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CitiDental is your neighborhood family dental center located in Queens, NY. The goal of their top-rated dentists is to provide the highest quality dental care services in a relaxed and friendly environment while taking your schedule and budget into consideration. Whether you need a single crown,...  Read More
Special Offers from CitiDental
At CitiDental, we understand that a healthy and beautiful smile is an essential part of feeling whole and confident. That is why our  offer only the top-notch dental solutions that achieve the best results. Our high-quality cosmetic work delivers the most natural looking restorations. By using only...  Read More
Albany Dental
Albany Dental is a top-rated dentistry center located in Albany, NY. The dentists in Albany provide a full range of dental treatments including broken teeth, are compassionate, friendly, and are dedicated to providing the best dental care and outstanding dental experience. Whether you need...  Read More
Special Offers from Albany Dental
At Albany Dental, we offer a top-rated dental practice that provides the highest standard of care in Delmar, NY. We offer a full range of the latest procedures and products including  and Dental Veneers. Our strong expertise and the most advanced equipment will not only give you a healthy but also...  Read More
Dental Crown (Affordable Tooth Cap) Albany Crowns Dentist
Placing crowns on damaged teeth or over implants has long been a go-to procedure as part of a smile makeover and to maintain a healthy mouth. A dental crown doesn’t interfere with your eating or lifestyle because it’s held in place with strong adhesives, making it last for many years. When you...  Read More
Dental Associates of Morris County
, the top-rated dentistry center located in Madison, NJ has a team of board certified cosmetic dentists to provide the best dental care possible. Their New Jersey dental specialists include Periodontist (gum surgery specialist), Oral Surgeon and when required, Endodontist (root canal specialist),...  Read More
Special Offers from Dental Associates of Morris County
Dental Associates of Morris County in Madison, NJ is considered as one of the top-rated dental clinics in the area. We provide a full range of dental procedures ranging from simple cleaning and  to more complicated treatments that require surgery. We use only the latest state-of-the-art equipment...  Read More
Root Canal Procedure In Madison NJ
A root canal procedure is now a painless dental process when performed by the specialists at Dental Associates of Morris County. It’s only done when the root of your tooth is dead, dying or beyond repair. Root canal therapy is a proven technique to save the tooth. Even without the pulp — the blood...  Read More
1198 Chris Neibauer DDS, FAGD. CEO, Founder of Abundant Dental Services : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Born in Maryland, Chris became fascinated by dentistry at an early age when he lost #8 in a family touch football game. After graduating from dental school, purchasing his own practice, and subsequently selling that practice and most of his belongings, Chris followed a calling to serve as a dental...  Read More
1196 Dr. Lawrence Neville, Dentist & Director at Dental Events Australia (DEA) : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Neville has been treating patients successfully for over 12 years. He has clinically performed over 30,000 hours of treatment. He performs over 100 hours of continuing professional development per year to keep up to date with the latest techniques and technology. He is so obsessed with learning...  Read More
1187 Dr. Bobbi Stanley DDS, MAGD, DICOI, LVIF of Stanley Dentistry & The Stanley Institute for Comprehensive Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Bobbi Stanley is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry but education has been a mainstay of her 25-year career.VIDEO - DUwHF #1187 - Bobbi StanleyAUDIO - DUwHF #1187 - Bobbi StanleyAs owner and principal dentist of one of the largest comprehensive...  Read More
1180 Dr. Don C. Chiappetti DDS of the Scottsdale Smile Center : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Doctor Chiappetti is a native of Scottsdale and received his B.A. degree from the University of Arizona in 1980. VIDEO - DUwHF #1180 - Don ChiappettiAUDIO - DUwHF #1180 - Don ChiappettiHe received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the prestigious University of Southern California in 1988 and has...  Read More
Making the Impossible Manageable - Esther's story
Absolute was honored to have this challenging case and article featured in the March edition of the NADL’s Journal of Dental Technology.  Full Article:  Website:   YouTube: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter:     Read More
Reinventing your career path: A conversation with Dr. Casey Jones, DMD
