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Episode 63: How To Address Post Operative Jaw Pain (With Dr. Brad Eli)
Dr. Laskin is joined again by  to continue their conversation on ways to work with patients who have mouth pain that seems virtually untreatable.How To Address Post Operative Jaw PainFind us on   Read More
Nine Dental Care Tips that a Dentist Uses Each Night
Nine Dental Care Tips that a Dentist Uses Each NightIf you want to understand how to care for your teeth and gums properly, then you should follow a dentist's nighttime oral hygiene routine. Dentists know how important it is to care for their gums and teeth correctly to avoid conditions such as...  Read More
Categories: dental, dentist, night
STOP! Do You Really Want to Buy That Practice?!
Red Flag Practices - Straight Talk 5 - Podcast Episode #12, Dr. Bette RobinIn this podcast you will hear about the type of practices you want to avoid purchasing! Subscribe to my podcast channel on iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. I come out with 2 episodes a week. Monday's are guests and Thursday's...  Read More
Episode 62: How Dentists Can Inadvertently Cause TMJ Pain With Dr. Brad Eli
Dr. Brad Eli of  continues his discussion with Dr. Bryan Laskin about how he deals with patients that have been a significant challenge for many other dentists.How Dentists Can Inadvertently Cause TMJ PainFind us on !  Read More
Episode 61: How To Treat The Untreatable With Dr. Brad Eli
Have you ever had a patient with mouth pain and no discernible explanation? In this series you’ll meet Dr. Brad Eli of . He sits down with Dr. Laskin to discuss some of the issues he’s seen and how his specialty comes into play.How To Treat The Untreatable with Dr. Brad EliFind us on !  Read More
Why Practicing in a Professional Building Will Make You More Money! Dr. Bette Robin, Straight Talk #10
Professional Building or Shopping Center? Dr. Bette Robin, Straight Talk Episode #10 Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about the pros and cons of both professional buildings and a shopping center for your practice, as well as the different types of leases.  WHAT IS THIS...  Read More
Tax Returns Tell All! Dr. Bette Robin DDS JD, Straight Talk #8
Tax Returns Tell All! Dr. Bette Robin DDS JD, Straight Talk #8 Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker helps you understand how True Profit or Add-Backs are determined by practice sale lenders, consultants, and accountants.  #8WHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and...  Read More
Episode 60: How To Avoid Your Dream From Becoming A Nightmare
You love dentistry and your work. But how do you ensure this business doesn't turn into a nightmare? Dr. Bryan Laskin and David Pryor provide a few ways you can be both a business owner and a practitioner without losing sight of either.How To Avoid Your Dream From Becoming A NightmareFind us on !  Read More
Relax at your dentists’ with a special care dental spa
We are all pretty scared to visit the dentist. It is usually due to the fact that we don’t really take care of our teeth, which means there are chances that you are in for a telling-off. Secondly, a visit to the dentist can get pretty uncomfortable with all the filing and cleaning. However, caring...  Read More
Cosmetic Dentistry: Treatment Options & Top Reasons to Opt for It
Cosmetic dentistry is supposed to be a professional oral care method that concentrates primarily on enhancing the overall appearance of your smile, teeth, mouth. Even though cosmetic dentistry procedures seem to be generally, elective and not compulsory, in some cases, it does provide restorative...  Read More
Episode 59: Why DSO's and What You Can Do About It (with Mitch Olan)
In the spirit of killing the dinosaurs in dentistry, Dr. Laskin welcomes Mitch Olan of  to discuss a product that will both improve your productivity and help create a positive experience for your patients.WHy DSOs are ThrivingFind us on !  Read More
Find A Perfect Mattress That Adjusts To Your Back And Needs
When you look for a mattress you musts make sure that you eventually buy one that will adjust both your back as well as your needs. This is required irrespective of the fact that you suffer from a medical condition or not. At the same time you must also make sure that the mattress fits in well with...  Read More
Categories: dental, teeth, business, Mattress
The top five advantages of consulting a restorative dentist
A charming and confident smile has a power of its own! Everyone desires a vibrant smile. However, sometimes due to poor dental habits and unforeseen mishaps, people miss out on a great smile. But there’s nothing to fret. As restorative dentistry has you all covered. It can efficiently place the...  Read More
Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry beyond Aesthetics
It is no secret that abeautiful smile will transform your social and professional life for thebetter. Your smile can be enhanced by the state of your teeth and cosmetic dentistrydoes exactly that. It offers you perfect looking teeth that you thought are thepreserve of celebrities and hence enhance...  Read More
Episode 58: Tackling The Tension Between Security And Interoperability
Dr. Bryan Laskin and Dave discuss a very common issue in healthcare technology and how to deal with it.Tension Between Security and InteroperabilityFind us on!  Read More
Quick Steps in Finding the Right Dentist
Finding a dentist can be very hard more so when you have dental phobias. Amazingly, dental phobias are not rare and most children and even adults actually do have some form of it. But apart from having phobias, one does need to find the best dentist out there for the best results each time they...  Read More
Episode 57: The Number One Reason To Listen To This Podcast
Dr. Laskin sits down with friend and patient David Pryor to discuss the magic ingredient of .The Number One Reason To Listen To This PodcastFind us on !  Read More
The Importance of Financial Discipline with Dr.Heath Lampee, DMD
Our guest this week is Dr. Heath Lampee, DMD. We sat down with Dr. Lampee and discussed the importance of having financial freedom. How he was able to reduce his debt completely and turn his fairly new practice into a well-established pillar in the Beaverton Community. How he utilizes traditional...  Read More
5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dentist
The human body is the accumulation of many different types of systems which are working together in a harmony and if any-one of it is affected the whole body sufferers through sensory pain impulses. If you are a person who is suffering from a problem related to the dental system of the body. Well,...  Read More
Why should you take better care of your teeth?
Ever since we were kids, we have learned about oral hygiene and health. Let's be honest here – none of us liked to brush and floss when we were kids, but we always disliked visiting the dentist more than that. Not brushing and flossing correctly and regularly often resulted in multiple dentist...  Read More
Episode 56: How To Tell If ANY Technology Is Worth It (Bryan's Decision Filter)
It’s no secret that embracing technology is a big part of killing the dinosaurs in dentistry. But just because something is new doesn’t mean its going to have a meaningful impact on your practice. In today’s episode, Dr. Bryan Laskin shares how he determines if a new product is worth...  Read More
The ultimate guide to the holistic and natural way of dental care
Natural is a broadly utilized term for diet and different items today. We live in a time when the worry about wellbeing is a need. In this manner, it isn't astonishing that there is an expanded interest for an increasingly characteristic way to deal with dental medications and that the utilization...  Read More
Episode 55: Your Three Choices When It Comes To Technology
As Dr. Bryan Laskin continues his quest to get rid of the dinosaurs in dentistry, he shares the three choices any dental practice faces when deciding how to integrate technology.Your Three Choices When It Comes To TechnologyFind us on !  Read More
Building Patient Retention through Honesty and Transparency with Dr. Omar Paredes DDS
Our guest this week is Dr. Omar Paredes, DDS. We sat down with Dr. Paredes and chatted about the importance of being honest and transparent with your patients; and how doing so, helps your patient retention and your practice in the long run. We also get to know his story, his roots in Honduras and...  Read More
Episode 54: Top Ten Trade Show Tips
Take it from somebody who has plenty of experience at trade shows! Dr. Laskin gives some great tips on how to make the most of your trade show experience. Hint: Fewer late-night drinks.Top Ten Trade Show TipsFind us on !  Read More
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