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For our patients with gum disease, we get a lot of questions about the  we use, and how it compares to more traditional treatments.How effective is it? How does it work? These are good questions, and some of the answers are actually in the name of the procedure, LANAP. It stands for Laser Assisted...  Read More
In the array of treatments dentists use to help patients with periodontitis or advanced gum disease, osseous surgery is one of the options. It’s typically used to treat severe or advanced gum disease, when other treatments haven’t worked to get rid of the problem.Patients with advanced gingivitis...  Read More
CBD Oil For Fighting Gum Disease
Gum disease is a massiveproblem in the United States, yet largely unnoticed by the public. Boththe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the AmericanDental Association (ADA) say that upwards of 60% of Americans exhibitsome form of active gum disease. Gum disease is more than...  Read More
Our Pets Have Dental Diseases! Why?
We love our pets. But, our cats and dogs are prone to a common disease that we as humans also must deal with. Our pets often develop dental diseases (tooth decay and gum disease). Dental diseases can cause loss of teeth and can contribute to other chronic diseases. Interestingly, animals in the...  Read More
Dr. Alvin Danenberg & Dr. Steven Lin Have a "Fireside Chat"
Dr. Steven Lin, a dentist from Australia, and I had a “fireside chat” via Skpe. Take 34 minutes of your time to watch and listen to our thoughts:  Read More
Dentists and Physicians Have Gum Disease
You might think dentists and physicians know enough not to have gum disease. Well, they don’t know enough, and they do have gum disease. Some of my thoughts:    Read More
Bacteria, Mitochondria, and Gum Disease
Bacteria and mitochondria play a significant role in the health of every cell in our bodies, including our mouths. The evolution of mitochondria in our cells, and how we must nourish them, are fascinating. Here are some facts and my thoughts:   Read More
I was interviewed on "The Human First Show with Jonah Larkin"
I was interviewed by Jonah Larkin for his podcast. I talk about oral health, good and bad bacteria, and a whole lot more:  Read More
Dental Panel at the Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS) 2017
I was one of three “dental experts” included in the Dental Panel at the Ancestral Health Symposium 2017. I shared the Panel with Dr. Kevin Boyd and Dr. Scott Solomons. Here is the YouTube video of this 58-minute presentation and Q&A. My part in the Panel begins at the 17:50-minute mark in the...  Read More
Why The Tooth Fairy Gave Up Grains & Sugars
I wrote this whimsical tale about tooth fairies, grains, and sugars. It may bring a smile to your face:   Read More
Flossing Flouters Favor Flawed Flossing Studies
Say it ain’t so! Have dental professionals and government agencies been spinning a yarn of floss all this time about the importance of flossing our teeth? Why are flouters of flossing gleefully smirking at a new caveat regarding cavity prevention?Allow me to explain. Every year the federal...  Read More
In the world where dentists are earning more money than anyother doctors, it is completely understandable now as to why it is so. Weingest through our mouth and chew with our teeth. What if we have some swellingin our mouth or any sort of infection? Forget chewing, we won’t even be able...  Read More
Dental Care Tips for Seniors 
Maintaining proper dental care is important at all stages of life, but it can be especially important in the golden years. As you age, your teeth become more and more prone to decay and sensitivity. Those ages 55 and older are especially at risk for:Sensitive Teeth: Sensitivity can be caused by a...  Read More
5 Ways to Get Yourself to Floss More
We know that you know how important it is to floss at least once daily.We know this because the admonishment to floss comes to you regularly: from your dentist, from advertisers, from your mother, from articles such as this one. (That’s right; floss at least once a day, every day!)But many of...  Read More
Types of Gum Disease
A gum disease is a progressive type of disease that affects the surrounding and supporting tissues of the gums, as well as the underlying jawbone. When this is left untreated, the result will lead to a loose and unstable tooth, even loss of tooth. In fact, this disease is the leading cause of the...  Read More
Categories: oral health, gum disease
Napoleon Meets His Dental Waterloo
Napoleon Bonaparte is renowned for invading countries and pillaging treasuries, but did you know he was meticulous about his tooth care? It's true - he never left home to invade another country without packing his toothbrush.Admittedly I knew little about “Boney” until recently. I mean,...  Read More
Tooth Loss Ramifications
Today there are 25 million people in this country who have no teeth, and that number will increase to 38 million in 2020. As age increases, so does the prevalence ofedentulism(no teeth): 22% at age 45, 36% at age 55, 42% at age 65, and 56% at age 75. In addition, another 80 million people are...  Read More
Why Is Dental Care Important?
Scientific research has shown the relationship between, necessary vitamin intake, and foods that are best for protecting your healthy smile.  Read More
Four Easy Ways to Enable Tooth Enamel
Random thoughts on bees: since presumably more bees prefer honey than vinegar, is there a minority vinegar bee population we don’t know about? If being the “bees knees” is good, is the “bees bottom” like a bee bad boy? If fish swim in schools, are flying bees home...  Read More
Beatrice Our Hygienist: Gum Disease Awareness
affects more adults than cancer, diabetes or heart disease. With 74%of the population affected, only half are aware of it. Gum disease haslong been associated with heart disease, strokes, pre-term births, andlow birth weights. Now there are several connections between overallhealth and overall...  Read More
Implants Treat the Disease of Bone Loss
Thebonearound tooth rootsis a special kind of bone: alveolar bone. It receives stimulation from the roots of the teeth it encloses. Alveolar bone is healthy unless subject to inflammation fromcan be used with dental imaging software to determine the exact location, size and number of implants. By...  Read More
If Your Gums Look Like This, You Need....
If your gums look like this, you need treatment. In this situation, the difference between the tissue disease around the six front teeth--porcelain jacket crowns--and the tissue health around the back teeth is very apparent. This inflammation and bone loss--called, so that harmonious crown contours...  Read More
Why Gum Disease has Warning Signs
Your mouth is full ofand flossing lowers the bacterial count, but harmful bacteria can still cause gum inflammation. Gum disease starts with surface inflammation, then spreads deeper, until it can even destroy the bone around your teeth.What are the signs of gum disease? red, swollen or tender...  Read More
Implants Treat the Disease of Bone Loss
Thebonearound tooth rootsis a special kind of bone: alveolar bone. It receives stimulation from the roots of the teeth it encloses. Alveolar bone is healthy unless subject to inflammation fromcan be used with dental imaging software to determine the exact location, size and number of implants. By...  Read More
What is Peri-implantitis?
Peri-implantitis is a more serious disease distinguishable from the condition of peri-implant mucositis. It is characterized by an inflammatory process around an, which includes both soft tissue inflammation and progressive loss of supporting bone beyond biological bone remodeling. It is present...  Read More
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