On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we have Dr. Casey Jones, DMD stop by and chat with our guest host Bob Brandon. Dr. Jones talks to us about her journey from being a Broadway dancer, to doing an outreach program in the Arctic Circle and transitioning into the Dental Industry. We also...  Read More
Having whiter teeth is a goal for many people, whether they’re trying to address cosmetic issues resulting from dental problems or just age or diet-related yellowing. Whiter teeth can help you make a better first impression in your work and social life, and help you feel confident. For most people,...  Read More
Understanding the Cost and Value of Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry is an elegance fashion which has advanced into a whole sector in the technique to producing not merely the ideal smile but additionally to boost the look of dentition and facial physical look. These are some necessary cosmetic procedures to consider and understand when it comes...  Read More
1099 Cosmetic Dentistry and more with Alex Rubinov, DDS at MegeGen, Las Vegas: Dentistry Uncensored
Dr. Alexander Rubinov graduated from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine with distinction, where he served as President of the American Student Dental Association and was the founder of the Aesthetics Group.He then completed a prestigious General Practice Residency at the James J. Peters...  Read More
1028 A Passion for Aesthetics with Dr. Nina Bal : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr Nina Bal is an award winner cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Facial Aesthetics practitioner who, in 2008, graduated at the top of her year with distinction (BDS magna cum laude) in Italy, and gained a highly respected diploma after completing a one-year Postgraduate in Cosmetic Dentistry and...  Read More
998 Creating Beautiful Smiles with John Lavicka CDT, Dr. Gena Pineda, and Dr. Rhys Spoor : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
John is the second generation owner and president of Dental Ceramics Inc, since 1988. In 2006, John founded The Center for Exceptional Practices; an ADA CERP and AGD PACE certified facility designed to enable restorative dentists to achieve higher levels of success in clinical practice through...  Read More
Categories: cosmetic dentistry
Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist with Dr. Jonathan G. Campbell DDS
Our guest this week is Dr. Jonathan G. Campbell author of, “Love your Smile; How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist” an eBook that helps patients understand what Cosmetic Dentistry can do for them.  We discuss more in-depth the inspiration behind this eBook. What patients should look for in a Cosmetic...  Read More
993 Advancing Aesthetics with Dr. Fouad Talic & Mr. Kareem Assassa : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Fouad Talic currently serves as Co-Founder and President of the International Academy of Aesthetics in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Talic obtained his dental undergraduate degree from Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry, Saudi Arabia. After completing his dental degree Dr. Talic pursued his passion...  Read More
949 The Minimally Invasive Approach with Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Ruiz is the Director of the Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry and Course Director of numerous CE Courses at University of Southern California (USC). He is Honorary Clinical Professor at Warwick University in England and member of the editorial board for Dentistry Today. He is also and...  Read More
Categories: cosmetic dentistry
932 Adhesion & Esthetics with Dr. Edward A. McLaren DDS, MDC : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video hereVIDEO - DUwHF #932 - Edward McLarenStream Audio hereAUDIO - DUwHF #932 - Edward McLarenDr. Edward A. McLaren DDS, MDCGraduated from UOP  in 1983Graduated from UCLA in Graduate Prosthodontics 1990Former director of UCLA graduate estheticsFounder and director of UCLA advanced...  Read More
Categories: cosmetic dentistry
893 Dental Art Made Simple with Dr. Sigal Jacobson : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video hereVIDEO - DUwHF #893 - Sigal JacobsonStream Audio hereAUDIO - DUwHF #893 - Sigal JacobsonA dentist and an inventor, Dr. Sigal Jacobson from Melbourne Australia is an internationally acclaimed lecturer with more than 22 years of experience in aesthetic dentistry. The dental product...  Read More
Categories: cosmetic dentistry
892 Creating Beautiful Smiles with Stuart Frost : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Watch Video hereVIDEO - DUwHF #892 - Stuart FrostStream Audio hereAUDIO - DUwHF #892 - Stuart FrostDr. Stuart Frost is an orthodontist and comes from a family of dentists. His father was a dentist and pioneer in implant dentistry for 40 years and his twin brother Steve is an endodontist /and has...  Read More
Categories: cosmetic dentistry
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