Market Maker Blog: Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Dental Practice: Part II: Recurring Revenue
Recurring revenue is the holy grail for increasing the value of a dental practice. A healthy stream of recurring revenue before the sale increases the probability of stable and predictable revenue after the sale. This reduces risk for the buyer that the past isn’t indicative of the future. Many...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
"You were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason, so that we can listen twice as much as we speak." - Epictetus, 55 ADThis habit serves us well at all stages of life, and throughout all stages of a dental practice. Understanding comes from asking gentle probing questions, and resisting all...  Read More
50 Years of Dentistry
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Alan Weinstein DDS |Earning his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Emory University School of Dentistry in 1967, Dr. Alan Weinstein has practiced precision dentistry for over 5 decades. With half a century worth of dental experience and knowledge, Alan shares the most...  Read More
Take The Stress Out Of Dentistry
Take The Stress Out of DentistryIn the last ten years, eight doctors in my small town have died prematurely. Among those who died, over half worked in the dental profession. Practicing dentistry is stressful. And stress is a killer. But you don’t have to let stress rule your life or end...  Read More
5 Fears Your Dental Patients Have and How to Overcome Them
5 Fears Your Dental Patients Have and How to Overcome ThemDid you know thatAmericans avoid visits to the dentist due to fears?This represents between 9% and 15% of the population—potentially 9 to 15% of your own patient base.We know that many people are not getting to their dentist for a...  Read More
Dental Provider Credentialing 101: Medicaid Management
Over the past few weeks, I’ve detailed the ins-and-outs of the dental provider credentialing process – a painstaking, time intensive, detailed, and necessary procedure for the modern 21stcentury dentist to stay competitive and offer dental care to an expanded in-demand patient...  Read More
Common Dental Insurance Pitfalls to Avoid Part 2
Post-Appointment Dental Insurance Claim Management ChecklistThe patient’s dental appointment wraps up, they’ve received a comprehensive detailed treatment plan with all insurance implications identified, and the patient has made a confident and informed decision to proceed with the...  Read More
The Dental Jungle – Web Centric Marketing Focus
By Dr. Bill WilliamsIn the dental jungle there are 101 stories; this is one of them. We follow Dr. Alex Middleton, the Guide, as he gives sage advice to his dentist friend, Dr. Jack Mudd.*Some dentists know marketing but most don’t. Many dentists see what comes in the mail and think that is...  Read More
The Big Five in Dentistry
When you crack the codeto become a big producer you realize it is not all that difficult. The reality is, however, only a few ever reach consistency in producing in the five-figure range every day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Why is it such a struggle to be consistent?I...  Read More
Life Inside the Dental Jungle
The Dental Jungle and Web Centric Marketing FocusThe dental jungle has 101 stories; this is one of them. We follow Dr. Alex Middleton, the Guide, as he gives sage advice to his dentist friend, Dr. Jack Mudd.Not all dentists understand marketing after all; they went to school to learn clinical...  Read More
My startup story! Five dental startup lessons that will add up to gazillions in your career
My first practice startup had plenty of lessons (good and bad). Whether you are just thinking of starting up or you are years into practice, there's some goodness in this podcastfor everyone.  Read More

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