run meeting can fuel your future. The Meeting Rhythms you must commit to scale your company are: Morning Huddle, Weekly Team Lead Meeting, Monthly Staff Meeting,...  Read More
Categories: dental, practice, Podcast, compass
#2 Legend Trek- The Dynamic Dozen of Dental Marketing
Real #2- Dynamic Dozen 12 Musts for Marketing Magic (internal and external), and the systems and marketing tips of the day! For a copy of The Dynamic Dozen of Dental Marketing or any practice or show related questions: send an email to...  Read More
Categories: dental, practice, Podcast, #dental
#1 Legend Trek- Introduction
Real Podcast #1 The first episode of The dental Practice Compass! In this episode my intention was to introduce myself (Dr. Wyn Steckbauer), Legend Trek, and The Dental Practice Compass, give you a sense of why we are putting another dental...  Read More
5 ways to Grow  Your Practice by Becoming a Digital Orthodontic
Some will often say, “Why the fuss? I grew my practice back in the day withoutFacebook”. While such cynical statements may not be wrong, it is importantfor today’s dentist to understand a lot has changed since then, when allyou had to do was put a signpost over your office...  Read More
Episode 53: This Episode Has Been Trademarked
We were pretty thrilled to get Bruce Campbell on the podcast for today's episode... No, not the 'Evil Dead' Bruce Campbell... The patent lawyer, Bruce Campbell! Well, his first name is Dutro, but he's still Bruce Campbell to us, okay?!Anyway, this episode is all about TRADEMARKING your practice and...  Read More
Episode 33: Makin' it Rain with Rob James
Wannamake it rain? Rob James will show you the way. On today's podcast, wehave a good friend of ours, Rob James, tell us all about financialplanning for you, your practice and your employees. We go everywherefrom Rob's secret hobbies to investments to life insurance tomotorcycles.Thank you, Rob,...  Read More
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Retirement Plans
Here's everything you ever wanted to know about retirement plans, whether you are an employee, contractor or a practice owner.1) Retirement plans for employees (hospitals, universities, other practices):2) Retirement plans for small practice owners:3) Retirement plans for solo owners (no non-spouse...  Read More
Oberman Law Firm Launches Expansion of Its Multi-Practice Law Group
Oberman Law Firm, a leading dental law firm which has a nationalpresence, has announced the expansion of its Multi-Practice Law Group. The MultiPractice Law Group will continue to expand its client MSO (Management ServiceOrganization) and DMSO (Dental Management Service Organization) practice...  Read More

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