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The 'Secret Sauce' to Ortho Case Presentation Success
It's most important to actually love your patients. They can tell, and sense your dedication to them and their health -- and whether you are being the best doctor you can be. Here's the 'secret sauce' to keep potential patients fully informed, and actually excited about the recommended case...  Read More
They Come for the Ortho and Stay for the Love
Love plays a vital role when you work with patients in your orthodontics or dental practice. That can be further defined as love for your job, love for your patients, and vital to all of this -- your patients' love for you. There are certain things you can do to cultivate this in your life and...  Read More
Courage to be a Dentist (and the role orthodontics might play)
Most of us start practice not knowing just how difficult dental practice can be. We have the challenge to look at our practice as a whole and ask ourselves, "What is missing in this picture?" Dentists need the courage to figure out what needs to change and the courage to make those changes.  Read More
 Ortho in your practice, Doctor! Part V - Get a Clear Vision of Your Mission and Pursue It Now
Orthodontics and ClarityIt’s easy to believe that orthodontics is a mystery.  In many schools and with many dentists, that belief is pervasive.  The mystery of orthodontics, just like the mystery of each and every area of dentistry, is unveiled and solved in learning and practicing. Your...  Read More
Doctor, will you choose to step forward or backward today?
Right now, you have the choice - step forward into growth and learning, or step backward into what feels like safety and security.Most people step backward - and guess what?!  That slowly kills your chances to become more, to become extraordinary.“The problem is that our culture has engaged in a...  Read More
 Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor! Part IV - Commit to Learn
You can change all things when you change yourself for the better.  So how do you need to change yourself?  The answer lies in what you want to FEEL.Clarity about what you want to feel, be, experience is the key. “Self-protection leads to mediocrity.  Self-service leads to fortune.  Self-investment...  Read More
Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor! Part III   -- Ortho and You
Orthodontics is a natural part of pediatric dental care. I cannot imagine how one can NOT offer it within the practice setting.  It is such an amazing and wonderful piece of the ideal - holistic care of the patient, intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.There are...  Read More
#74: How To Get Your Patients To Start Accepting More Ortho Procedures Immediately With Dr. Amanda Wilson
You are listening to episode 74 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! In this episode I speak with our wonderful guest Dr. Amanda Wilson. We discuss various topics and most of the topics are ortho related, which makes sense because she has been doing ortho for over 10 years. We discuss the importance of...  Read More
Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor!  Part II - Ortho and Me
Why would you be interested in orthodontics? Why would you want to read about it? Why would you think of possibly adding it to your practice?  Here are my answers to these questions: My interest in orthodontics came from an interest in seeing my child patients have the most gorgeous smile as soon...  Read More
Orthodontics in Your Practice, Doctor!     Part 1 - Get Clarity
Have you considered adding orthodontics to your practice?  As a pediatric dentist, and with more than 25 years of practice, I can not imagine practicing dentistry if I did not do orthodontics.  It has been part of my practice for all my years of practice.  All of them.But, before I tell you why...  Read More
How Nancy Drew Led Me To Orthodontics
So what does a fictional girl detective have to do with a successful career in orthodontics?  The answer to that question makes sense to a lot of us...  Read More
Ortho in Your Practice! -- Dr Chris Baker
General and Pediatric Dentists can successfully add orthodontics to their practices. It can be very exciting and greatly improve patient care. When using the right orthodontic systems, ortho can create great job satisfaction and profitability for the dentist, in addition to helping make patients...  Read More
With Your Practice, Choose Freedom, Not a Train Wreck
It is a great opportunity and an important step:  Dentists should take a free market approach with their practices, and avoid the oncoming 'train wreck' that corporate and government influences can create.Part II of 'There's a Fast Train Coming. Doctor, Are You Dancing on the...  Read More
When the FIVE's don't JIVE
The Problems of missing and ectopic second bicuspidsSeverely ectopic LR5 had to be removed. © 20182 Facts for your consideration:            The “5’s”, or second bicuspids are statistically the third most-commonly congenitally anomalous teeth, misshapen, ectopic eruptive positions, and missing....  Read More
Use the Right Systems to Bring Ortho into Your Practice
Using the right systems is the "secret sauce" to successfully implement an orthodontic program in a general or pediatric dental practice. © 2018  Dr Chris Baker  Read More
Combining Love and Orthodontics Makes for a Joyful Practice
Video shot at the Advanced American Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Dr Chris Baker explains why a sincere love for patients and their families combines well with orthodontics for having a happy and successful practice.   Read More
The Great Distress: Ectopic Teeth in a Smile and in Orthodontics
For a patient whose teeth are ectopic - out of place - it is distressing.     A child will often say, “I don’t like my fangs.”  And, if the teeth do not show up, are ectopic and unerupted, it is distressing to have spaces in your smile.It is also distressing for you, wanting to be efficient and...  Read More
 Orthodontics: How You Start Finishing at the Beginning and Reduce the Stress at the End for You and Your Patient
Funny how we call detailing the tooth alignment and the bite, “finishing”. Funny because it all starts from diagnosis. Actually it starts at the initial examination. What we do at the beginning makes our finishing time longer or shorter. Identifying the existing risks, discrepancies,...  Read More
Specialization as a GP or Pediatric Dentist...
If you are a GP dentist or a Pediatric Dentist you take on the responsibility for your patients, of functioning as the “gate-keeper” or “dental home.”  You provide comprehensive and often extensive evaluations of your patients’ needs, and from there, along with the appropriate records, create a...  Read More
OrthoAssist Treatment Coordinator
So many times when a practice needs a Treatment Coordinator to present the treatment plans to patients, the person hired is usually a good communicator but knows nothing about orthodontics.  This position is very important as it is part of our first impression that our new patients are forming...  Read More
211 Can General Dentists Do Ortho? with Geoffrey Hall : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Geoffrey Hall shares how general dentists can excel in ortho.Stream Audio here: AUDIO - HSP #211 - Geoffrey Hall Watch Video here: VIDEO - HSP #211 - Geoffrey Hall Geoffrey Hall,...  Read More
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