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Establishing Independence and Maintaining a Positive Outlook with Dr. Jennifer McClanahan, DMD
 Our guest this week is Dr. Jennifer McClanahan, DMD. She is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care by keeping up to date with the latest research, technologies, and advancements in dentistry. She is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she received her Bachelor of...  Read More
Self-Awareness and the Importance of gaining Experience with Dr. Charles Brown, DDS
Dr. Charles Brown stops by the Keating Dental Arts HQ in Irvine Ca, to talk to us about self-awareness and the importance of gaining experience. He shares how being surrounded by experienced members of the Dental Community helped him learn more about dentistry. What motivated him to become a...  Read More
Episode 23: How To Bring In New Patients Without Even Talking To Them
How is it even possible to add new patients without even talking to them? It's easier than you think! Listen in as Dr. Laskin and his friend Dave bury yet another dinosaur in dentistry.How to Bring in New PatientsFind us on !  Read More
Episode 20: The #1 Secret to Why Dentists Are 20 Years Behind
It isn't just the old copy of "Highlights" in the office. There are many different ways dental offices can fall behind the times. Listen as Dr. Laskin talks with Dave about the secret behind this phenomenon.The #1 Secret To Why Dentists Are 20 Years BehindFind us on !  Read More
Episode 18: Creating An Engaged Team | Part 2
Dr. Laskin is back to continue his discussion on how to create team engagement with Aleh Matus of  (and Dave, of course!).Creating An Engaged Team Part 2Find us on !  Read More
The Raving Patients Podcast with Chris Bowman
 Raving Patients Podcast Chris Bowman Dr. Chris Bowman is a full-time practicing dentist, speaker, author, and dental coach from Charlotte, North Carolina. He started Advanced Dentistry of Charlotte in 1996, where he currently collects among the top 5-10% of dentists nationally.Focal points in his...  Read More
T-Bone Speaks: How In-House Payment Plans Can Change your Practice with David Stern
                         I’m delighted to welcome Dr. David Stern from onto the show to discuss his interest in in-house payment plans and how it has impacted his practice.Dr. David Stern obtained his DDS degree from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and is a current member of the...  Read More
Episode 17: Creating An Engaged Team | Part 1
Dr. Laskin is joined in-studio with his friend and patient, Dave, as well as Aleh Matus of , a skill development tool that is allowing dental practices to revolutionize traditional consulting.Creating An Engaged TeamFind us  on iTunes!  Read More
Episode 15: Staying Engaged on Facebook without All the Work | Part 1
Lou Abramowski of  joins Bryan to discuss some myths regarding social media posts. Specifically, Lou talks about the experiments he's done to prove that it's very hard to post "too often" as is often believed. (Part 1 of 2)Staying Engaged on Facebook | Part 1Find us  on iTunes!  Read More
The Raving Patients Podcast with Grace Yum
Raving Patients Podcast With Grace Yum Check out the  Dr. Grace Yum is a pediatric dentist that has been in the dental field for over 20 years.Her passion for dentistry began at the age of 18 where she worked as a dental assistant and climbed up the ladder to become a certified specialist and...  Read More
A Dental Family Legacy with Dr. John J. Taddey DDS FAGD
 Our guest this week Dr. John J. Taddey DDS FAGD is a published author of TMJ, The Self Help Program Book, A comprehensive guide specializing in the treatment of temporomandibular disorders. He is a graduate of New York University Dental School and has been honored as a Fellow of the Academy of...  Read More
Episode 11: Human Resources with Paul Edwards | Part 1
Paul Edwards, the co-founder and CEO of CEDR HR Solutions joins Dr. Laskin to discuss common challenges faced by practice owners and what options are available to tackle the issue of Human Resources.HR with Paul EdwardsFind us  on iTunes!  Read More
Episode 10: The Top 4 Reasons Why Paper Charts Are The Worst
It may not be #1 on the list of things patients expect, but migrating away from paper charts is a major step in moving beyond the dinosaurs of dentistry. Bryan talks about his hesitance to move to digital and the relief his entire office felt once they made that transition.The Top 4 Reasons Why...  Read More
