How to improve the attendance of your dental employees
In one of the various dental groups I follow on Facebook, a very good question came up. Karla asked “It seems every single day we have 1 or 2 dental assistants call out for various reasons… sickness, sick kids, doctor appts, lack of sleep, etc…  How do we enforce our attendance policy without...  Read More
How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Candidate for Your Dental Practice
            The wrong hire can cost a practice thousands of dollars in direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include costs for job postings, recruiters, training, and more. Indirect costs include culture damage, delay in bringing in the right candidate, and stretching your team thin until you...  Read More
The Interview Question you need to ask Dental Assistants
Looking to improve your dental office team? Finding qualified dental staff is challenging in  So we are here to offer some helpful advice. Adding one interview question to your screening process can help you weed out mediocre assistants and lead you to uncover a fantastic candidate!You can use this...  Read More
Hiring Successful Actions
HIRING  SUCCESSFUL ACTIONS    Hire for ATTITUDE is Golden Rule #1. The right attitude cannot be taught. Everything else can be.     Realize that an interview only gives you an “outer-view”. You won’t really know if you have a winner until you see them in action over a period of time. If they do not...  Read More
Warren Buffet on Hiring Millennials
You’re Going to Hire a Millennial? Are you NUTS?I do a lot of one-on-one consulting with dentists andevery single onehas at least one horror story of hiring a millennial. It’s not an exaggeration when I say,some have given up on the entire generation.Here’s the bad news on that...  Read More
#61: The One Feature You MUST Look For When Hiring A New Employee With Samantha Leonard
It’s episode 61! This episode has been brought to you buy Stream Dental Staffing Solutions, actually…. This episode is with one of the founders of Stream Dental Staffing Solutions; Samantha Leonard. In this episode we stress the importance of having the right team in your practice! We all know it...  Read More
HR Audit Checklist - The Hiring Process
You can begin your audit with a deep look into your practice's hiring process. After all, this is the first interaction that employees will have with your practice, and when it runs smoothly, it sets the foundation for the rest of their time there. You also need to make sure that you are not using...  Read More
Episode 73: Hiring, Culture, And Getting Things Done In Your Dental Practice With Ashlee Evans
Episode 73: Hiring, Culture, And Getting Things Done In Your Dental Practice Content Originally Appeared on  Read More
Just for DentalTown members: The CEDR Hiring Guide
Many employers, new and established alike, make the mistake of going with a gut feeling or “winging it” during interviews and when making hiring decisions. Afterwards, these same employers often think things like, “I can’t find a good employee anywhere,” or...  Read More
Episode 59: Giving Back: The Power of Community And Purpose With Trent McCord
Episode 59: Giving Back - The Power of Community And Purpose With Trent McCord Original post here:  Read More
Ep. 26 – How To Hire The Best Talent For Your Dental Practice (Advice From a “Dental Titan”)
Ep. 26 – How To Hire The Best Talent For Your Dent Content originally appeared at:  Read More
Ep. 24 – Lessons In Hiring (And Firing) Your First Hygienist
Episode 24 – Lessons In Hiring (And Firing) Your F Content originally appeared at:  Read More
How to HIRE the best STAFF – the proven step by step dental staff hiring process with the nationally recognized expert, Ginny Hegarty
How to HIRE the best STAFF – the proven step by s What would you do if you KNEW your next hire would be perfect?How would you feel about hiring new staff?With great staff, dentists can FULLY enjoy practice ownership. Today’s...  Read More

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