Special needs dentistry patients often require extra positioning considerations in the dental chair. Treatment can be challenging for the dental operator. Since most dental chairs do not offer the needed comfort, improvised solutions are usually taken. For the dental operator, this can result in...  Read More
Are You Making Post-op Phone Calls? Should You Be?
With dental practices popping up left and right, more dentists are asking us here at Titan Web Agency what they can do to increase patient loyalty. We like this topic because it’s something that dentists have complete control over, from  to when they leave after their appointment.One way you can...  Read More
Should You Hire a Dental Consultant to Help Grow Your Practice
Should You Hire a Dental Consultant for Practice GrowthYou have likely heard this question a dozen times or more. You've possibly even asked yourself this question. I know I have asked myself this question for our practice even though I used to be a dental consultant. The truth is, it is a...  Read More
Patient Experience and New Office Development
Location, Location, LocationPatient Experience starts with location!At Office and Practice Solutions (OPS), we pride ourselves on finding locations that meet size needs, access to population, and payer mix for the practice. Things to consider that we help work through:             Timing of move...  Read More
What To Look For In A Good Front Ofice Worker
Selecting the right front office team members is considered by many as almost an afterthought because practice owners expend so much energy in building efficient and professional back office staff. But as Lynette frequently reminds her practice management clients, the public will never get to...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online.....Communication, Coding and Collections: The Three C’s of the Profitable Practice. By Laci Phillips
Dentaltown is pleased to present....Communication, Coding and Collections: The Three C’s of the Profitable Practice By Laci Phillips.This CE course can be found here...When the first question a patient asks is, “How much will my insurance pay?” our daily lives begin to revolve...  Read More
Top Ten Myths heard from the dental chair
If you’ve worked in a dental office across any position – from a dental assistant, hygienist, or front office staff member – you’ve likely heard some eye-brow raising comments and stories from dental patients. Patients hold these beliefs about the dentist or general oral...  Read More
Keeping things running smoothly even when you have a slow month
Twelve months, 52 weeks, 365 days. A calendar year offers endless opportunities to deliver excellent personalized dental care to individuals, families, and communities. As we all know, life happens, schedules change, vacations and holiday breaks occur, and dental care may not be top of mind for...  Read More
8 Ways You Can Increase Your Patient Retention
The ADA projects the in the US will increase through 2035, thus it is more important than ever to treat your patients well and really earn their business.You want good patients to return and recommend you to their friends and family when someone is in need of a great dentist.Many practices have...  Read More
Are You an Over-Explainer?
With all of the rules, restrictions and limitations of insurance, sometimes just figuring out how much a patient’s responsibility is for their treatment can be a nightmare.It's important when you're presenting the fee or the patient’s responsibility of what they need to pay for dental...  Read More
Desperately Seeking Dr. RightChoosing any kind of provider, whether it’s the person who cuts your hair, works on your car, or is responsible for the management of your health, can be a daunting task.In any profession, there are individuals who are good at what they do and individuals who are,...  Read More
I gave up on compiling a list of New Year’s resolutions a few years ago when my wife (and now employees) started making them for me . . . lose weight – stop leaving half finished cups of coffee all over the office – quit picking up and drinking other people’s cups of coffee...  Read More
Episode 58: Recreating The Patient Experience with Dr. Cole Brenny
Episode 58: Recreating The Patient Experience with Dr. Cole Brenny Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Create Patient-Experience EXCELLENCE…using the DRESS-REHEARSAL concept [the simple free tool]
Create Patient-Experience EXCELLENCE…using the DRESS-REHEARSAL concept [the The secret to PATIENT EXPERIENCE excellence isn’t discovered by most dentists.But YOU will get the simple plan today and…can use it in your...  Read More

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