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Episode 181: Voices of Dentistry 2019
Episode 181: Voices of Dentistry 2019'The Voices of Dentistry Podcast Summit was established in January of 2017. Our purpose is to bring your favorite dental podcasts to one central location and have a fun filled weekend of podcasting, networking and continued education. We will be coming to...  Read More
Modernizing DDS Programs
Modernizing DDS Programs When standards of dental care evolve in response to new technologies and demographic trends, administrators of DDS programs should see an opportunity to carve out a competitive advantage. In many ways, they have responded admirably to emerging realities, but they have...  Read More
How I Increased My Dental Practice's Revenue By $100,000 Without Increasing My Fees Or Working More
How I Increased My Dental Practice's Revenue By $100,000 Without Increasing My Fees Or Working MoreYour dental practice is gaining more patients and your chairs are filled, but you still struggle to maintain profitability. Or maybe your chairs aren’t filled. You have lots of patients, but...  Read More
Charity Work: A Helping Hand
Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Scott Bridges DMDAirplane licensed pilot, Dr. Scott Bridges DMD, discusses his volunteer work with Smiles from the Heart clinic providing free dental care for those in need. As a dentist who has started various practices, Dr. Bridges advises that you should not start a...  Read More
87: Updated Confessions of a Dental Student
87: Updated Confessions of a Dental Student   Read More
Episode 86: Our Favorite Guest and Queen of the Worms
Episode 86: Our Favorite Guest and Queen of the Worms You may remember Erin Elliott, DDS from her previous episodes onDentists, Implants and Worms back in June 2016 where she was in RapidCity doing a sleep apnea continued education course...  Read More
Episode 75: The Dentist Who Went to Jail for Healthcare Fraud
Visit for more information!From Roy, himself:Mostdentists live in fear of litigation but few worry about going toprison. Nonetheless, I went to prison on August 20, 2008 and wasreleased on May 14, 2010. If you'd like, take a deep breath, hold on,and take a ride with me through a health care...  Read More
Episode 67: Justin Hates Obamacare
Shortly before recording this podcast, Justin was informed of a 192% price increase from his insurance company for his group policy. One nearly viral Facebook post and many swear words later, Justin decides to voice his frustrations on our latest episode.This podcast contains more adult language...  Read More
Episode 63: Taking Care of Embezzelment (Part One)
It's a fact: two-thirds of dentists will be embezzlement during theircareer. Over 6,000 dentists will be embezzled, resulting in over $180million in losses. That's pretty scary, right? Think it can't happento you? Think again. We take a break from our normal shenanigans (andlack of content) to talk...  Read More
Episode 62: The Heidi Hotline
Heidi Mount is a dental coach, consultant and expert who's servicesand guidance will "Add $500 to your Dental Practice's ScheduleTomorrow."See what Heidi can do for you by visiting her website at Thanks for being on the show, Heidi!  Read More
Episode 55: You Can Leave a Prophix at My Place
We had the opportunity to speak with the inventor of Prophix, Dr. Craig Kohler, on today's podcast. Prophix is a video toothbrush, which syncs wirelessly to an app through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Take pictures of areas of interest and build a record of any changes. Get motivating tips and track your...  Read More
Episode 54: Go Profit Yourself!
Check out Dental Profit Advisors at Thank you for being on the show, Benjamin!"I am very passionate about helping small business owner’s thrive and become our economy heroes. I have spent 5 years in the accounting and finance industry; with two of those years being in public accounting. These...  Read More
Episode 52: Light Your Practice Up with Dental Intel and PDA
We had a great time chatting with Weston Lunsford of Dental Intel, which is a web-based practice intelligence platform that will change the way you conduct business, keep records, analyze data and eventually grow your business and increase your revenue. It was pretty fascinating to hear about...  Read More
Episode 51: Mapping Bone with X-Nav Technologies
Our special guest for today's podcast is the legendary, Dr. RobertEmery, straight from Washington D.C. Dr. Emery is a visionary. Helistens, analyzes, and collaborates with teams of professionals to makethose visions a reality for both patients and fellow dentists. Checkout his beautiful practice at...  Read More
Episode 50: The 50th Episode Extravaganza
Today marks episode number fifty on Dentists, Implants and Worms!And to celebrate, we were graced with the presence of a certain WORM whohasn't joined us since episode fourteen. We took this special episodeas an opportunity to reflect on the previous fifty guests we've had onthe show and tell The...  Read More
Episode 49: Hacking The System During a Night Attack at Scam School Using Bizarre Magic
Tonight's episode is titled: "Hacking The System During a NightAttack at Scam School Using Bizarre Magic" or simply, "BRIAN FREAKIN'BRUSHWOOD!"That's right, folks, we hustled our way into gettingthe podcasting extraordinaire, Brian Brushwood in Studio 1-A with us forthe latest episode. If you don't...  Read More
Episode 46: The World's Most Famous Hygienist
Wendy has been called the world’s most famous hygienist. She is a highly productive practicing hygienist, strategic advisor, international speaker, trainer, consultant and coach. She has directly coached more than 3,718 dental practices in 12 countries around the world. She has the longest...  Read More
Episode 45: Implant Practice Magazine
GET A FREE IMPLANT PRACTICE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION JUST FOR LISTENING!PROMO CODE: MOODYFREEOur latest episode features Lisa Moler CEO of MedMark, and Publisher of Implant Practice Magazine. If you haven't checked out Implant Magazine— you'll need to! More information below. Lisa explains to us...  Read More
Identifying "Predatory" Journals
I, like many dentists in private practice, am presented daily with a number of professional reading options: journals, newsletters, online journals, and online communities with blogs. A balance of learning sources is required to keep one clinically sharp, enlightened and stimulated. And so in...  Read More
Episode 44: Make Money, Save Money— Show Us The Money!
It's time to start running your business like a celebrity and make some money doing it! That's kind of the approach behind Josh Elledge's Public Relations enterprise, He claims that you can't just sit behind a computer and keyboard and expect your business to grow from there. Sure that...  Read More
Episode 43: Throw Away Your Drills and Get Some LASERS!
Get ready to trade-in your dental drills for some dental lasers after listening to this episode! We have Dr. Tim Kelly of Rapid City, SD in studio with us and he tells us all about why he loves dental laser technology when it comes to the treatment plans of several different areas of dental...  Read More
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