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There is no need to stress the importance of positive online reviews. At the very least, a solid number of positive reviews minimizes unpleasant effect of an unexpected negative review. There are many patient engagement platforms on the market that promise you seamless collection of online reviews....  Read More
Do You Want More Patients?
It goes without saying, but without a steady stream of patients, your practice will die! So, if you’re looking for proven strategies for attracting new and better patients keep reading.What you’re about to read is not a collection of platitudes and theories that only function under...  Read More
How to Become a Patient Magnet
Patient attraction is EVERYTHING in business; therefore, it should go without saying that without a steady stream of patients, your practice will die! As such, you're going to learn how to transform your clinic into a patient magnet through powerful messaging.The information you provide (either on...  Read More
Use Great Questions to Find a Patients Why
by Jenn Janicki, Clinical Mastery Series Executive DirectorJoin us for Part 3 in a series of 6 presenting “best practices” for dental professionals. I’vecreated this series for clinicians who have a high level of clinical training and confidence but have not yet created a strategy...  Read More
#37: What did Dr. Carl Werts do to become more profitable and immediately have better quality patients.
How’s it going Dental Marketer Tribe! In this episode we dive into dental marketing from a surgeons perspective. Dr. Werts who went from being a GP to doing his own surgery cases himself! Listen closely how this has not only increased production (of course!) but how it also allowed him to...  Read More
5 Critical Success Factors for Beginning a Newsletter Marketing Campaign
Below we present five critical success factors for dentists beginning a newsletter marketing campaign. Be sure to remember these as you get started and refer to them as you proceed! These are excerpted fromWPI Communications’educational paper,1.Be consistent.For newsletters to be effective,...  Read More
The State of Dental Marketing with Laura Maly and Michael Anderson
Episode 65: The State of Dental Marketing with Laura Maly and Michael Ander Content Originally Appeared on  Read More
#17: A Remarkable Way To Attract New Patients And More!
In this episode I share with you an idea I have put into action and strategized!Now it’s somewhat of a referral program/ system on steroids!Start reducing no shows, start reducing last minute cancellations, start increasing your new patient flow, and start increasing your existing...  Read More
#16: What is a dental "ground marketer" and do you need one?
In this episode we discover what is a "dental ground marketer"? I get this question asked all the time!We also discover what a ground marketer can do for you, how it can compliment your digital marketing, and if you truly need one!Dental ground marketing is my roots; it's honestlywhat I created and...  Read More
#14: Be Memorable By Being Unexpected.
In this episode I discuss with you a way to build patient loyalty and also a way to be the talk of the town.Too many dentist and dental offices have the same way of thinking, the same connections, the same agencies, the same dental software, and the same vibes of a regular dental office.You need to...  Read More
Podcast Episode 010: Possibly the easiest and simplest dental marketing strategy!
In this episode I share with you one of the easiest and simplest marketing strategies I’ve used and still use!I want everyone listening who owns their own dental office to do this and apply this marketing strategy this week/ month!Setting up outside of your place of business will not only...  Read More
Podcast Episode 008: "Why can't I attract patients through Instagram?!"
In this episode we crack down on Instagram! I mean, let’s be real here… the main reason your dental practice has an Instagram account is to attract new patients, right?Social Media marketing is huge and is growing day by day.. buuuut for some reason most dentist don’t see...  Read More
Find A Patient’s Why Through the Power of Great Questions
by Jenn Janicki, Executive DirectorJoin us for Part 3 in a series of 6 presenting “best practices” for dental professionals. I’ve created this series for clinicians who have a high level of clinical training and confidence, but have not yet created a strategy for attracting...  Read More
Podcast Episode 007: 4 Ways To Rapidly Increase Your New Patient Referrals.
Hey guys! In episode 007 we dive into how to increase referrals through dental marketing.When your existing patients refers their friend, family, or co-workerto you; that shows a sign of trust from your existing patient.This also means that this referral is WAY more likely to be a loyalpatient...  Read More
Part 1: What I learned marketing for dentist at Costco.
So, as you know, being ground marketers we tend to get into a lot ofcompanies and market inside of these companies and businesses. Whetherit’s setting up a booth and advertising a dentistry in the companiesbreak room, warehouse, or even advertise outside of company’s building!Anyways,...  Read More
Podcast Episode 005: How to market your dental practice effectively to your local schools.
In Episode 005 we talk about how to market your dental practice effectively to public schools and private schools.We know the teachers, staff, and most of the school district’semployees have great dental insurance so why wouldn’t they be a maintarget to try and attract to your...  Read More
Podcast Episode 004: If you're marketing isn't on point, you're advertising won't stand a chance.
In this episode I talk about, very briefly, a super common thing I see with many dentists and that is: advertising with no marketing behind it.You have to know the difference between the two. However, most importantly, you have to get your marketing down right, in-office and out of your office....  Read More
Podcast Episode 003: Is it really worth joining my local Chamber of Commerce?
In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of joining your local Chamber of Commerce and answer the question “Is joining worth it?I give you two pointers, or actually to HUGE key factors to look at before signing up or deciding to decline their membership. First factor is: check the...  Read More
Why your social media isn’t bringing you any new patients.
Instagram… Facebook…. Twitter…. Pinterest…. Everyone reading this is probably familiar with one of these social media platform names.Why are you familiar with it? Who told you about it? Do any of your friends NOT know about these social media platforms?Social media has...  Read More
PODCAST EPISODE 002: What you need to understand first, in order to attract new patients into your practice.
In this episode we talk about what it really means to “attract” when attracting new potential patients to your dental practice.We break it down process down and help you see it takes about 3 steps to attract a new patient. Be different.Being different is the key to create appeal in a...  Read More
3 guaranteed ways to attract new patients through your Chamber of Commerce
One major complaint that has popped up a lot last week (afterof my podcast #TDMTALKS)was that their Chamber of Commerce SUCKS!You either feel that the chamber of commerce is like “squad” or maybe they look like they are just playing “high school” all over again!Well, I...  Read More
Podcast Episode 001: Welcome To The Dental Marketer Talks
Episode 001: Introducing The Dental Marketer Talks #TDMTALKS Thank you everyone for listening into the very first episode, episode 001, of The Dental Marketer Talks #TDMTALKS.In this very brief episode, I just cover what you will expect...  Read More
Starting a new dental practice? On a budget? Here's guaranteed ways to attract new patients with little to no cost!
Starting up a brand new dental practice is no easy task, let alone a very expensive one. We are talking about at least 2 operatory rooms, new dental equipment, having an awesome front and back staff, and any remodeling/ upgrades to the office (your logo, painting, etc.).This obviously puts a huge...  Read More
Are Google Adwords Dead? Marketing Trick
What I Have Learned About Marketing Through a Data Analyst's Eyes.I come from a heavy analytical background. I have been a financialanalyst a data analyst and have held many positions that use numbertracking. My most recent position is business manager of Oxford DentalCare. We are a and Ioversee...  Read More
How To Attract New Patients Through The Chamber of Commerce.
These past couple of weeks I’ve had so many meetings and consultations with dentistry’s who seem to have different problems obviously but some similar complaint.One major complaint that has popped up a lot last week was that their Chamber of Commerce SUCKS!You either feel that the...  Read More
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