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5 Tips for Eliminating Hygiene Cancellations & No-Shows
 We’ve all been frustrated when someone cancels last minute or doesn’t show up without any communication. It’s easy to point fingers and say, “I thought you confirmed that patient!”While it’s impossible to eliminate ALL cancellations and no-shows in the hygiene department, there are a few ways to...  Read More
#84: Updates! Online Scheduling, Dental Web Content
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we talk about updates to scheduling software and Dental Web Content.Listen#84: Updates! Online Scheduling, Dental Web ContenPodcast Highlights: "My patients won't..." they will! The surprising hours patients will make appointments ...  Read More
Scheduling This Way is a Game Changer
Here is a quick scheduling tip that will really help you take control of your schedule.It's a very simple verbal skill that will lead patients to select times on your schedule that you would like them to book.The verbal skill is really just giving two options and asking which option the patient...  Read More
#62: Dentistry is Rebounding - Take Advantage NOW!
What do you do in a rebound year? How do you take full advantage of it, and reap the benefits for years to come? In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, Mark and Howie explain how an upturn changes the dental consumer's spending habits, how to market to these new behaviors, how to ready your...  Read More
It's a Numbers Game
As a profession, we have a lot of different views about the concept of selling. Some feel that we are healthcare providers and we shouldn’t need to sell. Others believe that if we don’t sell, we won’t help many of our patients. Finally, there are those that don’t necessarily...  Read More
#35: 2017 Resolutions. Three Easy Commitments to Make.
The new year is upon us, so what is your practice going to focus on? In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we explain three easy, proven, FREE commitments that your office can make to convert more new patients.ListenPodcast Highlights: Calling new patients the same day they call you ...  Read More
#28: NPI Concierge: Online Appointment Scheduling Made Easy
In this episode of Dental Marketing Mastery, we introduce NPI Concierge, our new software that allows new and existing patients to schedule their own appointments from your website, their social media pages, or their insurance provider’s website.ListenPodcast Highlights: Existing patients,...  Read More
Missed Appointment Procedure
When a patient misses an appointment or cancels call them asap. If you do not reach the patient let them know you will try back in about a week. Repeat a week later if needed. If still no joy, they go on your normal reactivation protocol. If you do reach the patient say something to the effect...  Read More
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Consultant Tip: Calling to Schedule Recall Appointments
Once you have the patient (or parent) on the phone, set an appointment.Briefly, the sequence for recall dialogue is:1. Get the patient or parent on the line.2. In a cheerful, pleasant manner, identify yourself and the office:"Hello, Mr. Jones, this is _______ from Dr. Goodtooth's office!"3. Tell...  Read More
Four Things I Need You to Know When You Are Late for Work
There’s no getting around it: healthcare is an industry in whichservice is often measured by how long the patient had to wait for theirappointment. So, it stands to reason that one of the most frustratingthings to deal with is an employee who is habitually late, and whodoesn’t seem to...  Read More
No-Shows Getting The Better of You?
No-Shows Getting the Better of You?The idea that 'most people don't do this intentionally' is not well-received by many. And, there IS a solution for most of them - one that keeps a practice from actually losing an otherwise desirable patient.Dr. in Centrellia, WA suggests:"Here's a suggestion -...  Read More
Scheduling with Integrity
Tired of that 'OTHER' scheduling program that won't stop hounding your staff on the phones?Refuse to deal with such tactics, which include questionable at best tactics for getting patients to schedule as well.Schedule with IntegrityCheck out this article, and make the...  Read More
Confirmation Protocol
Automatic confirmation systems are amazing but it's important not to get too automatic. Here is what we are now finding that generally works best:1. Find out from patients whether they prefer to be contacted by text, email or phone call. Do not offer a postcard. Only use a postcard if the patient...  Read More
Consultant Tip: How to Increase Your Bottom Line
Do you know the best and easiest way to increase your bottom line or profit? It's by not having open time on your schedule, which is achieved by eliminating broken appointments and controlling your schedule. For every broken appointment and time left unfilled on the schedule, your bottom line...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Filling Short-Notice Changes
If the Scheduling Coordinator just can't prevent a change in the schedule, the next best thing is that any changes in the schedule be filled immediately. This means that if a patient says they can't make it tomorrow, you need to fill that slot before tomorrow gets here and you are all standing...  Read More
Consultant Tip: A Boost While the Doctor is Out
When the doctor is out of the office for any reason, such as attending a continuing education seminar, it is a great opportunity for the entire office staff to team up and bolster the appointment book with recalls, incomplete treatment, reactivations[patients that have not been in for 13 months or...  Read More
A Boost While the Doctor is Out
When the doctor is out of the office for any reason, such as attending a continuing education seminar, it is a great opportunity for the entire office staff to team up and bolster the appointment book in your computer software with recalls, incomplete treatment, reactivations[patients that have not...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Appointment Wrap Up
Follow these steps at the end of each appointment with all patients to make sure you "wrap up" the patient's visit with positive communication while preparing them for their next appointment.STEP 1: Raise the chair so that the patient is in an upright position. You should remain seated facing the...  Read More
More on No Shows and Cancels
Any systems comes down more to WHO is doing the job then the “system” itself.Don’t get me wrong - systems are vital - but there are tons of good systems out there.What is more important is how well trained the people are on implementing whatever system you use as an untrained...  Read More
Standardized Sequence for Handling Requests to Break or Cancel an Appointment
Standardized Sequence for Handling Requests to Break or Cancel an AppointmentWhen you are speaking to a patient or someone who calls for a patient and they want to break an appointment, there are certain steps to follow. The first step is to get the person on the telephone that has the...  Read More
Patient Scheduling: Efficient Time Management
Effective scheduling techniques stabilize production from one day to the next greatly reducing the stress created by inconsistency. The ability to increase production is the result of a well-designed day not by increasing the number of patients seen.The goal of any practice should be to help as...  Read More
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Even in a dental office... People don't buy for logical reasons - They buy for emotional reasons.
True that, right? All buyers are influenced, good and bad, by emotion.Emotionalconnections with your patients can determine the strength, length andprofitability of your relationship. Positive emotions build loyalty,trust and referral based growth. Everything that happens in yourpractice, from...  Read More
The fortune, my friends, is in the follow-up
“In golf, as in life, it is the follow through that makes the difference.”Follow-up. We know how critical the correct follow-up can be in adental practice. It can make or break treatment case acceptance. It canmake or break a new patient scheduling. It can make or break thepositive...  Read More
More bang for your marketing buck...
Websites.Electronic Communication Systems. Direct Mail Marketers. Radio Ads.Newspaper Ads. Social Media Support. Logo memorabilia. Special Events.In house marketing gimmicks and print material. Newsletters. Emailblasts.Marketing isn't cheap, right? Youspend thousands of your hard earned dollars on...  Read More
Consultant Tip: Go for Your Dreams
Dentists go to great lengths to try and build their practices.They invest a tremendous amount of time and money to become dentists and set up a practice by getting through college, dental school, and continuing education courses. They invest heavily in office space, dental equipment, office...  Read More
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