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Protect Yourself From Phishing Scams
Within the past few years, phishing emails have become increasingly difficult to detect. However, recognizing similar characteristics in phishing scams helps avoid becoming the victim. If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions below, you may be looking at a potential phishing scam.1. Does the...  Read More
Episode 9 - Compliance: Going Beyond Good Enough
One of the lesser known success factors in a dental practice is “compliance.”  As Linda Harvey shares in this session, compliance is the backbone of practice management systems.  Many practices are tempted to skip over it and focus on procedures or systems that drive revenue.  Sadly, some practice...  Read More
Work Less, Earn More, Love Life Again - An Interview with Dr. Chris Griffin
This is an awesome session which should inspire any dental businessowner. Whether you are a solo practitioner, multi-location owner, orstarting out as an associate – Dr. Griffin will inspire you to havework-life balance. Chris is an efficiency guru and even if yourpractice setup is...  Read More
Selling The Invisible In Dentistry with Dr. Howard Farran
In Episode 4 of the Growing Your Dental Business Show, DentalTown's Dr. Howard Farran joins me to discuss the “Secrets to Practice Success.” One of the main components to having a successful practice is understanding that in dentistry we are selling theinvisible. Once a dental practice...  Read More
PART 1: WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT FIVE DENTAL PRACTICES?NOVEMBER 2016 – Q&A WITH PETE NEWCOMBIs dentistry an art, science or business? At DTSpade, we’d argue that it is all three.But every Client decides how much time they can allocate to each. Do you invest in getting better at your...  Read More
Episode #10: Maximize Patient Value with an End-of-Year Insurance Campaign
The purpose of today's radioshow is to share how you can motivate your insured pts to get treatmentdone and capture pt insurance benefits before their year-endexpiration.There are two primary motivations for your patients: A looming Deadline and Money – Vanishing resources motivate!Of course,...  Read More
How to get off of Medicaid and PPO!
How does your mindset impact things? When addressing the exit of Medicaid and PPO's out of your practice, are you prepared, at least initially, to have holes in your schedule?Although this sounds scary, offices that exit these discounted programs slowdown in the beginning yet they build production...  Read More
A Big Reason Most Patients Don’t Follow Through with a Comprehensive Treatment Plan and a Few Things You Can Do About It
On today’s episode, I discuss reasons some patients may be wary of pursuing further treatment or seeing their treatment plan through. I also outline ways to ensure that they feel comfortable, understand the importance of dental health, and return to the practice regularly. Click the link...  Read More
Three Reasons to Make Learning a Core Value in Your Practice
? Today I discuss why it is so vital to make learning a core value in your practice. In a time when a demand for dental services and profits are flat, frustrations run high. As such, it is important to manage personal and team stress. The way to do this is to advance your practice through learning....  Read More
The best part of the elephant to eat first.
?On this episode, we delve into which part of the elephant we eat first. Namely, I break down how to tackle the many issues that arise at a practice. When you have a team, patients, and finances to deal with, it's hard to know where to put your focus. Click below to hear more...#HealthyTeam  Read More
Why an Anchor is More Important Than a Drill in Your Practice When it Comes to Health and Profit
On today’s episode, I talk about an important aspect of every dental or medical practice: I discuss anchoring. Namely, framing patients’ expectations and understanding various procedures and the costs they may incur.?#HealthyTeam?  Read More
A Better Way to Answer the Question “Why is Dentistry so Expensive?!”
Dentistry is commonly perceived as an expensive or unaffordable health care cost (even with the help of insurance). In actuality, it is notpreventativedental care that costs the most. Listen as I discuss emergency dental care, tending to your patients’ financial needs, and shattering...  Read More
3 Reasons Measuring Case Acceptance is a Joke.
Dentists have been led to believe there is a holy grail in practice management. The phrase has been pushed, published and advertised so frequently; we think it is a real thing. In our practices, we want to believe it is a real thing because harnessing such a straightforward lever for success would...  Read More
A Patient Refuses to Pay – A Simple Tip to Increase Collections of Your Over 90 Day Accounts
On today's episode, I discuss the often uncomfortable topic of collections. Specifically, I underline ways to stress the importance of your relationship with your patient, while successfully collecting on most, if not all, of your overdue accounts. Click the link below for more information...  Read More
The three things to do if your practice is financially unstable.
Turbulent cash flow, surprise expenditures, or a lull in production can all make you feel like your practice is going off the rails, financially speaking. Because so many independent variables are involved in our practice’s cash flow, it is easy to become overwhelmed. So you could struggle on...  Read More
Tralongo Signs Expansion Agreement with Georgia Dentist
National dental practice acquisition firm partners with Dr. Kay Kalantari to grow practices across Georgia and TexasATLANTA– March. 25, 2016 –, an Atlanta-based firm specializing in dental practice acquisitions, signed an official partnership with dentist Dr. Kay Kalantari. The...  Read More
050: Dr. B Interviews Janice Hurley – Image Consultant
050: Dr. B Interviews Janice Hurley – Image Consul Janice Hurley is known as the expert to the experts. She is an image consultant with 26 years of experience helping businesses find what really works and how to show your business in...  Read More
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