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Are You Considering Selling Your Dental Practice?
Are You Considering Selling Your Dental Practice?When is it time to sell ?  Are you still excited about investing in your practice? If yes, you are probably not reading this article. If no, there are an endless supply of recent grads who are anxious to invest big money in their new practice. Yes,...  Read More
The Burnout Monster is Lurking Over Your Shoulder, I see it!
Professional burnout is an epidemic! In a study, just this year, of over a thousand Human Resource managers 98% indicated burnout was actually “sabotaging” their businesses. Many managers indicated professional burnout accounted for 50% of their employee turnover! Companies across all...  Read More
Secret Ingredients to Your Dental Practice Success
The success of a dental practice depends upon doctor"OWNING"their business,Taking thelead, building up their team and then implementing all the systems, info, etc., provided to them by the dental practice management consultant.A dental practice management consultant/coach, can only deliver the...  Read More
It's More Than All About the Tooth. We are Saving Patient's Lives.
On April 21stJimmy Kimmel’s wife Molly gave birth to a boy and they named him “Billy.”He appeared healthy for the first few hours the nurse in the pediatric floor noticed that William, aka: "Billy," had a heart murmur and he was soon after her discovered taken to neonatal floor...  Read More
Make Your Dental Practice Income Statement Work for You!
Your Dental Practice Income Statement, sometimes called your Profit and Loss Statement, or your P&L Statement, can be a foundational management tool for your practice if it is purposely designed. Unfortunately, many dentists have no idea their Practice Income Statement can be arranged to meet...  Read More
Is Your Dental Practice an Embezzler's Playground?
Dental practice embezzlement is a real issue. It is estimated that between 60% and 80% dentists will know they were embezzled by the end of their career. Who knows how many never know!Embezzlers create their own, ongoing inventive methods to steal from you. Unfortunately, if your employee is...  Read More
The Deciding Decade of Dentistry
If you want a glimpse of the future of dentistry, take a look at the history of the medical profession. While it is indisputable that there are numerous changes in the industry, the future of dentistry is quite predictable. Dentists need to look at the situations that physicians have been facing...  Read More
It Takes Courage!
Peter Drucker said it best…”The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” I was once asked by a well-known Practice Management Consultant tospeak to our peers about building a consulting business. The beststatement I shared was not how much to charge or how unique you...  Read More
Achieving Practice Efficiency with Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams
IntroductionIn today’s dentalpractices, it is becoming more difficult to manage the challenges ofclosing the gap between science research (best practice) and optimumpatient care. Many patients still see dentistry as an elective serviceand not the preventative medicine it truly is. With that...  Read More
Top Five Ways for an Associate to Build a Practice Within a Practice and Succeed!
Most dental school graduates today are burdened with substantialdebt, so they begin practice as Associates. While some enter GPRs or theArmed Services until they complete their obligations, the outcome isthe same — they enter private practice. As associates, they have theopportunity to...  Read More
What Would You Do If You Were Retired? Why Not Do It Now?
A few weeks ago, we posted a blog article titled,. When the article was posted on LinkedIn, one of our dentist contacts wrote in the comments section, “If I see another article on how to make 1-million dollors in the dental world...”She is a charming Dentist that I met on a business...  Read More
Advice for new dentists: A mixed bag of dollars and sense
By R.J. Adolfi, FounderThere are things you learn in dental school, and there are things you learn only after you enter the real world of dentistry. As someone who’s been in and around the dental profession for several decades, I want to share some lessons I’ve learned the hard way, and...  Read More
You Can Do More With Less People If They're The Best
Recently I spoke to a local MeetUp group on the topic of team building. After a few minutes of inquiring attendees to get an understanding of the "team performance" issues they came to resolve, I found, like in most cases, that their problems were mostly the result of unclear expectations and poor...  Read More
Gain Control Of The Business Side Of Your Practice
"As dentists, we spend a majority of our education focusing on science, never developing our business acumen.This prepares us for half ofreal-world practice.CEO Dentistsupplements ourclinical education withfocusedbusiness training and strategies specific to a dental practice rounding out our team's...  Read More
Women Are Key To Your Internal Marketing Success
In my last post,, I described how to get the greatest value out of your external dental practice marketing efforts by dropping the generic "market to everybody with teeth" approach in your direct-mail, web site, billboards, etc., and shifting your message to targeting more ideal patients.Stack the...  Read More
Maximize Your External Marketing Investment
As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are only three basic ways to build any business. You can find more clients, increase the frequency of client visits, or increase the average purchase amount of the visit.In dentistry our clients are called patients, frequency is a function of hygiene, and...  Read More
Two Major Errors In Service That Are Killing Your Dental Business
The general public really can’t tell the difference between a good filling and a great filling. They don’t know whether your crown margins are thirty microns or fifty microns. They just believe that all dentists do the same work.They also assume that all Dental Offices know how to file...  Read More
The BEST Way That I Know To Make Your New Patient First Visit Special Offer The Best In Town
My blog post last weekraised a considerable number of supportive comments, both here at the blog site as well as on various Dental Chat Forums.Most of those commenting were in agreement with my opinions that, by offering a low fee entry to our Dental Services for a New Patient Visit, we were also...  Read More
This One Simple Thing Will Fill Your Appointment Book
One of the key Ah-Ha Moments that arises out of my one-day workshops is the prime importance of the role that the Ultimate Dental Handover plays in the whole process of treatment acceptance as well as patient retention.I see practices pounding the keypads of their phones dialing patient after...  Read More
The Two Most Important Things You Need To Do Before Throwing More Money At Marketing
“We’ve got some spaces in our book….”Have you ever looked at your appointment schedule, doctors, and uttered these words?Recently?Spaces you know that are looming, and are going to be difficult to fill.And then you say:“It’s just a...  Read More
Creating Value: Becoming a True Provider Part 2
In my last post, , I talked about looking into your practice to see where value already exists. Now, I want you to go into your patient’s mind and consider how they might assess the price and associated value of a product, material, or service.Reframing The Value Question for Your...  Read More
Creating Value: Becoming a True Provider Part 1
With a Starting Price of just $13,270, the 2015 Smart "ForTwo" is theCheapestpricedcar in America! So, why doesn't everyone drive one?Because it's not always about price...Your patients are consumers. Consumers look for ways to extract value from the world. You are a business owner. Your job is...  Read More
Dental Practice Management: Communication, Influence, Leadership
"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it" --Dwight EisenhowerAccording to Webster’s Dictionary, communication is "A process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or...  Read More
Performance Appraisal Does Not Mean a Raise in Salary
When was the last time you sat down with each of your team members individually, acknowledged them for what they are doing right, communicated the areas of their performance that need improvement, and helped them develop a plan to exceed your expectations and become an ?Every time I lead a...  Read More
How To Build A Team That Will Help Build Your Practice
Team BuildingToo many practices struggle to reach their goals because they just don't have the right team to get the job done.When you started the practice, you may have hired to “fill the openings”. Along the way, you made additions or changes because you were short handed or needed to...  Read More
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