Should You Hire a Dental Consultant to Help Grow Your Practice
Should You Hire a Dental Consultant for Practice GrowthYou have likely heard this question a dozen times or more. You've possibly even asked yourself this question. I know I have asked myself this question for our practice even though I used to be a dental consultant. The truth is, it is a...  Read More
Episode 5: Secrets Behind Dental Consultants
Consultants can be a very valuable addition to any business. But not everybody uses consultants in the most efficient way. In this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin addresses some common misuses of consulting and gives his insight on how to best use this resource for your dental...  Read More
The No. 1 Building Block to Creating Your $10,000 Day
What does it really take to create $10,000 a day in your dental practice?It really is not as difficult as it may sound in fact, if you follow just this #1 building block you will be more likely to enjoy your day at the office and more time with your family and friends.One of the most important...  Read More
Tralongo Signs Expansion Agreement with Florida Dentist
National dental practice acquisition firm partners with Dr. Allan Fallah to expand practices across FloridaATLANTA– Feb. 26, 2016 –, an Atlanta-based firm specializing in dental practice acquisitions, signed an official partnership with dentist Dr. Allan Fallah. The agreement will...  Read More
Is Your Hygienist Asking This One Question?
Every day we work in the dental office, we ask our patients a variety of questions. There is one particular question that will be important to askand it will help you discover theexact treatment they would like and possibly never imagined it could be possible. Perhaps your patient never knew you...  Read More
The BEST Way That I Know To Make Your New Patient First Visit Special Offer The Best In Town
My blog post last weekraised a considerable number of supportive comments, both here at the blog site as well as on various Dental Chat Forums.Most of those commenting were in agreement with my opinions that, by offering a low fee entry to our Dental Services for a New Patient Visit, we were also...  Read More
The Two Most Important Things You Need To Do Before Throwing More Money At Marketing
“We’ve got some spaces in our book….”Have you ever looked at your appointment schedule, doctors, and uttered these words?Recently?Spaces you know that are looming, and are going to be difficult to fill.And then you say:“It’s just a...  Read More
Removing the Onboard Terrorist from your Dental Office…
Last month I wrote about the effects of having underperforming team members employed at your dental officeInspired by an article in Forbes that came across my desk this week,, I’d like to move the discussion up a notch and discuss the consequences of continuing to maintain positions in your...  Read More
Who Wants To Be Boring? Three Inane Topics of Discussion That You Must Eliminate Immediately!!
I’ve always been an advocate for the mantra that all of our patients deserve our full and undivided attention each and every time that they visit our dental office.On top of that, that undivided attention needs to be given, and shown, whether the appointment time is first thing in the...  Read More
Making Smart Decisions..And Why 19 Out of 20 Dentists Don’t Make Them…
An interesting discussion this week in an Australian email chat forum for high achieving Dentists….It happened that one of the dentists decided that his practicing life needed some invigorating, and he felt that one way that this could be achieved was by the addition of a $150,000.00 Cad Cam...  Read More
Your Appointment Book is Costing You Money!! Can You Fix It?
One of the frustrations of a solo dental practitioner is the production in his dental office on the days when he is away or absent from the office.This includes the days each week that the dentist may choose to not work at his dental office, as well as time off for vacation and for education.Does...  Read More
Are You One of the Successful Five Percent? Or Are You Part of the Other Ninety Five Percent…..
It still surprises me that so many dentists out there don’t have a grip or a grasp on their numbers.Omer Reed told me two years ago that at age 65, ninety five percent of dentists in the USA have not reached their walkaway point in their dental practice careers.This means that at age 65, only...  Read More
Three Great Lessons Learned From Outside of Dentistry…from Rock Band KISS
“The sooner you get over the limiting and erroneous belief that your business is different, the sooner you’ll be able to ‘borrow’ best practices wherever you find them, from diverse businesses outside your own tiny little world, and use them to improve your business. This...  Read More
Three Key Components of a Dental Business and Why Most Dental Offices are Missing Two of Them
In his book,No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits, Dan Kennedy says that the number one imperative governing a business’s profits is having the most effective marketing, to attract new customers, to optimize the value of customers, and to rescue lost customers.And by marketing, he...  Read More
One Bad Apple Spoils the Barrel....
One of the things that I find and see as I meet with dentists and their teams around the world is that there are dental offices out there where not all members of the team are on the same page.“On the same page” means the team all has the same agenda at the same time.In business, and in...  Read More
People Are Strange Creatures...
People are strange creatures.Today’s blog, as usual, being the second blog for the week, is on the business of dentistry.And today I have a lesson. On people.People are strange creatures.This week, as those of you who are my Facebook friends will know, I have been entertaining visitors from...  Read More
The Power of Masterminding…and What You May Never Know…
One of the great things about being a thought leader in your chosen career is the ability or permission or invitations extended to you to Mastermind with fellow like minded people in a conducive think tank environment.These mastermind sessions are invaluable in business as a relevant event because...  Read More
Answering the Dental Office Phone 101. Three Sure Ways To Stop Offending Your Clients and Customers
Over the last month I’ve been performing some Mystery Shopper Calls to Dental Offices around Australia.Not only have I been phoning general dentists, but I’ve also been phoning some of the better Dental Offices around Australia. Some of the top producers and high-end offices.Although...  Read More
Does Your Dental Office Have An Ultimate Referral Procedure?
One of the procedures we are really proud of at Active Dental is how we refer our patients off for specialist dental care. And what we do.So much so, that we incorporated this courtesy into the Ultimate Patient Experience Programme as the Ultimate Referral Procedure.Let me explain…Firstly,...  Read More
Five Reasons Why Working Out of One Treatment Room Only Is Killing Your Customer Service.
I’ve been operating my own Dental Office now for coming close onto twenty seven years. For twenty five of those years I’ve operated and treated my patients and clients out of two treatment rooms, mainly alternating from one room to the other. So extensively, I’ve operated a...  Read More
Are Recalcitrant Team Members Killing Your Business?
One of the difficult things to do in running a dental office is the management and control of staff and team members and performances.As far as I am aware, there is no real formal training in the skills of Human Resources [HR] for dental undergraduate students.Sadly, often in my travels to various...  Read More

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