Buyamag Inc Offer Dental Schools Dental Models And Manikins Simulation Phantom Heads. They Help Teachers Explain to Students: Oral Anatomy Diseases Dentistry Techniques.
At Buyamag Inc you can select Orthodontic Techniques Ligature Tying Training Simulator Manikin used bystudents to simulatea Orthodontic Patient for orthodontic techniques training in schools,homeor clinic setting.It is possible to perform various orthodontic professionaltechniques types: Ligature...  Read More
Podcast Episode 010: Possibly the easiest and simplest dental marketing strategy!
In this episode I share with you one of the easiest and simplest marketing strategies I’ve used and still use!I want everyone listening who owns their own dental office to do this and apply this marketing strategy this week/ month!Setting up outside of your place of business will not only...  Read More
Podcast Episode 005: How to market your dental practice effectively to your local schools.
In Episode 005 we talk about how to market your dental practice effectively to public schools and private schools.We know the teachers, staff, and most of the school district’semployees have great dental insurance so why wouldn’t they be a maintarget to try and attract to your...  Read More
The Minimalist Guide to Gaining Ideal Patients
More ideal patients.That’s what we all want, right?I mean, more patients is great. We all need new people coming through the door on a regular basis.But ideal patients are the best.When I say ‘ideal’ I’m talking about people who arrive on time, accept treatment, pay their...  Read More
Why Dentists Fail at SEO
Published on Apr 1, 2016Dentists can implement the essential SEO techniques for theirpractice marketing. Colin runs down the big 5 techniques in Patient Attraction Podcast 746.  Read More
Are You Thanking Your Online Dental Fans Enough?
Published on Feb 26, 2016Social media can shine a spotlight on your dental practice. Colin tells you how to keep a dialogue going with your fans in Patient Attraction Podcast 711.  Read More
Bring the Past into the Present: Optimize Your Dental Blog Posts
Published on Feb 23, 2016You CAN teach an old blog new tricks! Colin shows you how to optimize past blog posts for more dental patient conversions in Patient Attraction Podcast 708.  Read More
Secrets to Successful Dental Email Marketing
Published on Feb 18, 2016Your dental marketing email's value proposition is the part that brings results. Get more clicks! Colin tells you how in Patient Attraction Podcast 703.  Read More
Dental Marketing Emails that Patients Will Read
Published on Feb 16, 2016Is dental email marketing dead? NO! Colin explains how to create effective dental marketing emails that get results in Patient Attraction Podcast 701.  Read More

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