Team Learning Plans for Your Dental Software and More
This episode is incredibly powerful. Be sure to tune in to this episode as Dayna Johnson, founder of Novonee and publisher of the Dentrix Office Manager blog, share how teams can make learning an ongoing process. Dayna shares how to put a plan together and where to find resources. Think that CE is...  Read More
The $10,000 a Day Dentist Book Is Here
Our first 5M Mastermind session was about to start and I had just completed the PowerPoint presentation to share with them how I understood it was possible for any dentist to produce over $10,000 every day.  When you lead a mastermind, you want to give your best, most impactful information, what...  Read More
Episode 8 - Jennifer Schultz and The Achievement Blueprint
Feel busier than ever yet you don’t seem to be accomplishing important projects? Be sure to check out this podcast session with Jennifer Schultz. Jennifer saw that many offices created a to-do list and had great intentions, but something was stopping them from implementing their systems....  Read More
The Real Reason Your Dental Practice is Stagnant
After.I started out coaching dentists on a one-on-one basis, which I continue to do today, albeit on a very limited basis. To help more dentists than I could help on a one-on-one basis, I later wrote ato be able to share best practices and strategies in group settings.Collectively, I’ve...  Read More
Work Less, Earn More, Love Life Again - An Interview with Dr. Chris Griffin
This is an awesome session which should inspire any dental businessowner. Whether you are a solo practitioner, multi-location owner, orstarting out as an associate – Dr. Griffin will inspire you to havework-life balance. Chris is an efficiency guru and even if yourpractice setup is...  Read More
Selling The Invisible In Dentistry with Dr. Howard Farran
In Episode 4 of the Growing Your Dental Business Show, DentalTown's Dr. Howard Farran joins me to discuss the “Secrets to Practice Success.” One of the main components to having a successful practice is understanding that in dentistry we are selling theinvisible. Once a dental practice...  Read More
How to Set the Culture-“Temperature” for Your Dental Group
“Everyorganization needs at least one thermostat. These are the leaders whocan create change in response to the outside world, and do itconsistently over time.” Seth Godin1Change causes one of two responses. Depending on how you deal with it you’re either a thermometer or a...  Read More
GROW Your Dental Group Into a Want-To Rather Than Have-To Culture
“Leadership is creating an environment in which people want to be part of the organization and not just work for the organization. Leadership creates an environment that makes people want to, rather than have to, do. It is a business imperative to create that environment.” - Horst...  Read More
The “Homework” a Dentrepreneur® Must Do When Acquiring or Expanding
“Above all, success in business requires two things: a winning competitive strategy, and superb organizational execution. Distrust is the enemy of both.” - Robert Shaw (Source: Stephen M. R. Covey, The Speed of Trust, p20-21)Success rises to meet you at the point of your preparation. In...  Read More
3 Core Values of a Sustainable Dentrepreneurial Organization
“The ascent of Everest was not the work of one day, nor even ofthose few unforgettable weeks in which we climbed…It is, in fact a taleof sustained and tenacious endeavor by many, over a long period oftime.” - Sir John Hunt, Scaled Mount Everest in 1953 (Source: Jack Canfield, The...  Read More
The Core Questions You Must Ask When Planning Your Launch Strategy as a Dentrepreneur®
There’s a question that’s vital to your success as a dentrepreneur®. Ready?What type of leader are you?That’s tough to answer. Before you do, I’ll help by narrowing it down. Are you more likely to lead with answers? Or… Do you lead more often than not with...  Read More
What a Dentrepreneur® Knows and Understands About Ownership That Increases Personal Satisfaction and Profitability
Most large scale venues have them. I’m talking about those handy location maps.Three words reveal the most important element. “You are here…”Point of reference matters. If you’re planning to navigate from point A to point B you need to know where you are in comparison...  Read More

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