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How do you know if your administrative staff is under performing or over worked?
How do you know if your administrative staff is under performing or over worked? How do you “right size” your administrative support to fit your practice production and patient flow?  We did a study of a representative selection of 38 of our client practices. This information gives us a statistical...  Read More
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Risk Management Process (continued)
Involving staff members in the risk identification process will give you a comprehensive picture of the risks based on different people's involvement in different areas of your practice. You may also wish to engage the services and opinions of an accountant or a lawyer.Assess the risks:If you have...  Read More
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The Risk Management Process
Risk management is a cycle. That means that it is not something that gets checked off a "to do" list but it is a continuous activity. Having a risk management process means that your practice knows and understands the risks. It also means that your practice has deliberately evaluated the risks and...  Read More
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#6- Legend Trek- Team Cast- You Inc
#6 You Inc Welcome to another episode of The Dental Practice Compass. On this Team Cast Episode we'll discuss You Incorporated!Key Take-aways:You as the employee are CEO of You (your name) Inc.Your Employer is your only revenue generating...  Read More
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#5 Legend Trek- Treatment Planning Part 1
#5 Treatment Planning Part 1 On today's episode we'll discuss the foundation of our treatment planning system.Much of the information in the podcast comes from Don Barden, author of The Perfect Plan. It starts with 3 lessons:Social Buyers...  Read More
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A Practice Management Talk w/ Sandy Pardue, Ep. 1
                                    A Practice Management Talk w/ Sandy Pardue, Ep. 1                        Sandy Pardue of Classic Practice Resources discusses the issues facing dental practices today.  Read More
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#4 Legend Trek Smart Cut- Check Exercise
#4 Check Exercise Today's episode is our first Smart Cut episode on the topic of The Check Exercise. I wanted to get this out to you right away when the thought was fresh in my mind so I didn't edit out my family and our animals that you...  Read More
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#1 Legend Trek- Introduction
Real Podcast #1 The first episode of The dental Practice Compass! In this episode my intention was to introduce myself (Dr. Wyn Steckbauer), Legend Trek, and The Dental Practice Compass, give you a sense of why we are putting another dental...  Read More
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Ways to get your patients to leave reviews before they leave your office
We always hear our dentists saying they wish they could get more reviews without having to actively ask their patients. The reality is that if you don't ask you don't get! We understand it might be awkward for staff to actively ask their patients for review - but there are ways to ask for them...  Read More
Posted 3/2/2016 by saibb in The Passionate Dentist   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 120
040 Dr B Interviews Andre Shirdan – Management Life Coach and Tech Consultant
040 Dr B Interviews Andre Shirdan – Management Life Coach and Tech Consultant Tune in every week for more episodes. VisitAndre is from Philadelphia and studied fine arts and design. After years in high-end retail sales and customer...  Read More
Posted 9/15/2014 by afarooqi in Dental Marketing Tips   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 548
How to Deal with a Know-it-all Dental Boss
There are times when people in general and some business owners, including dental managers, who've been fortunate in their journeys, harbor huge misconceptions about their own abilities.Rendering them Bad Bosses.They suffer from a false (imaginary) superiority where they rate their capabilities,...  Read More
Posted 7/5/2014 by dentalattorney in The Overlooked Basics   |  Comments: 2  |   Views: 1569
Guidelines for Participating in Social Networks over the Web
Guidelines for Participating in Social Networks overthe WebAs in all professional fields, it is disapproved to interact withpatients outside of the office. Dentists should be wary if they choose tointeract with patients on personal networking sites such as Facebook. The onlyinteraction a dentist...  Read More
Posted 6/27/2014 by dentalattorney in The Overlooked Basics   |  Comments: 1  |   Views: 2065
Oberman Law Firm Launches Expansion of Its Multi-Practice Law Group
Oberman Law Firm, a leading dental law firm which has a nationalpresence, has announced the expansion of its Multi-Practice Law Group. The MultiPractice Law Group will continue to expand its client MSO (Management ServiceOrganization) and DMSO (Dental Management Service Organization) practice...  Read More
Posted 6/26/2014 by dentalattorney in The Overlooked Basics   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 1995
How To Avoid A HIPAA Violation In The Use Of An Office Copier
Protected Health Information on Photocopier HardDrivesMany dental practices lease photocopiers and simply returnthe photocopier to the leasing company to replace it with the latest model.However, most dentists are unaware that their old photocopier could subjecttheir dental practice to substantial...  Read More
Posted 4/10/2014 by PDCV in Dental Insurance Coordinator   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 3645
I have in my opinion a very unhealthy overhead. 75%. And that are salaries only. Including my take home pay. What should be the healthy percentage overhead when it comes to salaries, excluding the doctor's salary but including hygienists?  Read More
Categories: overhead, management, salary
Posted 12/26/2013 by Kon Litovsky in Financial Planning and Money Management   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 5777
Managing Investment Risk Part 2: Correlation and Diversification
Hedge funds, managed futures, commodities, private placements, oiland gas exploration, non-listed REITs…what do all of these have incommon? The sellers usually claim that their product will provide thenecessary diversification for your portfolio. They claim they havenumbers to prove it, too....  Read More
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I want to fire the pain in the ass employee I just hired...or do I?
The new girl you hired a month ago is starting to get under your skin.It starts with little things in the back of your mind, "What did they teach you in school....ANYTHING?!?""Lord help me I have told you this 5 times...when are you going to get it?!?""OMG...what are you saying to the...  Read More

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