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Dental Town's Howard Farran Interview with Helmut Flasch
Just had the privilege of being interviewed by Dental Town's own Howard Farran! We delved into the topics of business, marketing, and reasons why so many people don't succeed with getting patients to come to their practice.The interview is very interesting and you can listen to the FULL interview...  Read More
Posted 8/11/2017 by Keating Dental Arts in Dental Up Podcast   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 95
Dentistry as a Business: Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBA
| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBA |This week we have founder and owner of , practicing dentist in Phoenix AZ, business owner, and dental practice management lecturer Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBA.Dive in with us as we go over how having a strong business background can make your dental...  Read More
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Dentaltown Top 10 CE Courses
Check out the most viewed CE courses from the past year!  Read More
Posted 1/1/2016 by OpenADentalOffice in How To Open A Dental Office   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 374
Answers: The FUTURE for Private Practice Ownership – an Interview with Dr. Howard Farran, founder of DentalTown
Clickto subscribe now.Don’t miss a future episode. Answers: The FUTURE for Private Practice Ownership How can you prepare for the future in private practice ownership?Today, you’re going to hear wisdom from Dr. Howard Farran, the...  Read More
Posted 12/5/2015 by Michael Melkers in On the Cusp-with Dr. Michael Melkers   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 108
Commitment, Improvement…& Cutting Yourself a Break
It really shouldn’t come as any surprise- but it still catches me off guard at courses. I see the reaction from attendees but I also catch myself having the same reaction even after 20 years of clinical practice and over 12 years of teaching. We attend courses to be inspired, increase our...  Read More
Posted 9/3/2015 by climberdds in The Prism Podcast   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 128
Dr. Howard Farran Some of you people around Dental Town have heard of this guy. Despite the fact that he didn't have a good microphone/headset, he was entertaining and enlightening as always.  Read More
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50 Years of Dentistry with Dr. Guy Moorman : Howard Speaks Podcast #60
Dr. Guy Moorman started dental school at Emory University in 1965 and has been going strong ever since. After 50 years of dentistry and a love for root canals, Dr. Moorman has advice for the new dentist who is about to do their first molar endo.Stream Audio Here:                                 ...  Read More
Posted 3/9/2015 by howard in Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran   |  Comments: 1  |   Views: 1615
A German Master Dental Technician, Uwe Mohr : Howard Speaks Podcast #55
Uwe Mohr, MDT Zahntechnikermeister of Smart Ceramics Dental Art Studio, is a German master dental technician with over 40 years of experience serving dentists worldwide.  Listen as he shares his global perspective on dental labs, materials, technician education, and more.  Uwe has nearly 10,000...  Read More
Posted 11/4/2014 by howard in Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran   |  Comments: 3  |   Views: 1160
Howard vs. Howard and the Purging of with Dr. Howard Goldstein : Howard Speaks Podcast #23
Dr. Howard Farran and Dr. Howard Goldstein on everything!Audio Podcast: Howard Speaks Audio Podcast #23 with Dr. Howard Goldstein Video Podcast: Howard Speaks Video Podcast #23 with Dr....  Read More
Posted 9/26/2014 by Greg Auerbach, MBA in Practice Transitions Made Perfect   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 114
Thought for the Weekend
We spent last weekend at our annual ADS national meeting.. and what a meeting it was. We have the opportunity to work with and hear from the absolute best in the dentistry (generally non-clinical) and that makes each and every one of us in ADS that much better. Discussions about the latest in legal...  Read More
Posted 3/27/2014 by DrDaMa in The Relentless Dentist Show w/ Drs. David & Karah Maloley   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 42894
The Bold Biography of Dr. Howard Farran
Dr. Farran's Top 5 quotes: All 2 million dentists should be on the internet within four years. Motivation is like hygiene. You need it every single day. Business is only three things: people, time and money. If you get and “A” on people, the time and money take care of...  Read More
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Your Dentaltown Fans Are Following You
We recently improved our member profile section within the message boards. One of the improvements that has generated a bit of attention lately, is the ability to see which members are following you. First, the ability to "follow" a member has been present for a long time but it was known as...  Read More
Posted 5/1/2013 by Catharine Goodson in Medical Emergency Mastery   |  Comments: 0  |   Views: 6603
It’s about this time of year that I embark on two tasks that are constants in my life: Spring Cleaning and Outdoor flowers. Since my early childhood, my Mother would have me clean my room of clothes that didn’t fit and hadn’t been worn since last year. This task filled me with...  Read More
Posted 2/26/2013 by Benjamin_G_Lund in Rife With Errors   |  Comments: 2  |   Views: 6465
Editorial Upheaval! (OK, not really that dramatic... but we've got something to share with you)
Hey gang - Some news to share from the editorial department at Dentaltown and Farran Media. ITEM! Our current assistant editor, Krista Houstoun, recently accepted the job of Director of Communications and Editor for the Maricopa County Medical Society. In this new role, Krista will be taking the...  Read More
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Welcome to our new section
For many years we have had requests from our members to add a Blog section to our website. We hope this will become an additional avenue for sharing thoughts and ideas in a unique way. We know that there are many dental blogs in other places on the internet and we hope to have many of those blogs...  Read More
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