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Episode 79: How Amazon Will Die
In this episode Dr. Laskin and Dave discuss Amazon and how people view large companies and organizations. How Amazon Will Die?Find us on Radio!  Read More
12 Most Important Things
Podcast Episode #46, Straight TalkDr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about the 12 Most Important things to cover in the purchase and sale agreement. All of the points are very beneficial so make sure to listen as soon as you can!12 Most Important ThingsWHAT IS THIS...  Read More
How to Treat More Rockstar Patients with Weston Lunsford
           How to Treat More Rockstar Patients with Weston LunsfordI’m so excited to introduce you to my special guest on this episode of the podcast, Weston Lunsford. Together, we discuss how you can find your ideal patient. And, the things you can do to attract more ‘rockstar’ patients to your...  Read More
How to Get To Get Treatment Accepted (Part 2)
Podcast Episode #37 - Straight Talk #20 Dr. Bette Robin, attorney, dentist, practice sale broker talks about how to get your treatment accepted! This is a 3 part series, so make sure to go back and check out part 1 & 3.  WHAT IS THIS PODCAST ABOUT?Dentistry Rising is for and about dentists and...  Read More
The Best Way To Save For Your Kid’s Higher Education As A Dental Practice Owner
Saving For Your Kids College Education The Best Way To Save For Your Kid’s Higher Education As A Dental Practice Owner See the full episode @    Read More
Episode 59: Why DSO's and What You Can Do About It (with Mitch Olan)
In the spirit of killing the dinosaurs in dentistry, Dr. Laskin welcomes Mitch Olan of  to discuss a product that will both improve your productivity and help create a positive experience for your patients.WHy DSOs are ThrivingFind us on !  Read More
 A 50 Year Perspective of the Dental Industry with Dr. Dale Brandon, DDS
 On this week’s episode of The Dental-Up Podcast, we have Bob Brandon as our special guest host.  Bob sat down with his father, Dr. Dale Brandon and discussed his illustrious 50 Years in clinical practice. They talked about the evolution of the dental profession over the past half-century and...  Read More
Must Have Ingridents For An Effective Dental Website
Build An Effective Dental Website    See the full episode at   Read More
Contract Length
Is a longer contract better than a shorter one? Is the shorter contract covering all your needs?Contract Length  Read More
Cut Bait
How do you know if you should back out of a deal? Joe shares insight on whether to hold on or cut baitCut Bait  Read More
Get Out of Your Own Way and Build a Team with Dr. Howard Farran
Dr. Howard Farran and I do a deep dive into what it means to build a team. So many dentists are holding themselves back by refusing to believe that those around them have a brain. You CAN, and MUST delegate, and to feel comfortable doing this, you need to do a couple of things. First, you must fill...  Read More
Seven Stages of Practice Ownership - Part II - How to Get Off The Treadmill
We talked about the first four stages of practice ownership in the last podcast. Check out that podcast if you haven’t yet. Today we’ll address Stage Five Success, Stage Six Significance, and Stage Seven Succession.Maybe up to 95 percent of practice owners never experience anything beyond Stage...  Read More
Understanding Where You Are, and Where You Are Going with Dr. Matthew Norton
You use a GPS to get to where you are going right? Whether it is dinner reservations, a sporting event, or your kid's state championship, understanding where you are going and where are, are monumental! Dr. Matthew Norton has been improving the quality of life of countless individuals as well as...  Read More
Seven Stages of Practice Ownership: Part I - How You Got On the Treadmill
There are seven stages in the maturity cycle of practice ownership. Why seven? Okay, there might be five or twelve, but I’ve found seven that seem clearly different enough to call stages of a practice.In this podcast, we take a good look at the first four stages, because these are the four that...  Read More
Why Practices Fail and Why Yours Doesn't Have To
Most experts say fifty percent of businesses fail in the first five years and eighty percent within ten years. Don’t believe them. It’s not true. What really happens? The practice owner gets tired because they are focused on the Tyranny of the Urgent, reacting to their practice and living on a...  Read More
Building a Culture You Can Be Proud Of! w/ Dr. Paul Etchison
The host of the Dental Heroes Podcast,  joins us to help understand how important the Participation Age is to our practices. Ask yourself these questions:1. Does everyone know what our values are, and could they describe them?2. Do they talk about it? DO they bring them up to me, and others within...  Read More
Do you need multiple practices to be successful? | With Dr. Howard Farran
Currently 8% of practice owners own multiple practices, and that is said to be moving to 38%. But, is this trend real, and is it the best way to reach the success you have your sights set on?  and explore all of the possibilities on the business side of Dentistry.  Read More
Dual Tracking Your Way to Freedom
When our kids were born, we saw them as adults in the making, reminding us to make decisions that would help them both now and when they were adults. We need to have the same mindset toward our practice – it should grow up and start to give back to us at some point, and as fast as possible.To get a...  Read More
Exponentially Increase the Profitability and Productivity of Your Practice with Dr. Mark Costes
Today we do a deep dive into . Dr. Costes takes us through his experience of growing his practice, and the creation of the Dental Success Institute which is designed to help you attain the success you want.  Read More
What to Think About BEFORE Opening a Second Practice with Dr. David Phelps
 Why should I open that 2nd practice? How do you get to a place where you understand the TRUE inner workings of culture, team work, and really honing your leaderships skills? All of these are questions that you need to answer to successfully scale your practice. Each of these questions have unique...  Read More
Avoiding the 30 Year Roller Coaster Treadmill
First, we take control of our three main resources: Time, Money and Energy. And then we focus on FREEDOM, the ability to CHOOSE what to do with those resources.The problem is that we don’t choose future Freedom, we choose to focus on the present, and end up in a habit of Short-Term Decision-making...  Read More
Getting Off The Treadmill!!!  With Dr. Peter Boulden
 Today, we work on understanding what is needed to build the structure that allows you to choose what is the best way for you to spend your time, and freedom.Dr. Peter Boulden knows smiles have the power to change lives—he’s transformed more than 1,200 of them as one of the most credentialed...  Read More
What a Thriving Participation Age Practice Looks Like
But isn’t dentistry already “human”? No, 70% are phoning in their commitment, 51-65% have their resume on the street right now, and a full 86% haven’t found something they love doing yet. That doesn’t reflect humane conditions.And we know it. Global Human Capital Trends annual survey the last two...  Read More
Conquering the Tyranny of the Urgent
To make MORE money in LESS time, get off the treadmill, and get back to the passion that brought us into dentistry.Foundational ConceptsThe Three Main Resources in Life:                       Time                       Money                       EnergyWe take care of our own personal energy, but...  Read More
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