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Look at your waiting room. Do you like it? What does it say about you and your practice? Is this the message you want your patients to hear?Couple years ago I read . Basically, if you want to transform one of your services into "wow", think what is "below average," "average", and "above average" in...  Read More
Dental Practice Management In Your Pocket With Dr. Michael Dolby
Dental Practice Management In Your Pocket With Dr. Michael Dolby Listen to the full episode at   Read More
Designing a Marketable Practice Brand and Improving Team Performance
In this blog, the focus is on two main challenges that affect dental practice owners: improving team performance and designing a marketable brand.How do you do all this while retaining empathy and loving your work?Dr. Olitsky has some answers in this enlightening interview where he reveals an...  Read More
Aside from providing exemplary dental care and customer service, a successful dental practice must also make patients feel comfortable and confident. One element that is essential to establishing confidence in your practice is a strong website, which will most likely be a potential new...  Read More
6 Marketing Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making (And How To Fix Them)
Are you competitive?Because the dental profession is more than ever. There are simply too many dentists for the number of patients.But that’s not the real problem.The real problem is: What are you going to do about it?Because there are still plenty of dentists out there who run highly...  Read More
Find A Patient’s Why Through the Power of Great Questions
by Jenn Janicki, Executive DirectorJoin us for Part 3 in a series of 6 presenting “best practices” for dental professionals. I’ve created this series for clinicians who have a high level of clinical training and confidence, but have not yet created a strategy for attracting...  Read More
How To Convert Price Shoppers Into Loyal Patients
The phone rings.It’s answered, and a short conversation occurs. Your receptionist tells you it’s someone calling to find out how much you charge for an implant.Or maybe it’s someone calling to find out if you’re a preferred provider.What happens in your practice?Because what...  Read More
Big Case Presentation Part 2: Come From Abundance, Avoid Scarcity
by Jenn Janicki, Executive DirectorJoin us for part 2 in a 6 part series presenting “best practices”. In this dissuasion we will talk about “abundance mentality”. CMS Executive Director Jenn Janicki’s advice derives from more than130 practices who are getting the...  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery #5: What is Dental Web Content?
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we reveal Dental Web Content, an online portal that contains over 26 years of tested marketing material for dentists.We also discuss why we created Dental Web Content, why we believe that dentists should promote dentistry on its benefits, and why we do...  Read More
How to Create a Dental Practice Your Patients Will Love
Do you like coffee?I love coffee. I love everything about it.The smell, the flavour, spending time with friends, the ritual of drinking it – everything.Wherever I live, I like to find a great café. When I lived in Brisbane, my cafe of choice was Espresso Republic in the City.Now that I...  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery #4: How to Budget Your Marketing
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss one of the most important things about marketing your practice -- your budget! How much should you allocate towards marketing? Which mediums should you spend the most in? How do you avoid a start and stop mentality? All of these questions and...  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery Episode 2: Market Characteristics
In our second installment of Dental Marketing Mastery, we go further in depth about the two halves of the market and explain what you can expect from these folks, what types of media work best for each segment, and how to target.#2: Market CharacteristicsPlayWatch on Youtube  Read More
Dental Marketing Mastery Episode 1: The Two Halves of the Market
#1: The Two Halves of the MarketIn our first episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we lay the foundations of dental marketing: knowing your market!Direct DownloadListen in iTunesPlay:Watch:For more information about dental web content, visit us at   Read More
Ep. 32 - Dental Practice Marketing Tactics That Work In The Modern Age with Jake Puhl
Ep. 32 - Dental Practice Marketing Tactics That Wo Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Local Med RecommendationWhat is LocalMed? (As said by LocalMed with adaptation)LocalMed is a website plug-in for dental websites that allows patients to find and make dental appointments online for free. Find a Dentist: Use LocalMed to find a local dentist. Filter by insurance, date and...  Read More
Top 2 Priorities ALL DENTISTS….In Practice Ownership
Top 2 Priorities ALL DENTISTS….In Practice Ownersh What do successful practices owners focus on most?With the hundreds of responsibilities on the shoulders of practice owners, its imperative you know which topics are the most...  Read More
Dr. Jason Olitsky Offers Tips and Tricks to Intra-Oral Dental Photography
By Dr. Jason OlitskyExcellent intra-oral photography is a skill. It takes practice and training, however there is a key to ensuring “getting the shot.” Stabilization of the camera and appropriate angle of the shot are two essentials for clear, properly framed shots. By tucking your...  Read More
What Are You Doing About Mobile In Your Practice
Your Mobile StrategyNeil SandersonIf you are reading this you are more than likely a dentist so you almost certainly haven’t heard the rumours about what Google is doing for mobile search, which is why you should read this regarding yourmobile strategy.We understand that later thismonth...  Read More
Is your Website Mobile Ready?
Mobile Dental WebsiteNeil SandersonI purchased the new iPhone 6 last month, and it’s brilliant, I’m sure they will improve on it, but at the moment I really can’t see how they’re going to do it, it’s the ideal platform for displaying a mobile dental website.It’s...  Read More
Episode 1 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show
Episode 1 - The 8E8 Dental Marketing Show In the very first episode we talk about:are reviews really worth it, taking on Coca-Cola and dentistry's number one marketing problem.?Watch the video version of the show...  Read More
The True Value of PPC Marketing
I have worked in a number of dental offices since 1995. My "neck of the woods" here in Indiana is unique. Your particular demographic is also unique. I can guarantee that my northern Indiana market exhibits far different demands than your local market. Each and every demographic sample is "stamped"...  Read More
[magic]  Get FIVE NEW PATIENTS for each ONE you treat!  This is crazy…
Anytime you hear about 1 patient turning into 5 patients,we call it dental practice marketing magic.You’re about to learn the secret to 4 clever dental practice marketing techniques that turn 1 new patient into 5. I know this 5x strategy works because it happened with my wife, at our family...  Read More
Scoring Beyond the Bullseye with PPC Marketing
Searchers within your local market are looking for your dental services. Attracting and targeting them requires a multifaceted effort with good tools and reasonable skill. Ultimately, you need a good bow, straight arrow, trained technique, smooth release, light wind, and still target within the...  Read More
A Toot for Products That Work
Dental marketing can always provide a needed boost when properly applied. There are never any guarantees but properly timed and tested methods can always provide that higher probability of success.Enter Viva Referral Cards. I have no connection with this company other than we currently use their...  Read More
Facebook Advertising For Your Practice
Facebook Advertising For Your PracticeNeil SandersonI’m sure when you think of Facebook Advertising you probably think ofhaving to post all the time and interact with your friends or thepeople who have liked your Facebook page, which by and large it is, butthere is another way to manage...  Read More
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