How to Improve Success Rates for Inbound New Patient Calls
As a dentist, you spend a lot of time and money building your brand, , and designing a WOW experience for patients. With so much focus on marketing and patient experience, it’s easy to lose focus on optimizing inbound appointment calls, an important step to filling your schedule.How you and your...  Read More
Signed Informed Consent Forms: A Must
Informed consent is critical to clear and comprehensive patient communication. Dental patients should be well informed on the results of examinations, problems or potential problems.State laws guide the implementation of formal, written informed consent. All dental procedures should be performed...  Read More
Patient Risk Management Principles
Patients in dental practices may (and do) file claims because they feel as though they have received poor dental treatment. Professional liability claims are based upon the theory of negligence, which must be proven to support the validity of a claim.Negligence is defined as the failure to produce...  Read More
Episode 78 Ambitious Dentist Mastermind Expert Q&A with Dr. Mark Costes
Episode 78 Ambitious Dentist Mastermind Expert Q&A with Dr. Mark Costes Content Originally Appeared on  Read More
Stop Selling Your Dental Experience
Published on Mar 21, 2017Dentists who don’t market to what today’s patients want will lose. Colin explains why the patient experience is king in Patient Attraction Podcast 1017.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
Why Are Dentists Ignoring “Experience” Innovation?
Published on Jan 26, 2017Your patients’ experience in your practice is a huge factor in your success. Colin discusses how to innovate for success in Patient Attraction Podcast 980.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
The Dental Jungle - Conversions
By Dr. Bill WilliamsIn the dental jungle there are 101 stories; this is the fourth in a series of these stories. We follow Dr. Alex Middleton, The Guide, as he again gives sage advice to his dentist friend, Dr. Jack Mudd.*TEAM - CONVERSIONSWondering what would most impact the growth of his dental...  Read More
Create Patient-Experience EXCELLENCE…using the DRESS-REHEARSAL concept [the simple free tool]
Create Patient-Experience EXCELLENCE…using the DRESS-REHEARSAL concept [the The secret to PATIENT EXPERIENCE excellence isn’t discovered by most dentists.But YOU will get the simple plan today and…can use it in your...  Read More
Ep. 38 - Bringing The Disney Experience To Your Dental Practice
Episode 38 - Bringing The Disney Experience To You Content originally appeared at:  Read More
When Your Dental Office Looks TOO Successful
Published on May 24, 2016Your practice’s appearance has to match your new patients’ expectations. Colin shares waiting room factors to consider in Patient Attraction Podcast 799.  Read More
Five Tips for Handling the Angry Dental Patient
Published on May 2, 2016Dentists will have the occasional unhappy patient. Colin shares 5 tips for turning angry patients into staying patients in Patient Attraction Podcast 777.  Read More
Attract the patients
Published on Apr 21, 2016Confirmation bias can be an obstacle with new dental patients. Colin shares tips for converting patient bias to an asset in Patient Attraction Podcast 766.  Read More

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