The story goes like this…
A doctor was struggling with the realities of life.Having a family and a busy dental practice, he was feeling overwhelmed by the opposing demands of both. For the past several years, he has been experiencing a feeling that his life was spiraling out of control and that he no longer dictated the...  Read More
Thirty Years of Dentistry: The Roller Coaster Treadmill
Thirty Years of Dentistry: The Roller Coaster TreadmillThe Roller Coaster Treadmill is my new favorite business illustration of all time, probably because even I can draw it. I just fell into it one day. Responding to questions in a workshop, this illustration emerged. There is so much in here...  Read More
Decision-Making is Critical When Running a Business
Improve Your Decision-Making When You Use a Business CoachIn the wildly popular television series “House of Cards”, Kevin Spacey plays the role of president Frank Underwood; a smart, cunning, and ruthless politician. As the story unfolds, President Underwood is faced with many political...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip # 52 What To Do When I Realize I Am Not A Good Manager
As an entrepreneur with a growing business, we soon discover that one of the most challenging hats we must wear is the “manage your team” hat. This is often because we may not have the experience orskill setrequired to successfully manage people. Management is so much more than hiring a...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #50 - How Do I Build My Team?
One day it happens. You take on a large project or client and you need to build a team. In the past you were able to get by with support from family and friends or perhaps someone you knew or where referred to who had a few hours to spare. In many cases, you limped along with individuals who were...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #49   How to Avoid Becoming An Overcommitted Volunteer
After we have been entrepreneurs for a length of time we may find ourselves anchored within the same volunteer organizations we have been part of for many years. We may even hold leadership roles within these organizations or simply continue to participate to stay connected with our core industries...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #42 How to Overcome the Problem of a Longer To-Do List than Time Permits
A common challenge for entrepreneurs is trying to squeeze an endless list of things that need to be done into a finite amount of time. This constant struggle can cause frustration, anxiety and uncertainty about one’s ability to succeed. Though this is definitely a real and perplexing...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #41: How to Survive Lack of Support from Those Closest to Us
As entrepreneurs, where do we get our daily dose of support and inspiration?As we hit the inevitable roadblocks on our entrepreneurial journey, we often depend on those closest to us to provide the fuel to continue to ignite our flame and support our dreams.Far too frequently, however, some of...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #40 - It Takes Time for Efforts to Be Realized
Do these situations sound familiar? You have attended more than a few networking events and although it has become easier it seems to be a waste of time. The few decent contacts that you have retained do not need your services or products. You have reluctantly tried social media marketing campaigns...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #39 – Does Fear Have You In Its Grip?
As entrepreneurs, we must overcome the deceptive power of fear. Fear often disguises itself as productivity and defies conventional wisdom. How do you recognize you are being deceived? Fear has you in its grip if you are constantly telling yourself you are not ready or that nobody will believe in...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #38: How Do I Ride the Wave of Victory?
It took a lot for you to make that first call, ask that tenth person, or yelled out YES! And you did your victory or happy dance. Now, not too long after that victory, you face another challenge. You are right back to that same need for fortitude and confidence. Yet you seem to have completely...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #37: Do I Need To Give Myself Permission to Thrive?
Have you ever abandoned an ambitious goal because you felt you were not worthy or perhaps you were fearful of taking the necessary steps? You may desire to experience a certain type of lifestyle, accomplish something that has personal meaning, or simply to prioritize your own needs more than you do...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #36: Do My Beliefs Support My Goals?
Our beliefs are formed from life experiences, which include upbringing, cultural background, and the environments we were immersed in. These beliefs are concepts that we hold to be true, without positive knowledge or proof. Beliefs form our guiding principles and are often expressed through our...  Read More
Entrepreneur Tip #35: Avoid Partnerships that Lead to Sunk Costs
Most entrepreneurs excel in their willingness to believe anything is possible. This type of attitude can be useful, especially when we need to take calculated risks. However, if not balanced with real data and measurable results, an idealistic outlook can undermine our entrepreneurial objectives....  Read More
ENTREPRENEUR’S TIPS #34:  Do I Treat Obstacles Like Detours?
Steadfast belief and dedication to one’s entrepreneurial pursuits will eventually force entrepreneurs to face many obstacles and detours. For me, an obstacle is something to work around or through and it is within our control. In contrast a detour, usually externally imposed, is not within...  Read More
ENTREPRENEUR’S TIPS #32: Am I “Shark Tank” Worthy?
As their business grows every entrepreneur has to examine the reality of where their business is in contrast to where they desire it to be. For entrepreneurs, this predicament signals a time for serious reflection and decision-making. We must accept the challenge to demonstrate strong belief in and...  Read More
ENTREPRENEUR’S TIPS #31: What’s Holding You Back?
Many of the things you said you needed to get ready before you actually do what you’re passionate about, the reason you became an entrepreneur, are in place. Yet, instead of providing the service or product, you think, “ I should wait until I get this (whatever it may be) done.”...  Read More
Episode 13: The Power of Decision Making In A Dental Practice – Pt. 2 w/ Jarett Hulse
Episode 13: The Power of Decision Making In A Dent Content originally appeared at:  Read More

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