The Doctor as a Friend (The Importance of Establishing Strong Patient Relationships.)
 This week we had the opportunity to interview Dr.Richard L. Brown. He is an avid proponent of establishing strong relationships with everyone involved with your practice, from fellow Doctors, to his faculty and Laboratories he works with. He explains how establishing those relationships help...  Read More
Dental Town and the Digital Revolution
This week’s featured guest, Howard M. Goldstein DMD is the Director of Continuing Education for Farran Media. He is also the Message Board Manager and maintains  a prime website for everyone in the Dental profession to discuss all aspects of dentistry openly. As Director of Continuing Education for...  Read More
Episode 69 Delivering Wow With Dr. Anissa Holmes
Episode 69 Delivering Wow With Dr. Anissa Holmes Content Originally Appeared on  Read More
The Savvy Dentist #27: Cultivating Your Purpose-Drive Practice with Paul Dunn
The Savvy Dentist PodcastWhere Great Dentistry Meets Great BusinessCreate a dental practice and a business life you love with Dr Jesse Green as he interviews successful dentists, entrepreneurs, and athletes. Listen in as guests share their stories, ideas and business techniques that you can take...  Read More
How To Make Your Customer Service So Good Your Patients Never Leave
OK, I admit it.I have a bug-bear about customer service.It irks me when businesses make it hard for people to deal with them. Unnecessarily hard.And it’s not actually my problem. It’s the businesses’ problem because they’re not just making it hard for me, they’re...  Read More
How To Convert Price Shoppers Into Loyal Patients
The phone rings.It’s answered, and a short conversation occurs. Your receptionist tells you it’s someone calling to find out how much you charge for an implant.Or maybe it’s someone calling to find out if you’re a preferred provider.What happens in your practice?Because what...  Read More
Instilling Patient Loyalty (vs. Patient Satisfaction)
Marketing retention studies have shown that "satisfied" customers are three or more times as likely to switch to other providers and brands than loyal customers. How do dental professionals define what it means for a patient to be loyal? Given how much anxiety people generally experience with...  Read More
#1 Secret to Patient Loyalty
#1 Secret to Patient Loyalty A top secret to keeping patient loyalty is rarely discussed.When you use this #1 Secret well (like other practices have) you’ll create ONE OF THE MOST satisfying experiences you feel in your practice...  Read More
5 Ways Dentists Can Connect With Their Patients
When it comes to youror connecting with your patients, there are so many things involved that can cause a relationship to go down the tubes. The secretary answering the phone in a less professional manner. A patient coming on the 'wrong' day. You know the day that you have patients back...  Read More

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