Are You Considering Selling Your Dental Practice?
Are You Considering Selling Your Dental Practice?When is it time to sell ?  Are you still excited about investing in your practice? If yes, you are probably not reading this article. If no, there are an endless supply of recent grads who are anxious to invest big money in their new practice. Yes,...  Read More
The Burnout Monster is Lurking Over Your Shoulder, I see it!
Professional burnout is an epidemic! In a study, just this year, of over a thousand Human Resource managers 98% indicated burnout was actually “sabotaging” their businesses. Many managers indicated professional burnout accounted for 50% of their employee turnover! Companies across all...  Read More
Secret Ingredients to Your Dental Practice Success
The success of a dental practice depends upon doctor"OWNING"their business,Taking thelead, building up their team and then implementing all the systems, info, etc., provided to them by the dental practice management consultant.A dental practice management consultant/coach, can only deliver the...  Read More
It's More Than All About the Tooth. We are Saving Patient's Lives.
On April 21stJimmy Kimmel’s wife Molly gave birth to a boy and they named him “Billy.”He appeared healthy for the first few hours the nurse in the pediatric floor noticed that William, aka: "Billy," had a heart murmur and he was soon after her discovered taken to neonatal floor...  Read More
Make Your Dental Practice Income Statement Work for You!
Your Dental Practice Income Statement, sometimes called your Profit and Loss Statement, or your P&L Statement, can be a foundational management tool for your practice if it is purposely designed. Unfortunately, many dentists have no idea their Practice Income Statement can be arranged to meet...  Read More
Is Your Dental Practice an Embezzler's Playground?
Dental practice embezzlement is a real issue. It is estimated that between 60% and 80% dentists will know they were embezzled by the end of their career. Who knows how many never know!Embezzlers create their own, ongoing inventive methods to steal from you. Unfortunately, if your employee is...  Read More
It Takes Courage!
Peter Drucker said it best…”The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” I was once asked by a well-known Practice Management Consultant tospeak to our peers about building a consulting business. The beststatement I shared was not how much to charge or how unique you...  Read More
Achieving Practice Efficiency with Multi-Disciplinary Care Teams
IntroductionIn today’s dentalpractices, it is becoming more difficult to manage the challenges ofclosing the gap between science research (best practice) and optimumpatient care. Many patients still see dentistry as an elective serviceand not the preventative medicine it truly is. With that...  Read More
Top Five Ways for an Associate to Build a Practice Within a Practice and Succeed!
Most dental school graduates today are burdened with substantialdebt, so they begin practice as Associates. While some enter GPRs or theArmed Services until they complete their obligations, the outcome isthe same — they enter private practice. As associates, they have theopportunity to...  Read More
Advice for new dentists: A mixed bag of dollars and sense
By R.J. Adolfi, FounderThere are things you learn in dental school, and there are things you learn only after you enter the real world of dentistry. As someone who’s been in and around the dental profession for several decades, I want to share some lessons I’ve learned the hard way, and...  Read More
Important lessons from half-done dental construction projects.
It’s easy to find pictures of dental construction that’s complete.Click below and watch the HALF-DONE dental construction stage.This is a stage very few dentists have access to see.Watch the 2 Minute VideoWhat you’ll discover in this video: The look and feel of a beautifully...  Read More
The #1 simplest dental recall system is so darn easy, many practices overlook it.
Next to attracting new patients,the MOST important issue is keeping them.Patients MUST be rescheduled – everytime – or you risk losing in many, many ways.This is whyyour new practice must have a rock-solid dental recall system.We teach this to clients and now you get to use this...  Read More
What Is The Best Dental Operatory Size For Your Office?
With the best dental operatory size in your new office 5 things will happen:1) You’ll earn more income,2) You’ll have more fulfilling clinical days,3) Your team will work better together and4) Patients will be happier.Can the size of an operatory really be that important?Below,...  Read More
HIPAA Compliance:  Not on These Dentists’ Radar
Recently I attended a healthcare networking event and met a dental practice management consultant. After exchanging some opening pleasantries, we started an engaging conversation regarding HIPAA compliance for dental practices. With more offices turning to the use of electronic health records and...  Read More
Wolf of Wallstreet - nearly a Dentist!
The new Leonardo Dicaprio movie name "Wolf of Wallstreet" is making waves!A little known fact is that Jordan Belfort (the Wolf) is a Dental School dropout.What do you think of that?(See the dental school comments at minute 2:29)By Jaymeand his team have helped hundreds of dental professionals...  Read More
Choosing The Best Practice Location; A Lesson In Demographics
Quite possibly the largest investment of your life will be made on a new office and you want to do it right. There is a lot on the line!First, before considering the best dental demographics for your practice, see if any of these questions have rattled around in your mind:1.) Do you want the...  Read More
Google Adwords Is The New Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation is Dead It's All About AdwordsSearch Engine Optimisation has changed dramatically over the last five years as you may have read in my two previous articles. But there are still ways that you can improve your rankings as I highlighted in part two.But even if you are really...  Read More
What's theThe TRUE Price To Open A New Office?  Find Out Here...
Did you know range of total dental practice start-up costs during the last few years has run $250,000 - $500,000? (and I’ll break that number down for you below).For some, that sounds like good news since they’ve heard it can cost seven figures.For the rest of the dental community, it...  Read More
Best month in 25 YEARS!!
Posted onMy absolute favorite thing about helping dentists to improve their lives and practices is when I get success stories.Today, one of my private coaching clients and Elite Practice Mastermind members, Dr. Aaron Nicholas from Burtonsville, MD shot me a text letting me know that he had just...  Read More

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