#35: 2017 Resolutions. Three Easy Commitments to Make.
The new year is upon us, so what is your practice going to focus on? In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we explain three easy, proven, FREE commitments that your office can make to convert more new patients.ListenPodcast Highlights: Calling new patients the same day they call you ...  Read More
[PODCAST] DMM #22: Phone Coverage. Increase Your ROI by 20% Without Spending a Penny
DownloadListenIn this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie discuss phone coverage, how to do it right, and how to maximize it.Podcast highlights: The best times to have your phones covered How to get the most out of voicemail How to screen between new patients and returning ...  Read More
Call Tracking ROI: Wrestling an Oiled Pig with Chopsticks (Dental Marketing Mastery #20)
ListenIn this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss call tracking ROI. Why is it important? How do you get the actual numbers?Podcast highlights: Do patients lie to you? "We don't need call tracking" Gaining actual insight into patient sources What is the EXACT source of a new...  Read More
Dental Office Phone Etiquette: Does Your Practice Make the Cut? – Part I
When a new patient seeks out your dental office, it may be for any number of reasons. She is likely a woman, and she is probably calling you for one of the five following reasons: She is new to the area, She had a bad experience somewhere else and needs a new dentist, She has avoided the...  Read More
Conversion Whale Introduces New Phone Training Program For Existing Clients
At Conversion Whale we are always looking for new ways to help our clients. Our mission is to deliver a turkey digital marketing solution for dental practice.In order to do so,we have considered all the aspects of what a dental practice does on a daily basis.We believe thatphone training is a...  Read More
Answering the Dental Office Phone 101. Three Sure Ways To Stop Offending Your Clients and Customers
Over the last month I’ve been performing some Mystery Shopper Calls to Dental Offices around Australia.Not only have I been phoning general dentists, but I’ve also been phoning some of the better Dental Offices around Australia. Some of the top producers and high-end offices.Although...  Read More
The Mystery Shop – An Invaluable Tool For Catapulting Your Business Success
One of the most valuable tools in any business, and especially in Dentistry, is the Mystery Shop.The Mystery Shop Process involves the creation of a false customer to trial the protocols and procedures of a business, often your own, with the intention of spying, or analyzing, or information...  Read More
How’s Your Phone? You Won’t Believe How Badly This Doctor’s Phone Was Answered…
“No one should ever treat customers as an interruption. On the contrary, customers should always feel welcomed and encouraged to interrupt us whenever they want to.”– Shep HykenYou can’t believe what goes on out there in telephone land behind your backs, Doctors.The other...  Read More
The Perfect Phone Call In Your Dental Office
There are 24 major points for your front office to learn how to won the phone on a daily basis. If your team doesn't know all 24, your office will lose new patients. Plain and simple. 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Today I will not dive into the...  Read More
Why Don't We Just Answer The Phone?
Phone calls are offices most valuable new patients. You MUST answer the phone!Take a look at this photo above. We have taken all the phone calls for our 1,200+ offices to show you a significant trend of when the phone rings.Based on all of these calls, we have established:Very few calls come in...  Read More
How to At Least Double Your Cold Phone Enquiry Call Conversion Rate Immediately… Putting Free Money Straight Into Your Bottom Line
We know that one of *THE* Biggest Cringe Moments that a Dentist Experiences is when he overhears his Front Office Person on the phone with a New Patient Enquiry.The reason for this is that more often truly than not, the enquirer will lead with a question along the lines of:“How much do you...  Read More
If you're not monitoring you office phone scripting, who is?
A patient of mine who specializes inrelationship marketing explained to me that business is a really big funnel. Atthe top of the funnel we seek to attract as many interested potential clients(patients) from as many sources as possible. Some of the leads we have fall outof the funnel and don't end...  Read More

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