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#103: Is Something Wrong With Me? Increasing Case Acceptance
It's not you, doc! In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss how to increase case acceptance, what the underlying problems with low case acceptance may be, and how to fix it.#103: Is Something Wrong With Me? Increasing Case Podcast Highlights:     The assistant, front desk, and...  Read More
#91: I'm In a Great Market! Now What?
Have you found yourself in a great market? Well, you might not be alone! In this podcast, we explain what you should do if you're in a great market area, how to approach it, and how to get a hold of it before your competitors do.Podcast Highlights:                       Are you really in an...  Read More
#90: Making a Good First Impression
In this episode, we discuss how to make a good first impression on who matters most -- moms! Review management, showing the benefits of dentistry, and properly educating the consumer all work towards this goal. So how do you go about it?#90: Making a Good First ImpressionPodcast Highlights ...  Read More
#87: Making Direct Mail Pay Off Forever
In this episode, Mark and Howie go over Direct Mail marketing, what results you can expect, how to get the most out of mail, and why it is still the best medium for dental advertising.#87: Making Direct Mail Pay Off ForeverPodcast Highlights:    Old is cool again    Direct mail never stopped being...  Read More
#86: Radical Convenience, Chat, and Conversions
Speaking to website visitors, converting them into patients, and more! In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark interviews Scott Hansen of about radical convenience, removing sales friction, and more.#86: Radical Convenience, Chat, and ConversionsPodcast Highlights: Practice...  Read More
#81 Committing to PPC: Truths You Need To Know
Will PPC work for your office? How do you know? What steps do you take to find out? In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie go into the nitty gritty of PPC.Listen#81 Committing to PPC: Truths You Need To KnowPodcast Highlights: Defining acronyms Bidding for...  Read More
#80: I'm Planning to Buy a Practice. But Before I Do...
Buying a practice? What should you look for? What pitfalls should you avoid, and how should you go about this process? Mark and Howie explain.Listen:Podcast Highlights:    What does the local market look like?    What is your doctor:patient ratio?    Is there a reason the practice is being sold? ...  Read More
#78: Transitioning Your First Associate With Dr. Staci Blaha
Transitioning your first associate can be rough. So, how do you do it as painlessly as possible? We interview Dr. Staci Blaha to find out!Listen#78: Transitioning Your First Associate With Dr. SPodcast Highlights A situation many dentists find themselves in ...  Read More
The $10,000 a Day Dentist Book Is Here
Our first 5M Mastermind session was about to start and I had just completed the PowerPoint presentation to share with them how I understood it was possible for any dentist to produce over $10,000 every day.  When you lead a mastermind, you want to give your best, most impactful information, what...  Read More
#75: Preparing for Next Year Part 4: Risk Management Review, Deployment Planning
We continue our series on how to prepare your marketing for the upcoming year. In this episode, we review risk management and lay out some deployment strategies.Listen#75: Preparing for Next Year Part 4: Risk ManagementPodcast Highlights: Budget misallocations Rotating services ...  Read More
#74: Preparing for Next Year Part 3: Budget Allocation and Risk Management
What do you do with your budget? And more importantly, WHY? While preparing for next year, it is important to manage your risks.Listen#74: Preparing for Next Year Part 3: Budget A...Podcast Highlights Ideas vs. statistics Budget allocation basics The real target market you...  Read More
#73: Preparing for Next Year Part 2: Assets and Liabilities
In part 2 of "Preparing for Next Year," we go over your assets and liabilities. What is helping? What is hurting? How do you tell?Listen#73: Preparing for Next Year Part 2: Assets and LiPodcast Highlights: Assets you don't want to overlook Committing to listening to calls ...  Read More
Do You Want More Patients?
It goes without saying, but without a steady stream of patients, your practice will die! So, if you’re looking for proven strategies for attracting new and better patients keep reading.What you’re about to read is not a collection of platitudes and theories that only function under...  Read More
How to Become a Patient Magnet
Patient attraction is EVERYTHING in business; therefore, it should go without saying that without a steady stream of patients, your practice will die! As such, you're going to learn how to transform your clinic into a patient magnet through powerful messaging.The information you provide (either on...  Read More
Ethically Steal Your Biggest Competitor's Best Patients!
To succeed in your practice, you must develop better marketing strategies --- tactics that allow you to attract as many patients as possible.It only makes sense, when you started your dental practice your desire was to be successful, which translates into being profitable. In fact, you can trace...  Read More
Are You Missing Out On Great Opportunities?
If you're missing the mark with your patients?This article delivers sound & proven tips for success! The cornerstone of business prosperity centers on a sound symbiotic relationship with your vision and your promotional efforts. The only purpose of any advertising effort is to let everyone in...  Read More
#70: Review and Reputation Management Software: What You Need to Know
Everyone loves online reviews! So how do you get them to work for your benefit? What should you look for when shopping for review management software?Listen Podcast Highlights:    The muddy waters of being the online review champ in your area    Reviews from the consumer point of view    Avoiding...  Read More
#60: Choosing a Location for Your Practice
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we talk about the best locations to set up your practice. This includes startups, dentists considering buying a practice, and dentists who are expanding.ListenPodcast Highlights: The ideal practice How to getdemographic data How to find the best...  Read More
#59: SEO Defined
What makes effective SEO? Why is it important? In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we declutter the confusion behind SEO.ListenPodcast Highlights: The three main aspects of effective SEO Getting career-long return on your SEO Budgeting for SEO What is off-page SEO? Google...  Read More
#56: Rip Off the Bandaid! | Interview with Lee Buzard
We interview NPI Consultant, Lee Buzard, about his honest, no-nonsense approach to marketing dental practices. Lee has over 20 years of experience in dental marketing, including purchasing and owning multiple dental practices. He has walked in the same dental office ownership trenches that many of...  Read More
#52: How to Help Your Marketing Firm | 	Getting Your Ducks in a Row!
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we discuss how to help your marketing firm help you.ListenPodcast Highlights: Clients that have stayed with a company for years – what do they have in common Responsiveness Avoiding the waiting game Agreeing that the big picture...  Read More
#51: If Your Offer Is Your Best Foot Forward, You Have No Feet! | What Makes Good Copy?
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Howie and Mark explain offers, copywriting, features vs. benefits, and creating digestible advertising for your potential new patients.ListenPodcast Highlights: Are you overly concerned about your offer? The different offers you make based on the...  Read More
#35: 2017 Resolutions. Three Easy Commitments to Make.
The new year is upon us, so what is your practice going to focus on? In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we explain three easy, proven, FREE commitments that your office can make to convert more new patients.ListenPodcast Highlights: Calling new patients the same day they call you ...  Read More
The Dental Jungle – Web Centric Marketing Focus
By Dr. Bill WilliamsIn the dental jungle there are 101 stories; this is one of them. We follow Dr. Alex Middleton, the Guide, as he gives sage advice to his dentist friend, Dr. Jack Mudd.*Some dentists know marketing but most don’t. Many dentists see what comes in the mail and think that is...  Read More
#34: The Boogieman of Dentistry | Dental Marketing Mastery with Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush
Allowpatients to schedule their own appointments online? MADNESS!Or is it?In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we explore the pros and cons of online scheduling and debunk the myths surrounding this controversial subject.ListenPodcast highlights: The two crowds in this argument ...  Read More
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