Using Facebook’s “Run Promotion to Messenger” Feature to Get Patients to Your Dental Practice
            One of the best ways to improve Facebook ad results is to improve your targeting. For those who are new to Facebook advertising, targeting is the term used to describe the audiences you want your ads shown to on Facebook. For example, .Today we’re going to talk about a new targeting...  Read More
The Best Promotion You Can Do And This Is Why...
                 The Best Promotion You Can Do And This Is Why...In this episode of the Delivering WOW podcast, I tackle a question that I’ve been asked countless times – What’s the best promotion you can do to grow your Facebook page and get more likes? The solution is something that I discuss a...  Read More
The Reason Your Facebook and Instagram Posts Don’t Get Much Engagement (and How to Fix it)
                      What if you have the best copy, images, and offer, but you’re still not getting likes or comments on your Facebook or Instagram posts? The problem might be that you’re still using Facebook like it’s 2015.I’ve been using Facebook to market my practice for a long time. Back when...  Read More
What I Would Do If I Had 30 Days to Save My Practice from Closing
In 2010, I had thousands of dollars in credit-card debt. I was using credit cards to pay off credit cards. I tried many things to build my practice. Of course, I didn’t know then what I know now, and I likely would have done some things differently if I had to do it over again.As dentists, a lot of...  Read More
Dental Marketing Strategies To Get New Patients To Your Practice
When marketing your dental practice, it’s hard to know what strategies will work best for you. With so many options available, it can be challenging to narrow your options down to strategies that are reliable, repeatable, and profitable.Because of that, many dentists stick with traditional dental...  Read More
Dental Marketing Company Secrets: 3 Things the Best Marketing Companies Do to Get Results
With so many pressures facing dentists today, getting the best return for your marketing time and budget can feel overwhelming. Because of that, new and improved ways to market a dental practice don’t just help dentists make more money; they can make their lives better.That’s what happened with me...  Read More
Dental Internet Marketing: 3 Ways to Get Patients Online
Dental marketing has come a long way since the days of phone-book advertising and TV or radio commercials. Traditionally, the only ways to attract patients to a dental practice were slow, expensive, and ineffective. With dental internet marketing, however, marketing your practice has never been...  Read More
Dental Marketing Ideas You Can Start Using Today
Not too long ago, dental marketing campaigns took weeks to plan and required investing thousands of dollars before you had a hope of recouping a single dollar. With that level of investment required, it took a lot of new patients to even hope to break even.The thought of achieving returns of  with...  Read More
How to Avoid Distractions to Get Stuff Done
How to Avoid Distractions to Get Stuff DoneThis week's Delivering WOW podcast is a solo episode - I wanted to talk to you about something everyone wants to avoid... distractions.As busy business owners, it's often the case that we become overwhelmed with all that we are responsible for. This...  Read More
Dental Ads That Convert: 8 Ways to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Practice
When dentists haven’t received good results from Facebook ads, it’s almost never because their practice is so unique that Facebook can’t help. It’s almost always because they only tried using it once or twice to boost a post or two, didn’t see results, and moved...  Read More
How to Use the Facebook Page Plugin to Grow Your Social Proof & Get New Patients
One of the best benefits of growing your Facebook page audience is the social proof it provides when people are looking to choose a new dentist.When people come across your Facebook page and see that their friends or family members like your page, they become more likely to either call their friend...  Read More
The Three Facebook Ad Targeting Audiences Every Dental Office Needs
One of the best ways to maximize your results on Facebook is to set up and save highly converting Facebook ad targeting audiences. Once you set up your targeting audiences, you can use them for future boosted posts or ad campaigns. This allows you to reach people you know to be more receptive to...  Read More
Four Types of Dental Facebook Posts Every Dental Practice Needs to Post
Facebook pages are the base for both organic and paid outreach on the best social media platform in the world. Once you set up your  and complete your profile, you’re ready to start posting and engaging with fans, prospects, and patients.If you’re new to Facebook for dentists or social media...  Read More
Dental Facebook Posts: How to Increase Engagement to Increase Your Reach
Facebook for dentists is the best social media site to help you reach potential patients for your practice. Although Facebook doesn’t charge you to have a dental Facebook page or to post on your Facebook page, its algorithm limits the reach of posts unless one of two things happens:            -...  Read More
Dentistry as a Business: Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBA
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBA |This week we have founder and owner of , practicing dentist in Phoenix AZ, business owner, and dental practice management lecturer Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBA.Dive in with us as we go over how having a strong business background can make your dental...  Read More
Are you suffering from Facebook shame?It’s OK, we’ve all been there. It’s hard to keep up with the big organisations who have slick Facebook feeds, loads of great images, and plenty of people to make them look good.How’s a small business owner supposed to compete? You...  Read More
3 Cheap Ways to Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing
Facebook has firmly established itself as the primary social media platform across most age and demographic ranges. It serves both as a social platform in which people can share and discuss the goings on in their daily lives, but more relevant to dental practice owners, in many ways it has...  Read More
If You're Not Retargeting WEBSITE Visitors, You're Missing Out On 100's of NEW PATIENTS!
If you're not retargeting people who have visited your website, you're missing out on 100's of new patients...Why? People who have visited your website are what we consider a "Warm Audience"...They have either landed on your website by searching for a dentist or were directed there from a post on...  Read More
The Facebook Algorithm Update and How It Impacts the Dental Industry
Here we go again...Facebook has once again changed it's algorithm...which determines what people see in their news feeds.Facebook has stated that they will start to give priority to posts from friends and family, and place them at the top of news feeds.They've also stated that they want to make...  Read More
Dentists get READY! BIG news about the Live Video Revolution from Facebook and YouTube!
And the excitement with Live Video continues every day...Facebook has just announced 3 BIG new features which they will be rolling out to Facebook Live, their live-streaming platform built into Facebook.The platform will soon let you do two-person remote broadcasts, pre-schedule your streams and...  Read More
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