Practice Management Software, the Good the Bad and the Ugly - Part 4
Part 4 - IntegrationThis is an important section, because it controls which options are available to you when wanting to add new functionality to your practice. The more open a software is, the more likely you are to find solutions. The more solutions exist for you, the more price competitive they...  Read More
Practice Management Software, the Good the Bad and the Ugly - Part 3
This is the big one to me, really it is the reason for the series. First let me break down which PMS systems use which database engines. You can think of an engine as the difference between choosing Microsoft Word over Corel Wordperfect, or FrameMaker – They all do the same job, some better than...  Read More
Practice Management Software, the Good the Bad and the Ugly - Part 1
As I have been adding additional practice management software packages to the supported list for , I have had some thoughts I wanted to share. These posts may be updated from time to time as I work with additional PMS systems.When choosing a practice management software (PMS), you may be tempted to...  Read More
Drilling Down on Your Dental Business: How to Automate and Streamline
We talk to a lot of dentists about how things are going in their practices.A common issue that comes up is frustration with bottlenecked tasks or processes that seem as though they’re just too cumbersome in their current format. You can spend a lot of time feeling like you’re running on a hamster...  Read More
583 Mobile Technology in the Dental Practice with Vijay Sikka : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video here VIDEO - DUwHF #583 - Vijay Sikka Stream Audio here AUDIO - DUwHF #583 - Vijay Sikka Vijay Sikka is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the 12 years old Sikka...  Read More
“Sticky Marketing” for the Dental Office, or Why “Grasshopper Mouse”?
Rosebud John Foster Kane, Citizen Kane (1941)Bond, James Bond James Bond, Dr No (1962)Plastics Mr. Maguire, The Graduate (1967)Snap! Crackle! Pop! Kellogg’s Rice Krispies (1932)Got Milk? Milk (1993)Where’s the beef? Wendy’s (1984)Wazzup? Budweiser (2000)“Sticky”...  Read More
Here we are less than one full month into Dental Intel and this "boat" we call our practice has already turnedfor a new horizon. Bright future ahead as we crank up the hygiene # of visits weekly.Thanks to everyone, Chuck and Team  Read More
048: Dr. B Interviews Dr. Lorne Lavine, The Digital Dentist
The Real Episode 48 - Dr. Lorne Lavine, The Digital Dentist Tune in every week for more episodes. Visit.comDr. Lorne Lavine, a former periodontist, is known as the leading authority on technology in the dental practice. Founder of The...  Read More

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