Episode 9: How To Do An Ideal All Ceramic Crown Prep In 2 Minutes
In this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Laskin explains his process for creating an all-ceramic crown preparation in only two minutes. Long crown preparations are one of the dinosaurs in dentistry that Bryan hopes will go extinct.2 Minute All Ceramic Crown Preparation Find us  on iTunes!  Read More
Episode 8: Interoperability, AI, and Blockchain with Professor Heiko Spallek
There have been many technological advances in the medical field, including dentistry. In this episode of The Operatory, Professor Heiko Spallek of the University of Sydney talks with Dr. Laskin about some of the most exciting technologies and what to expect (or not expect) in the coming years.Prof...  Read More
Episode 7: How to Increase Production with Same Day Dentistry
A patient arrives with a broken tooth or another issue that needs addressing immediately. What happens next?On this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin describes the experience of same-day dentistry and what he believes is the best course of action for any practice seeing patients that have...  Read More
Episode 6: Temp Agency Dinosaurs and Kwikly
Dr. Laskin chats with the creators of Kwikly (), an on-demand service that matches dental practices with qualified temporary hygienists. They also discuss the dinosaurs of the traditional temp agency process and how Kwikly is revolutionizing that space.Temp Agency Dinosaurs and KwiklyFind us  on...  Read More
Episode 4: Twelve Ways To Blow Patients' Minds
The patient's experience is the top priority for most dentists. But it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose perspective on how to improve that experience.In this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin reveals some key moves he's made in his practice to not only make the experience...  Read More
Episode 3: The Top 8 Reasons Patients Hate The Dentist | Part 2
Learn the top reasons why some people avoid the dentist and what Dr. Bryan Laskin and his team at Opera DDS have invented to help tackle these problems.David Pryor, friend and patient, is also back to give his insights from the other side of the chair.The Top 8 Reasons Patients Hate the Dentist...  Read More
Episode 2: The Top 8 Reasons Patients Hate the Dentist | Part 1
Despite the advantages of regular dental cleanings and checkups, there are 8 major reasons why many people avoid the experience. In this episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin delves into just a few of them with the help of his friend (and patient) David Pryor. You might guess a few of them,...  Read More
Episode 1: The Fifth Dentist
Everyone has heard the old line, "4 out of 5 dentists choose sugarless gum." But what's the deal with that 5th dentist? In this inaugural episode of The Operatory, Dr. Bryan Laskin addresses the 5th dentist and why they may be looking at the issue from a different angle.Bryan is also joined...  Read More
T-Bone Speaks: 3 Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice
3 Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice3 Ways to Grow Your Dental Practice Show Notes Whether you want more money, more time, or more personal satisfaction, growth is essential to meeting your goals with your dental practice. There are 3 ways that you can successfully grow your dental practice, and...  Read More
051 Single Implant Placement with Philip Gordon, DDS
                                    051 Single Implant Placement with Philip Gordon, DDS                        Dr. Philip Gordon grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and has lived here most of his life. He received his bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Missouri in...  Read More
050 Millennial Dental Implants with Peyman Raissi, DDS
                                    050 Millennial Dental Implants with Peyman Raissi, DDS                        ?Dr. Peyman Raissi DDS AKA Dr. Peyray as he is more affectionately known in the Social Media, is one of the biggest rising stars in Dentistry today. Don’t let his young age fool you,...  Read More
049 Implants and Endodontics with Sonia Scheerer, DDS, MS
She is native to the Northland, she graduated from NKC high school in 1982. Dr. Sonia Q. Scheerer earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from University of Missouri-Kansas City, School of Dentistry in 1993.She served in the United States Navy active duty for 10years. Her tour consisted of...  Read More
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