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Episode 32: The Top 3 Things Virtual Reality Can Do For Your Practice
Nitrous effects with no drugs?! Dr. Bryan Laskin talks about the revolutionary product he's created with  and how virtual reality can provide incredible relief for patients without the common side-effects of drugs.The Top 3 Things VR Can Do For Your PracticeFind us on !  Read More
Enhancing Patient Care using New Procedures and Technology with Dr. Angela Ruff, DDS
 On this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we have Dr. Angela Ruff, DDS stop by and chat with us about the Importance of Enhancing Patient Care by adapting to new procedures and the latest technology. In this Episode we talk about:-What life event inspired her to change from a pharmaceutical...  Read More
Episode 28: How To View Technology From The Millennial Perspective (with Dr. Sully Sullivan)
Whether its getting away from paper charts or automating your systems better, Dr. Laskin is joined by  to get a millennial perspective on modern dentistry practices.Dental Technology from the Millennial Perspective Find us on   Read More
 The Application of Technology in your Dental Practice with Dr. Kevin Wheeler, DDS
Our guest this week is Dr. Kevin Wheeler, DDS. Surrounded by a family who was heavily involved in Dentistry, he was influenced by them to seek a career in Dentistry. Dr. Wheeler received a Business Degree in Information Systems rather than pursuing a degree in Biology or Chemistry, which most other...  Read More
Two Ways to Use Your Dental Technology to Market Your Practice
                                     When many people think of dental marketing, they think of two things.First, they think of where they will advertise their practice. Traditionally, this includes things such as direct mail, television ads, and phone-book advertising. Now, many dentists also think...  Read More
Two Ways to Improve Your Practice Using Dental Software
The thought of using dental practice management software can seem intimidating to dentists. After all, we’re trained to use technology to provide dental care. We’re not trained in dental office software.But what if you found dental software programs that were actually easy to install and use? What...  Read More
Who are we and what the heck are we doing?
Millennial Dentist Podcast Welcome everyone to the Millennial Dentist Podcast inaugural episode! My name is Dr. Sully Sullivan and I am a general dentist in Brentwood, Tn. Myself and two of my good buddies Dr. Daniel Holsinger and Dr....  Read More
Is This Dental Advance the Death of the Root Canal?
Technology can make some dental procedures obsolete. Dentists need to diversify to protect themselves. Colin explains in Patient Attraction Podcast 888.Call Us: 888.741.1413  Read More
10 Must Have Dental Technology Equipments
The world of dentistry has already gone so far compared to the past decade or so. The industry is constantly evolving and the technological advancements make the clinical and patients’ experience a lot better. Here is a short list of a few technological equipments that dental firms use these...  Read More
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IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE SPENDING $50,000+ DON’T BLOW IT!Most of you have or will be, within the next 2-3, years making investments of $50,000 or more in technology: digital x-rays, Diagnodent, lasers, clinical charting software, monitors, patient education software, Cerec, electric hand...  Read More
Do you want to better inform every dental patient? Education videos are a great strategy, especially for marketing-savvy dentistsHave you ever explained a dental procedure to a patient and watched his eyes gloss over? Dentistry is a complicated subject. Describing your diagnosis and solution...  Read More
Bad Breath Examination as a General Dentist Using a Halimeter
I’m a general dentist working in a 10-dentist clinic in Kristiansand in southern Norway. Since 2014, I have regularly used a Halimeter to detect and diagnose halitosis. I’d like to share with you how we use this in our clinic to help patients struggling with halitosis. The Halimeter is...  Read More
Dental Technology Advancements with (KOL) Ron Kaminer, DDS
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL): Dr. DavidHornbook andDr. Ron Kaminerengage in this thrillinginterview about Pushing your comfort levels with dental technology & materials. Some of the Topics include CAD/Cam, Caries Detection devices, Spectra andlightwalker."They're doing a lot of cool things out...  Read More
Eight Ways to Ruin Your Dental Practice
Being A Dentist Is ToughYou have a lot of staff, equipment, and expenses to worry about. There are insurances, leases, and about 900 other things that you need to try to keep track. But you do it! That’s what’s amazing. You manage to do it and do it well.There are some mistakes that...  Read More
Technology: The Leading Edge in a Dental Office
Dental TechnologyThe dentist’s office is seeing more and more of the latest technology applied to dental care. Here are a few of the more interesting technologies that are being researched for the industry.Self-Healing TeethResearchers in Spain and Brazil are beginning to apply...  Read More
Episode 4:  Dr. Mark Hyman - Tips from a Top Gun Dental Team for 2016
Episode 4: Dr. Mark Hyman - Tips for Top Gun Team Episode 4 presents The Dental Insiders' interview with Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Mark Hyman is a renowned, full-time practicing dentist in Greensboro, NC, and a public speaker whose work is...  Read More
Episode 3:  Dr. Lou Shuman (Part 2)
Episode 3: Dr. Lou Shuman (Part 2) The Dental Insiders interview Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS. In part 2 of 2, Dr. Shuman shares insights on social media, practice marketing, and mentorship.<iframe width="560" height="315"...  Read More
Episode 2:  Dr. Lou Shuman (Part 1)
Episode 2: Dr. Lou Shuman The Dental Insiders interview Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS. Dr. Shuman shares insights on technology, trade shows, team leadership, and soccer. Part 1 of 2.  Read More
Episode 1:  Meet Your Hosts
Episode 1: Meet Your Hosts Episode 1 introduces you to your hosts, Matthew Petchel and Michael Dunn.  Read More
The Dental Insiders Episode 2:  Dr. Lou Shuman (Part 1)
The Dental Insiders Episode 2 The Dental Insiderspresents visionaries in the dental industry to share stories, insights and lessons they’ve learned along the way. Guests include clinicians, Key Opinion Leaders, industry gurus,...  Read More
Introducing The Dental Insiders Podcast!
The Dental Insiders podcast is here! Episode 1 introduces you to your hosts, Matthew and Michael. Enjoy!  Read More
At Umbie, we are going to start a blog series showcasing our wonderful employees. We're featuring interviews each month, structured as a light Q&A. This month we're introducing you to Doug MacNeil, our Conversion Team Manager.What is your role with Umbie DentalCare?Conversion Team ManagerHow...  Read More
We have experience a lot of growth this year and have onboard a lot of office onto Umbie. Switching practice management software can be a scary undertaking, but implementation can be very smooth if you just follow these 3 simple steps.Step #1: Measure Twice, Cut Once“Before anything else,...  Read More
Administrative tasks take up a large sum of your day. These are duties are responsibility that all practices must deal with. Not only do tasks like billing, documentation, and patient management take valuable time, they can also cause loss of revenue if not handled with proper care. Here are four...  Read More
Our last blog we discussed the startling fact that over 60% of dentists are victims of in-office embezzlement at some point in their career, and on average, will suffer a loss of over $100,000. Even more disturbing than the probability of being stolen from, is that the thief is usually a longtime,...  Read More
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