1106 Nutrition and Dentistry with John Sorrentino, DMD, FAGD: Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. John Sorrentino started his practice in 1991 with a commitment to patient care through education. He believes that with proper care everyone can maintain their teeth for a lifetime. Dr. Sorrentino grew up in the Hudson Valley. He received his Bachelor's degree from the State University of New...  Read More
Healthy Snacking for Kids
Kids say the “darndest” things. Kids also eat the “darndest” things. Skittles and Cokes and all that stuff are junk foods. They certainly are not part of healthy snacking for kids. These “foods” are extremely harmful to every cell in their bodies. They also are major causes of tooth decay and...  Read More
Categories: nutrition, snacking, snacks
Our Pets Have Dental Diseases! Why?
We love our pets. But, our cats and dogs are prone to a common disease that we as humans also must deal with. Our pets often develop dental diseases (tooth decay and gum disease). Dental diseases can cause loss of teeth and can contribute to other chronic diseases. Interestingly, animals in the...  Read More
999 Nutrition and the Microbiome with Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Al, as his patients call him, has been a periodontist for over four decades.He divides his career into two periods: before and after a unique periodontal laser procedure coupled with the dynamics of ancestral nutrition. The laser-based ® protocol and the importance of ancestral nutrition, he...  Read More
BEAUTY - It's an Inside Thing
Several years ago, my dental colleague, Dr. John, told me about his patient, whom I’ll call Gloria. John told me Gloria was fixated on beauty. She dressed immaculately, wore expensive perfume, and must have taken a long time to apply her makeup. She went to Dr. John to have her upper front six...  Read More
The Real Diet - the "Next Best Thing"
Fads come and go – especially dieting fads. It’s always the “next best thing” that replaces the previous “next best thing”. These diets seem to work to some extent until they don’t. Or, the fad diet you’re on makes you sick. What do you do? Move onto...  Read More
Why The Tooth Fairy Gave Up Grains & Sugars
I wrote this whimsical tale about tooth fairies, grains, and sugars. It may bring a smile to your face:   Read More
Well Checks Don’t Guarantee That All is Well (OC Family)
Well checks don't guarantee that all is well. But, the right nutrition will go a long way toward better health for patients and their families.Well Checks Don’t Guarantee That All is Well by Dr. Dana RockeyThis article appeared in the MAY2017 issue ofAlthough a child, teen or adult may pass...  Read More
Q: Which disease is related to severe protein deficiency and is characterized by edema?
(A). Kwashiorkor(B). Phenylketonuria(C). Marasmus(D). Addison’s diseaseKeywords: edema, protein deficiencyThe definitions for the answer choices are as follows: Kwashiorkor: severe protein deficiency; begins aroundage 2. Symptoms include apathy, failure to grow and gain weight,...  Read More
Dentaltown Learning Online....."Caring for Patients with Eating Disorders"..... Filmed Live at Townie Meeting by Linda Douglas, RDH
Dentaltown is pleased to present...."Caring for Patients with Eating Disorders"..... Filmed Live at Townie Meeting by Linda Douglas, RDH.This CE course can be found here....Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric illnesses, anddentalprofessionals are in an ideal position...  Read More
Q: 10 grams of fat produces:
(A). 4 kcal(B). 7 kcal(C). 9 kcal(D). 90 kcalKeywords: fat, 10 g Proteins and carbohydrates produce 4 kcal/g of energy Fat produces 9 kcal/g of energy Alcohol produces 7 kcal/g of energy Vitamins and minerals do not provide energyAnswer: (D). 90 kcalWas (C). 9 kcal tempting to choose?...  Read More
Vertical Gardens: Making Healthy Nutrition a Fun Activity
This article is one that our practice shared with patients on our website. It's a great way to start conversations about health and nutrition with patients. If he’s not at his Newport Beach dental office, hiking, attending car shows or studying the latest health and dental journals, Dr. Dana...  Read More
Beating Cancer with Nutrition (What all Healthcare Professionals Should Know Too)
There is good news in the “war on cancer”. Optimal nutrition coupled with appropriate medical treatment can dramatically improve the quality of life and chances for a complete remission for most cancer patients.discusses the5 main reasons why cancer patients must use nutrition in their...  Read More
Critical Cariology with Dr. Jason Luchtefeld : Howard Speaks Podcast #3
Dr. Howard Farran talks with Dr. Jason Luchtefeld on all things dentistry and ironman, including critical thinking, success, happiness and triathlon training. Audio Podcast:                                                                                                Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #3...  Read More

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