Ways to Encourage Patients to Improve their Dental Health
For some patients, the idea of neglecting their dental health is just as horrifying as ignoring their diet or hygiene routine. However, for those who haven’t kicked some undesirable habits, or can’t say no to sugary drinks, it can be hard to convince them to knock bad habits on the head. While some...  Read More
Dental Nutritional Counseling Program - "Evidence-Based"
I have been asked to share my in-office Dental Nutritional Counseling Program. I developed this evidence-based Program to be a continuing education course for dentists and hygienists. However, this Program is perfect for any healthcare facility. Also, any staff member could be trained to apply this...  Read More
The Real Diet - the "Next Best Thing"
Fads come and go – especially dieting fads. It’s always the “next best thing” that replaces the previous “next best thing”. These diets seem to work to some extent until they don’t. Or, the fad diet you’re on makes you sick. What do you do? Move onto...  Read More
Commitment to Perfection
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Richard Carrara DMD |This week we have Dr. Richard Carrara DMD from Morristown NJ to discuss how he has been committed to excellent dental care for almost three decades!Learn how two friends from dental school became partners with the same vision and ideals in terms of...  Read More
Have You Tried the Mirror Script with your Patients?
Have you used the Mirror Script?Simply focusing on fixing teeth day in and day out can quickly make for a bored practitioner. How many fillings and crowns can one do before the mundane routine robs them of their excitement and passion and replaces it with dread? Reignite and reenergize yourself by...  Read More
5 Useful Tips to a Better Dental Health
Everybody wants to achieve that perfect, white smile. But to achieve that, one must understand the importance of a proper oral hygiene and practice ways to retain a great dental health.Obviously, poor oral health may result in various dental conditions like gum diseases and bad breath, but regular...  Read More
How to Help Prevent Oral Cancer | Puyallup Oral Surgeons
February is National Cancer Prevention Month. During this month, our team at Oral & Facial Surgery Center of Puyallup is committed to help raising awareness about oral cancer.According to the, there are more than 48,000 new cases of oral cancers each year, with more men diagnosed than women....  Read More
You must have heard of the saying “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”. Yes it is right, as it is something that makes a person. Your smile is the first thing that gets into notice of others, so it is a trademark in a way. You cannot express much with other facial...  Read More
5 Tips to Protect Your Teeth and Keep Them Shiny and Beautiful
Periodontal disease or gum disease affects supporting structures of teeth and if left untreated can damage your beautiful smile. is not easy to detect and many people do not notice, and sometimes ignore, tell-tale symptoms. Foul breath and receding or bleeding gums are usually the first...  Read More
Tooth Story: A Dental History Timeline
“Tooth” be told, everyone should know the basics of dental hygiene; unfortunately, many do not. We have written about the origins of the toothbrush and how to care for it. We have given you the rundown of foods to eat and those not to (refer to just last week!).We have given you a...  Read More
The 2013 True Tooth Review
Wow. A culmination of another full year of amazing dental news that is rapidly disappearing in the 2013 rear view mirror. As we humbly reflect on this past year of dental trends and delightfully corny dental stories, Felicia and I raise our bottle of ADA approved mouthwash and salute all of you who...  Read More

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