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#77: Chasing the Dream: Interview with Dr. Kent Smith
How do create enough patients to start doing the dentistry you love? We interview Dr. Kent Smith to find out what he did in his practice to make it happen!Listen#77: Chasing the Dream: Interview with Dr. Kent SmPodcast Highlights The landscape of dentistry Focusing on general...  Read More
Does Your Amalgam Separator Work for You, or Do You Work for It? Being an Environmentally Friendly Dental Practice
Many Dental Professionals are dreading the EPA Amalgam Separator Regulation as it will add yet another cost to their overhead. In addition to the price, filter/maintenance type amalgam separators sold by major Dental Suppliers add another workload to the already busy Dental Staff because their...  Read More
#52: What To Look For When Picking The Right Dental Lab Technician With Joshua Fitzgerald
Does your dental lab go above and beyond for you? How can you better your dental practice with the right dental lab? Well that’s exactly what today’s guest tells you. Joshua Fitzgerald has been in the dental lab industry for over 15 years and has plenty of experience and much to say...  Read More
#51: The Ugly Truth About Healthcare With Dr. Fred Ferguson
In Episode 51 my guest reveals the truth about how society treats and views our healthcare system. We see how health insurances give us a hard time whenever we submit claims, less is being covered, codes change, and more, but there is a deeper problem here! Think about it… wouldn’t it...  Read More
#48: The Simple And Strongly Suggested Online Strategy To See Remarkable New Patients Results With Shauna Duty
It’s episode 48! YEAH! I am so excited for you to listen to this episode (actually I am excited whenever you listen to any of The Dental Marketer’s episodes) however in this episode my guest, Shauna, really breaks down for us the importance of blogging/ copy-writing on your website and...  Read More
#44: The Small Things Your Front Office Can Do To Get You BIG Results With Karina Acosta
In episode 44 I chat with someone who started in the dental industry not too long ago but has really made an impact in the dental offices she works with. Here we talk about just how important having a remarkable user experience on your website plays a major role in attracting new patients. Remember...  Read More
Google Marketing: The Holy Grail
Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. John Cannariato DMDHaving opened two practices in Tampa, Florida with a 3rd on its way, Dr. John Cannariato DMD explains the importance of standing out through marketing and offering unique services. Dr. John Cannariato explains how his practice gained 250 reviews and a 4.9...  Read More
#29: Is SEO really as important as people make it out to be? with SmilenowSEO
In this dental marketing episode we crack down just how crucial SEO is today. We know and here this term being thrown around a lot but do dentist really understand its importance and what it means? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can or actually is very complex and is forever changing, this means...  Read More
#23: The powerful and proven way to increase brand-awareness with Dr. Ziv Simon.
In this episode of The Dental Marketer podcast we discuss one very, extremely important tactic that needs to be done when shouting your brand (and yourself) out to your community. This especially applies to you if you are a general dentist looking to get into the surgery field, or looking to...  Read More
#20: How social media is helping most dentist successfully attract new patients with Nicole Stewart.
In this episode we discuss a trend; a “marketing tool” that most dentists are using to successfully attract new patients:Social Media. Social Media is becoming more and more of a platform that businesses use to not only create their brand but build and attract their customers from it!We...  Read More
#19: A simple proven way to find loads of interested new patients.
Today’s podcast episodeis uncovering where there isanother place where new patients are hiding.Remember new patients are everywhere, we just either need to go out and find them or make it extremely easy for them to find us (by being everywhere).Have you ever typed into google or your search...  Read More
 #18: Make sure your marketing material is helping; not just selling!
In this episode I talk about the true purpose, or what SHOULD be the true purpose behind your marketing material.Marketing material can be your business cards, flyers, pamphlets, signs that you have out front, magazine ads, any print ads, or even what you have your own marketer tell the...  Read More
#17: A Remarkable Way To Attract New Patients And More!
In this episode I share with you an idea I have put into action and strategized!Now it’s somewhat of a referral program/ system on steroids!Start reducing no shows, start reducing last minute cancellations, start increasing your new patient flow, and start increasing your existing...  Read More
#15: New Patients vs. Existing Patients
What’s up guys! Thank you for tuning in again!In this episode we are talking about just how important our existing customer base is.Sometimes we are so obsessed with attracting new patients that we tend to neglect or forget about our wonderful existing patients. One thing we need to keep in...  Read More
#14: Be Memorable By Being Unexpected.
In this episode I discuss with you a way to build patient loyalty and also a way to be the talk of the town.Too many dentist and dental offices have the same way of thinking, the same connections, the same agencies, the same dental software, and the same vibes of a regular dental office.You need to...  Read More
Podcast Episode 013: Where to find 20-30 new patients every month.
In episode 13 I share with y’all one of my secrets of where I can easily find 20-30 new patients monthly!If marketed and approached properly this strategy will literally turn into a gold mine for you and will require little, very minimal, work from you!It all has to do with new move ins!Did...  Read More
#12: What every dentist looking to hire and build their dental staff needs to hear.
In this episode we ignite the spark to motivate you this week!The quote we go off of is by Pete Schultz which is “Hire Character, Train Skill”.I’m sure many of you can relate that some of the biggest headaches and concerns we have are not from our patients, but from our dental...  Read More
When we found out about , we just about went crazy. Finally, someone cracked the code on training office staff without the pocket-gutting cost of bringing in a practice consultant or spending countless hours training new hires! What is Front Office Rocks?Front Office Rocks is an online training...  Read More
Creating a new website is a great step forward for your practice, but sometimes it can feel like pulling teeth. Now, I know as a dentist that sounds like oodles of fun, however for the rest of us this is a euphemism for a potentially dreadful experience.With so many marketing and web design...  Read More
#11: The Social Media Marketer that will tell you the EASY formula to start attracting new patients today; Avalene Roberts.
In episode 11 I have the privilege of having the wonderful Avalene Roberts:Founder of; a website where the dentistand anyone in the dental field can create a profile and look for theperfect dental staff to hire. It is known as the Linkedin of dentistry!Founder of the app Cavity...  Read More
Podcast Episode 010: Possibly the easiest and simplest dental marketing strategy!
In this episode I share with you one of the easiest and simplest marketing strategies I’ve used and still use!I want everyone listening who owns their own dental office to do this and apply this marketing strategy this week/ month!Setting up outside of your place of business will not only...  Read More
6 Marketing Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making (And How To Fix Them)
Are you competitive?Because the dental profession is more than ever. There are simply too many dentists for the number of patients.But that’s not the real problem.The real problem is: What are you going to do about it?Because there are still plenty of dentists out there who run highly...  Read More
Podcast Episode 008: "Why can't I attract patients through Instagram?!"
In this episode we crack down on Instagram! I mean, let’s be real here… the main reason your dental practice has an Instagram account is to attract new patients, right?Social Media marketing is huge and is growing day by day.. buuuut for some reason most dentist don’t see...  Read More
Podcast Episode 007: 4 Ways To Rapidly Increase Your New Patient Referrals.
Hey guys! In episode 007 we dive into how to increase referrals through dental marketing.When your existing patients refers their friend, family, or co-workerto you; that shows a sign of trust from your existing patient.This also means that this referral is WAY more likely to be a loyalpatient...  Read More
Part 1: What I learned marketing for dentist at Costco.
So, as you know, being ground marketers we tend to get into a lot ofcompanies and market inside of these companies and businesses. Whetherit’s setting up a booth and advertising a dentistry in the companiesbreak room, warehouse, or even advertise outside of company’s building!Anyways,...  Read More
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