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Preparing for Practice Ownership - Building a Strong Team of Advisors
                        Buying a dental practice is one of the most significant purchases that a dentist will make in their career. A potential buyer of a dental practice must assemble a team of strong advisors to facilitate the transition. Below is a list of members that are crucial to a...  Read More
Episode 15 - Lisa Mergens on Dentist Leadership and Office Culture
The Dental Amigos were happy to host their first amiga, Lisa Mergens of Ascendant Dental Development.Paul and Rob discussed with Lisa Mergens her three-prong approach to training dental offices: communication, dentist leadership and office culture. As we all know, dental school does nothing to...  Read More
Is Your Practice Prepared for 2018?
As we move in to 2018, now is the critical time to start planning for the year. Some of the most overlooked basics for a successful practice owner are estate planning and risk management.Statistically, a practice will lose 25% to 35% per month if the owner of the practice passes away. Without...  Read More
How to Reduce Workers' Compensation Expenses
Operating a dental practice is very expensive. Many times, the expenses are associated with workers' compensation. Below are a list of guidelines and procedures that may help a practice owner reduce workers' compensation costs and claim exposure:    Maintain a written safety policy.         Have...  Read More
Risk Management
Below is a list of items that every practice owner should be aware of.  1. Prepare a new comprehensive employee manual (including a social media policy, cell phone and Internet policy), which also includes new overtime regulations. 2. Prepare a new employee package [documents for applications,...  Read More
1-10 Where to Practice? 45 Min Outside Any Major Metro with Dr. Tarun Agarwal (T-Bone)
Dr. Tarun Agarwal tells new grads exactly where to practice, how to think like a business owner and lays out his personal plan for financial freedom.Sign up for Dr. Tarun Agarwal's courses:Hear both Dr. Agarwal and Dr. Low at the upcoming Voices of Dentistry summit Jan 27-28 in Nashville, TNDr....  Read More
Employment Law Compliance
If you are not aware of the ever changing landscape of employment law, you could sustain a substantial financial loss. Personnel issues that arise in a dental practice are a major source of stress for most dentists. Dealing with complex employment matters can be challenging, emotionally draining,...  Read More
"Must Do" HR Compliance Checklist Series - Employee Discipline and Termination
It is important to conduct a regular review of your HR (human resources) procedures to ensure compliance with the law and prevent employee lawsuits. The checklist below features key steps for evaluating your management practices. All practices should have policies and procedures in place for...  Read More
Dental Treatment Planning
Oberman Law Firm – Pinhas Adar and Treatment PlanningDENTAL SERIES:Pinhas Adar of Adar Dental Network, is a guest as part of our on-going Podcast series featuring the leaders in the dental industry. Listen to hear our discussion on: Why a lab is so important regarding treatment planning. ? ...  Read More
Dental Embezzlement: Fraud in Dental Practices
Oberman Law Firm – David Harris and Dental EmbezzlementDENTAL SERIES:David Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Prosperident, isa guest as part of our on-going podcast series featuring the leaders in the dental industry. Prosperident is the world’s largest dental embezzlement...  Read More
Episode 50: Your Roadmap To Dental Practice Ownership With Dr. Richard Low
Episode 50: Your Roadmap To Dental Practice Ownership With Dr. Richard Low Content originally appeared at:  Read More
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