Doctors: Doing These 3 Things Can Change Everything
Doctors, today I want to share with you 3 ways that you’re making your team less productive.1. The first way you’re making your team less productive is not leading by example.For example:• If you are wanting to implement a new huddle or you’re trying to revamp your...  Read More
Episode #1 - The Secrets to Finding Great Dental Team Members with Dr. Ken Allen
Dr. Ken Allen and Kirk Behrendt discuss Ken's Secrets he has learned to transform his hiring process to find and keep the best dental team members in dentistry and save a ton of time and frustration along the way. See more at  Read More
A Whole is Greater Than a Sum of Its Parts
First coined by the philosopher Aristotle, the phrase “a whole is greater than a sum of its parts” still has a lot of relevance in this day in age. This is the basis behind the idea of teamwork. If the full dental team isn’t working in synergy your practice isn’t going to be...  Read More
The Big Five: #2 Team
Your teamis your enabler. They enable you to reach your goals, to do what you do best, and that is to love and heal patients. To become a consistent $10,000 dentist, you need a stable full of “10’s” on your team: cross-trained partners who know how to convert patients from hygiene...  Read More
Create a Dental Office Where People Want to Work
5 Strategies to Improve Positivity in your Dental OfficeIn their book,How Full Is Your Bucket?, Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton provide the student of practice management with a powerful lesson in understanding human potential and motivation. The metaphor in this book suggests that each person...  Read More
Don't Do These 5 Things When You Want To Build An Elite Team
What’s your biggest headache?No, let me guess. Staff.Am I right?Most business owners say staff are one of their biggest stressors.Now, let me ask you another question.Are you doing dentistry by day and running your business at night? If so, it’s a clear indication of a problem.Maybe you...  Read More
Ways To Create A More Cohesive Office Team and Increase Production
The culture of each practice is different in each office you go to. It doesn't only have to do with the people in it, but the overall environment. Sometimes, with a lot of new staff coming in and staff leaving, maybe a new doctor purchasing a practice, it is hard to create a strong cohesive team...  Read More
In today’s dental practices, it’s imperative to surround yourself with strong team members. They will be the difference between becoming successful or not, which is why building a strong team is vital in helpingyour practice meet its full potential. But often, team members aren’t...  Read More

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