How to Establish a New Dental Practice, the Last 6 Months
How to Establish a New Dental Practice, the Last 6 MonthsYou’re in the home stretch! You’ve made your  and checked it twice; now it’s time to buckle down as your dream becomes a reality. Here, we break down the final steps to opening your dental office doors.5 months before openingIt’s selection...  Read More
How to Establish a New Dental Practice, the First 6 Months
With so many established dental practice  especially are in a good position to establish a startup. Breaking down the steps to dental practice ownership can be manageable when following a time table. Here’s how.9–12 months before openingAs with any major life purchase, start by evaluating your...  Read More
Buying an Existing Dental Practice versus Starting from Scratch
Buying an Existing Dental Practice Versus Starting from ScratchIf only the decision to  you want to engage in, the literal million-dollar question is whether to buy an existing practice or start from scratch. Both options have their pros and cons specific to your financial and personal situation....  Read More
How to Manage Multiple Locations
The original version of this post appears on theYou’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and have started to wonder if purchasing additional dental practices is your next move. But first, you’ll need to understand what’s involved in owning multiple locations. Here’s how to get your gears...  Read More
Who can Buy a Dental Practice?
Who can buy a dental practice?Whether or not you can buy a dental practice depends on which state you live in. At a point in time, most states prohibited corporations from owning dental or medical practices. This came from the idea that only a person who is licensed to practice dentistry or...  Read More
It wasn't all that long ago that this catchphrase was a big part of pop culture, so we thought ourselves quite clever for recognizing our own "Who's going topayfor this wall?" moment.There are a ton of panic moments during a start-up. With so many things to keep track of, and as someone who's never...  Read More
#60: Choosing a Location for Your Practice
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we talk about the best locations to set up your practice. This includes startups, dentists considering buying a practice, and dentists who are expanding.ListenPodcast Highlights: The ideal practice How to getdemographic data How to find the best...  Read More
Call Logs: New Practice Marketing
We first meet Lauren as a referral from Ideal PracticesFounder, Mr. Jayme Amos. Dr. Roper has been a Member of ClearPath Society®since September of 2016. Dr. Roper usedone of our most successful direct response mail campaigns to kick-start herbrand-new, Colorado-based, historically-located...  Read More
A practice’s Open House is a momentous event in the company’s history. Whether you’ve remodeled your practice, opened a new location or you’rebeginning a brand new practice, you won’t want to skip hosting an Open House! Having an open house provides an opportunity for...  Read More
When you’re ready to own your own practice, there’s two options you may be considering; building a new practice or buying an existing one. Let’s focus on things to review for the potential purchase of an existing practice.Client BaseOne of the main lures to obtaining an existing...  Read More
6 Steps to Help Your Startup Dental Practice Excel
It may not be the oldest profession in the world, but dentistry is up thereamong the least liked profession. As a result, we dentists have tocompensate by wearing a wide smile and greeting our patients withenthusiasm. But you’ll need more than just a friendly demeanour to run asuccessful...  Read More

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