IT Security Concerns Spreading Quickly
The IT security arena has been tempestuous of late, to say the least, as hackers continue to pose a serious threat tohealthcare organizations, consumers and public-sector agencies. Because of how quickly technology has progressed in the past few years - as well as the rapidity of adoption among...  Read More
Joshua Austin, DDS, FAGD, describes his experiences with Weave, which integrates your phone with your practice management software and works "like a smartphone for your practice."In multiple practice management lectures, I have heard it said that the telephone is the most important instrument in...  Read More
Is Dental Healthcare Prepared for More Mobile IT?
One of the more prominent threats to IT security throughout the past five years has been mobility, as smartphones, tablets, portable computers and the software they run remain common sources of breach and information loss. In healthcare, lost or stolen devices, as well as misuse of those gadgets...  Read More
Enterprise Mobility Security Remains Challenging
The healthcare sector has had to overcome a wealth of challenges when it comes to IT security, service management and delivery in the past few years, with so many new tools and solutions quickly gaining a vital designation among leaders. From telemedicine and mobility to big data and electronic...  Read More
Is Healthcare ready for Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things has been among the more widely discussed and hyped trends in corporate computing throughout the past few years, and is only continuing to gain steam given the explosion of new devices entering the market. Considering the fact that health care firms have thus far struggled to...  Read More
When Will the Breach Threat Subside?
In the past several years, the cybersecurity arena has been moving in the wrong direction, to say the least, and it does not really seem as though the story will change any time soon. Healthcare providers, retailers, payment processors, banks and government agencies have been frequently targeted by...  Read More
IT Security, Compliance Become a Difficult Balancing Act
Organizations in health care and virtually every sector have been challenged significantly of late when it comes to protecting information from breach, exposure, theft and loss, as so many threats have emerged in such a small period of time. The cost of experiencing a major data breach is going up...  Read More
What Does Comprehensive Data Security Look Like?
Information security has become one of the most widely discussed topics among boardroom members, public sector officials and consumer advocates in the past few years, as identity theft has ravaged the U.S. economy. Although progress has been made in this regard, firms are still struggling to really...  Read More
Data Analytics Raises Health Care IT Security Concerns
Health care providers have been somewhat under the gun when it comes to the integrity, security and privacy of patient data for more than a decade now, while breaches have increased in prevalence and damage. The onus has been decisively placed on individual medical firms to begin making more...  Read More
Healthcare IT Security Onus Remains on Access Control
As major trends in corporate computing such as the Internet of Things, enterprise mobility, big data and telecommuting continue to intensify, security professionals have increasingly urged leaders to understand the importance of enhanced access control. Up until this point, simple passwords have...  Read More
The Immense Challenges of IT Management in Health Care
The health care sector has been under constant pressure to shore up its cybersecurity defenses in the past few years, as data breaches continue to plague the sector in the United States and abroad. At the same time, though, legislation has actively pushed medical firms to more aggressively adopt...  Read More
As Mobility Spreads, Healthcare IT Security Must Be Enhanced
The healthcare industry has become a bit more mobile-centric in the past few years, driven by the need for agile, always-on operations that fit the preferences of both employees and clientele. When watching trends in the IT manufacturing sector, it has become clear that personal computers are...  Read More
The advantages to adopting a cloud system and what healthcare organizations need to know
Cloud computing has become very popular in all industries. It generates opportunities for growth and innovation, especially in terms of efficiency. According to a 2014 report by Digital Business, Rethinking Fundamentals, it's predicted more than 60 percent of businesses will have by...  Read More
More Reasons Healthcare needs to Leverage a Secure Cloud Solution
Regardless of which industry an organization might be competing within, cloud computing has become a vital driver of performance across departments and professions, as it essentially modernizes IT in one fell swoop. With the Internet of Things picking up pace, enterprise mobility reaching a...  Read More
Healthcare Email Security Still Needs Improving
Despite the fact that so many data breaches have impacted the health care sector in the past few years, and a high percentage of them have been traced back to poor email security, it does not seem as though industry players are really rising to the challenge. This is disheartening to say the least,...  Read More
Data Breach Threats Shift for Healthcare Firms
In the past five years or so, a wealth of research and analysis has been released regarding the most common causes of data breach, as well as the associated costs of experiencing one of these events and how many entities have been impacted. What has been among the more common themes throughout that...  Read More
Dentrix G6 still uses hard-coded credentialsIF you run Dentrix G5 or G6, you will REALLY want to safe guard your LAN. Unlike G4, Dentrix G5 and G6 use hard-coded credentials to access the database server. Come on Henry Schein Practice Solutions!!!!!Make sure you are not using WEP or WPS on your...  Read More
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Dental IT and the benefits of specialization
While a good tech can get your system optimized and secure, it is important to note that dental-specific IT calls formuch more than just a hardware and software tech – it requires a company which employs adedicated HIPAA security officer in addition to a team of technicians familiar in...  Read More
Ascending into the Clouds with Dentrix Ascend
In the April issue of Dental Town I read an , President of Henry Schein North America Dental Practice Solutions. He was talking about Dentrix’s new Ascend product: a cloud-based practice management system. Based on this interview and my understanding of dental technology, I’d like to...  Read More

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