Demystifying "EBITDA"
Good morning fellow Townies!Just got back from the AAO event in Los Angeles and met with many fantastic practice owners and transition advisors.  Great event!A recurring topic of conversation was around the term "EBITDA" and what that represents in the context of a given practice's financial...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Maximizing the Value of Your Dental Practice: Part III Brand
Why do people pay more for a Mercedes than for a Toyota? Both fulfill the same basic function — transportation. Both Mercedes and Toyota brands carry with them certain implications: status, reputation, quality, craftsmanship. Customers who choose one are making a statement about what’s important to...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Succession Planning - Synergy
Synergize means to combine everything you’ve learned to create something that’s better than the sum total of the separate pieces. It’s an opportunity to transform your practice from an ordinary dental practice into an extraordinary practice. This habit isn’t for everyone, but those with the courage...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
"You were born with two ears and one mouth for a reason, so that we can listen twice as much as we speak." - Epictetus, 55 ADThis habit serves us well at all stages of life, and throughout all stages of a dental practice. Understanding comes from asking gentle probing questions, and resisting all...  Read More
4 Sections of a Dental Practice Prospectus
When looking to , the information gathered for a prospectus is typically the same that is required by the bank. The key metrics used to appraise a practice are generally agreed upon in the practice’s specialty and include the following.Practice descriptionThis includes a biography of the selling...  Read More
Market Maker Blog: Succession Planning: Be Proactive
All business owners reach a point when we will no longer control our businesses. Perhaps we’ll be able to sell our business for a fair price and will enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Or perhaps something unexpected and unanticipated will shatter that dream. This is simply reality. With this...  Read More
6 Factors when Valuating a Dental Practice
The process of valuating a dental practice before selling is not only necessary for the  is best. Here is what you can expect to provide during that process.UpgradesShould you ? Yes, if selling within five years; no, if selling within a shorter amount of time. Upgrades can be as small as getting...  Read More
3 Reasons Your Dental Practice Values for More in the Pacific Northwest
The old real estate adage of “location, location, location” carries over to dental practices, too. And in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll find a number of reasons why your dental practice assesses a higher value than other areas of the country. Here, we list a few reasons why now is a great time to...  Read More
Why Sell to a DSO?
Dental service organizations have gotten a negative reputation because of their seeming corporate interest. Most dentists open their own practices to focus on the clinical side and patient care, which is why, in fact, a DSO might be a good fit. Here, we break down why this might be the case and who...  Read More
11 Things You Wish You'd Known Before You Bought Your Dental Practice
Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of your very own dental practice! You likely already know that this is when you get the opportunity to make some serious money, but there are a few things that might occurring to you that you wish you’d known before you signed on the dotted line. Let’s go...  Read More
4 Steps to Solving the Valuation Gap for Your Dental Practice
The biggest problem we see when we help dentists buy or sell practices is the valuation gap. The valuation gap is the difference between the amount that a buyer is willing to pay for a practice and the price the owner wants. Sadly, many business owners have a wildly inflated notion of the value of...  Read More
How To Know My Dental Practice Value
How To Know My Dental Practice ValueUnderstanding the value of your dental practice can be an asset, regardless of whether or not you are in the process of selling your practice. At Professional Transition Strategies, we understand that selling or merging a dental practice is an intricate process,...  Read More
(Man, blogging is hard!)  Also, Associate and Partner Contracts
First, happy 4th of July week everyone! We've got incredible weather here in Minneapolis (for once!). Hope you and your loved ones can enjoy some time off.We wanted to share this post due to several recent encounters with multi-doctor practices where there was a solo owner and one or more associate...  Read More

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