5 Things Every Doctor Should Know When Choosing Their Commercial Real Estate Agent | Part 4
Part 4: Are there reputable industry professionals that can vouch for your agent’s healthcare real estate experience?Building a dental or medical practice is a collaborative process between your equipment specialist, contractor, architect, lender, real estate agent and several other key partners....  Read More
5 Things Every Doctor Should Know When Choosing Their Commercial Real Estate Agent | Part 3
Part 3: Is your agent asking you basic or obvious questions about your practice?An expert agent should have a firm understanding of your industry and be aware of the key requirements that can affect your practice. Likewise, they shouldn’t be asking you questions that you would expect them to advise...  Read More
T-Bone Speaks: How To Expedite The Growth Of A New Practice With Dr Kyle McKinney
In this week’s episode of T-Bone Speaks, I sit down with  from Hickory, North Carolina.Dr. Kyle McKinney is a member of the American Dental Association, North Carolina Dental Society and the Academy of General Dentistry. In his free time, you can find him at the golf course or his local study...  Read More
The Big Five: #4 Marketing
By Dr. Bill WilliamsMaintaininga healthy new patient influx is paramount to being consistently productive. Some new practices are averaging over 100 new patients per dentist. Our practice has averaged over 100 new patients a month for the past 15 years as we grew from one, to two, three then four...  Read More
The Big Five: #3 Facility
By Dr. Bill WilliamsSetting the toneproperly for success means great curb appeal, beautiful signage, elegance when walking into the reception area and warmth from the concierge greeting. Our$10,000 A Day Dentistmodel revolves around the New Patient Experience, their tour of the office before our...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....Inside Secrets to Grow Your Practice...Filmed Live at Townie Meeting. By Sandy Pardue.
Dentaltown is pleased to present...Inside Secrets to Grow Your Practice...Filmed Live at Townie Meeting. By Sandy Pardue.This Ce course can be found here....This course will teach steps to help you gain control and grow your practice. Learn what it takes to avoid practice-management blunders and...  Read More
The No. 1 Building Block to Creating Your $10,000 Day
What does it really take to create $10,000 a day in your dental practice?It really is not as difficult as it may sound in fact, if you follow just this #1 building block you will be more likely to enjoy your day at the office and more time with your family and friends.One of the most important...  Read More
Episode 53: Barriers To Dental Practice Growth
Episode 53: Barriers To Dental Practice Growth Content originally appeared at:  Read More

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