How to Get Your Team to Buy into Your Practice Goals
            You’re a dentist. You’re a visionary. You have goals you want for your practice and you have a vision for what you want your practice to look like. While you might have a million ideas running through your head, you can’t expect your team to read your mind. And you can’t expect your...  Read More
How to Set Expectations in Your Practice
            We’re dentists. Many of us are also perfectionists. It’s not our fault. We’re trained to be perfect with our clinical care in dental school. But many of us expect perfection in all parts of our practice. That makes us do too much work ourselves, fearing we need to do things to ensure...  Read More
Why Every Dental Practice Needs to Hold Regular Leadership Team Meetings
           Company meetings have earned an undeserved bad reputation. Unorganized or poorly run meetings might be a waste of time. But well-run meetings are one of the best investments you can make in your practice.If you have not held leadership team meetings in your practice, consider holding...  Read More
How to Run a Productive Team Meeting
             Holding productive team meetings is one of the best ways to make sure your most important practice tasks get done. For some larger practices, that means meeting regularly with your leadership team. Smaller practices might include every team member. Either way, the key to success is to...  Read More
Increasing Call Conversions with Cory Pinegar
           Increasing Call Conversions with Cory PinegarJoin me in this episode of the podcast, where I speak with the CEO of CallForce, Cory Pinegar, about growing your practice, increasing call conversions and getting more patients back in.As I mentioned above, Cory is the CEO of , a dental...  Read More
How to Improve Consistency in Your Practice
         If there’s one thing that controls the direction of your dental practice, it’s consistency. If you and your team do consistently well, you’ll build an amazing practice. If you do consistently poor or are inconsistent, you’ll never reach your practice’s full potential.Building more positive...  Read More
Episode 24: How to Build Your Team Using Conflict
Conflict can be toxic in the workplace. But it doesn't have to be. On this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin gives tips on how to integrate conflict into a strong team dynamic. Dave, of course, is along for the ride as well.How to Build Your Team Using ConflictFind us on !  Read More
How to Keep from Losing Your Best Team Members
           Recently one of my bootcamp group members was having a problem. One of her best team members was thinking of taking a position with another practice. Losing that team member would have presented a big challenge for her practice, so I quickly jumped in to see how we could help.My first...  Read More
Scheduling This Way is a Game Changer
Here is a quick scheduling tip that will really help you take control of your schedule.It's a very simple verbal skill that will lead patients to select times on your schedule that you would like them to book.The verbal skill is really just giving two options and asking which option the patient...  Read More
Having This in Your Office is Dangerous
Doctors: Do you have gossip your practice? If you do, I encourage you to talk to your team about this, because it's something that can really create division and ultimately hurt your bottom line. Dave Ramsey refers to gossip as:            Discussing a negative with someone who can't solve the...  Read More
Grade Everything Against This
Doctors: Have you ever struggled over whether you shouldkeep a team member or let them go?I knowthis is hardand so many of my clients have had this struggle in their practices.I've had this struggle in my own business.Being a small business owner can bechallengingwhen you're making these types of...  Read More
That Sinking Feeling
Doctors: When you see certain patients on your schedule, do you start to feel dread? It may be due to the fact that they’re very demanding or difficult or you just don’t feel like there's a good connection between the two of you.I have many clients who have asked me what to do about...  Read More
How Dental Staff Members Can Reduce Risk
Dentistry is a team business. In a dental practice, staff members are extremely important in every aspect, which includes their ability, whether directly or indirectly, to manage risk.Dental assistants make clinical procedures safer for patients and increase a dentist's productivity. Dental...  Read More
Doctors: Doing These 3 Things Can Change Everything
Doctors, today I want to share with you 3 ways that you’re making your team less productive.1. The first way you’re making your team less productive is not leading by example.For example:• If you are wanting to implement a new huddle or you’re trying to revamp your...  Read More
Why Aren't You Focusing on Your High Performers?
Doctors: I want to talk to you today about something that I know has affected most of my clients and dentists I talk to, at least some point in their career. What do you do when you have a team member on your team that you know deep down is not the right fit for the practice, even if they are...  Read More
How many hours do you need in a day?You know there are only 24, and that sleep and rest are important. But your every-increasing workload doesn’t seem to comprehend that.You could easily work all 24 hours of every day, and still have things on your ‘to do’ list.It’s...  Read More
A Whole is Greater Than a Sum of Its Parts
First coined by the philosopher Aristotle, the phrase “a whole is greater than a sum of its parts” still has a lot of relevance in this day in age. This is the basis behind the idea of teamwork. If the full dental team isn’t working in synergy your practice isn’t going to be...  Read More
Do This to Get Existing Patients to Accept Treatment
Today I want to talk to you about your existing patients that are seeing you on a regular basis and still have dentistry that needs to be done. I feel like it's easier for practices when they have a new patient come in with dental needs to be very intentional about having conversations with the...  Read More
Is Your Dental Practice an Embezzler's Playground?
Dental practice embezzlement is a real issue. It is estimated that between 60% and 80% dentists will know they were embezzled by the end of their career. Who knows how many never know!Embezzlers create their own, ongoing inventive methods to steal from you. Unfortunately, if your employee is...  Read More

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